how to make a virgo man chase you

How To Make A Virgo Man Chase You?

Have you ever wondered how to get a Virgo man to pursue you? These detail-oriented individuals might appear elusive, but there are specific ways to capture their interest and make them yearn for more.

In this article, I reveal some key tips to pique a Virgo man’s curiosity, making him chase you with unyielding passion and desire in the process.

Understand the Virgo Man

Do you want a Virgo man to pursue you? You must understand their astrology sign. Virgo men can be shy, but don’t think they don’t have love to give. They are intelligent and analytical too. Furthermore, Virgo men appreciate detail and work hard. To make them chase you, read on for tips:

The Virgo Man’s Personality

The Virgo man is an analytical and practical person. He is excellence-oriented, intelligent, and values education and high achievements. Despite making mistakes, he learns something new from his experiences.

High standards are expected by him. He likes order in his environment, as well as organization and cleanliness. Trusting people is tough for him, so he needs a lot of patience from those wanting to get to know him better.

In relationships, he is usually loyal, kind-hearted and caring. He looks for someone who can support him emotionally and give him space when needed. He can be picky, which makes him seem distant or cold sometimes. He fears getting hurt, which can make long-term commitment difficult. However, he does desire a long-term companionship based on honesty and mutual respect. He wants a relationship where both partners feel valued equally.

What They Look for in a Partner

Dating a Virgo man? You’ve probably noticed they’re not like other signs. They’re precise, dependable, and practical. That’s why they’re so passionate and strong.

Virgos can be picky when it comes to looking for love. They need stability and security. They also need understanding of their withdrawn nature.

Virgos love someone who is intelligent and cultured. They appreciate conversations about history, philosophy, and science. Show your opinions on topics you know well and keep conversations balanced.

Loyalty is important to Virgo men. Show him you’re committed to the relationship and will look out for him.

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The best way to make a Virgo man chase you is by showing him your caring heart. Give him sincere affection and focus on keeping the relationship beautiful. It may take some effort, but it’s worth it!

Show Him You’re the Right Fit

Virgo men – a special type! Picky when it comes to relationships. They want someone who is the perfect match for them. Smart and beautiful? Sure. But it’s important to understand their needs.

If you’re considering a Virgo man, and you want him to chase you, it’s time to show him you’re the perfect fit. Here’s how:

Be Patient

Patience is essential when wooing a Virgo man. He may come across as distant, yet this is just a sign that he values himself and is cautious about the relationship.

Communication is a must for any relationship. Openly talking will make it easier for him to trust you and express his feelings. Moreover, tell the truth and be genuine with your emotions, never manipulate or play with his heart or mind; this could cause him to stay away forever if he perceives you as deceitful.

Be Respectful

A Virgo man will study you to decide if you are suitable. Show him respect to prove that you value yourself and others. Use manners when talking with him. Avoid negativity and do not put him down. Point out his strong suits and successes. This builds trust between you and allows him to chase after you wholeheartedly. Respect shows that you value yourself and others.

Demonstrate Your Intelligence

If you want to attract a Virgo man, show him your intelligence matches your ambition. Virgos value knowledge and wisdom. That’s a major factor in any relationship for them.

Engage him in interesting conversations. Ask him intelligent questions. Debate about topics he loves. Share your thoughts on them. This will make him pay attention.

Make sure you’re prepared to learn and expand your knowledge. Virgos are drawn to someone with their own mental acumen.

Create an Emotional Connection

Dating Virgo men? Connect emotionally! They’re analytical and appreciate emotional steadiness. To grab their attention, you must understand their feelings. Here’s how to make it happen:

  1. Learn about their emotion background.
  2. Build a strong emotional bond.
  3. Make them chase you!

Listen to Him

If you want to create an emotional connection with a Virgo man, listening is key. Pay attention when he speaks, ask questions and show genuine interest. They are always analyzing, so show you’re listening and trying to understand. Don’t give advice or tell him how he should feel. Acknowledge that everyone has their own way of experiencing the world and honor his individual path.

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Be there for him when he needs your support. This will form trust and a safe space for both of you as you grow closer.

Show Your Support

To make a Virgo man chase you, grasp his need for stability and order. He is dependable, but don’t take him for granted. Listen to his ideas if he wants to discuss them. Respect him and what he has to offer. Show gratitude for his efforts, big and small. This builds a strong emotional bond, making him feel secure and comfortable.

Share Your Feelings

Creating an emotional connection with a Virgo man can be tough. They often don’t see feelings as important. But even the most independent of men want a meaningful connection. To make him chase you, share your emotions with him honestly. Let him understand how you feel about him and the connection. This will help him feel safe enough to express his own emotions.

Take your time when forming this connection. Don’t rush it or expect too much from him. Show genuine openness and honesty. Reveal your vulnerability so that he can tell if there’s something there. This will reassure him and make him trust you.

When expressing your feelings, don’t try to deceive or manipulate him. Also, respect his boundaries. Take it slow and show sensitivity towards his needs. This will let the relationship develop naturally:

  • Share your emotions with him honestly.
  • Don’t rush it or expect too much from him.
  • Show genuine openness and honesty.
  • Reveal your vulnerability.
  • Don’t try to deceive or manipulate him.
  • Respect his boundaries.
  • Take it slow and show sensitivity towards his needs.

Make Him Feel Special

To make a Virgo man chase you, make him feel special. Earth signs need to be reassured that they’re truly special. Here are methods to do that:

  • Make him feel loved.
  • Appreciate his efforts, even the small ones.
  • Show your trust in him.
  • Give him respect.
  • Let him know that he is important to you.
  • Be honest and loyal.
  • Make him feel valued.
  • Let him know that he is wanted.

Compliment Him

To get a Virgo man to chase you, make him feel special. Compliment him on skills he takes pride in, like being able to take charge or knowing cars and electronics. Be sincere when complimenting his looks and personality.

Flirt with him by teasing playfully or lightly touching his arm while laughing.

Show him you care by giving unexpected gifts. Like tickets for a sporting event or an invite for dinner. These sweet acts will have him all over you!

Show Appreciation

Make sure to show Virgo men you appreciate them! Give them genuine compliments and tell them what you love about them. Show them you recognize their special qualities. This will make them feel heard and special, so they’ll be more likely to invest in the relationship.

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Plus, don’t be scared to show physical affection if it’s natural – give him a hug or hold his hand. He needs physical affection to feel comfortable investing emotionally in the relationship.

Give Him Space

If you want to get a Virgo man to chase you, it might be counterintuitive. Give him space! He needs it to pursue his passions. Overwhelm him or try to control him and he’ll flee. Show him it’s ok to do things by himself or with friends. Let him have time to himself and he may come after you.

Be Confident

Virgo men dig confident women. No need to show off or be overly aggressive. Just be sure of yourself. Show your Virgo man that you know who you are and what you want. Confidence is super attractive to Virgo men. Be confident and secure – it’s sure to make an impression.

Believe in Yourself

A Virgo man desires accuracy and is impressed by a woman’s confidence. This doesn’t mean haughtiness or boasting, but the ability to be graceful in any situation. Believe in yourself and share your own ideas – even if they differ from his. Show him you can stay firm on your principles without belittling others. Don’t let self-doubt get in the way of your relationship. Show him that confidence comes naturally to you. This might just get him chasing after you!

Take Initiative

To attract a Virgo man, take the initiative. Show him you don’t need him to make the first move. It doesn’t have to be too extreme. Plan a fun activity or date. Even little things like paying the bill or making a clever comment can demonstrate your confidence. Virgo loves these qualities. Remember to thank him for his efforts too!

Don’t Play Games

When it comes to love, Virgo men are unique. Symbolized by a virgin, they prefer to be in charge. To get their attention, no games – just be direct and honest about your feelings. Tactful and affectionate, but not too forward. Show that you’re confident without being cocky. Respect and admiration will make them drawn to you fast!


Now that you have discovered the secrets to attract a Virgo man’s attention, you’re equipped to make him pursue you ardently. By showcasing confidence, genuine appreciation, and proper personal boundaries, you’ll find yourself irresistible in his eyes.

Keep refining your approach and cultivating effective communication in your relationships, ensuring that as you draw your Virgo man closer, your connection becomes deeper and more fulfilling.

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