what are pisces weaknesses

What Are Pisces Weaknesses?

Born a Pisces? Me too! I know all about the weaknesses that come with it. Acknowledging them is tough. So, I’m writing this article about the weaknesses I usually see in people like us. Here goes nothing!

Overview of Pisces

Pisces are born between February 19th and March 20th. A water sign, they are sensitive, emotional, intuitive and compassionate. Dreamers, they often find it hard to make decisions due to their intense daydreaming. The two fish symbol of Pisces reflects their duality and indecisiveness when faced with life’s choices.

Unfortunately, Pisces can be easily hurt or let down by things said or done by others. They take things personally, so negative emotions and stressful situations can be overwhelming. Focusing on others before themselves can lead to neglecting their own needs and feeling exhaustion or resentment towards those who take advantage.


I’m a Pisces, so I know I’m not perfect. I’m super emotional and can trust the wrong people. Furthermore, I let myself be weighed down by problems that aren’t mine.

Let’s check out these weaknesses and see if there are any strategies to help me out:

Easily Distracted

As a Pisces, I find myself distracted easily. Especially when faced with tough situations. I get too caught up in details that don’t help me solve the problem. This puts me far from my goal and frustrates me.

Anxiety can take hold of my thoughts too. It causes me to be overwhelmed and confused. This makes it hard to complete tasks. I could end up not succeeding.

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So, it is important for me to take time to relax and clear my head. This makes sure I stay on track, despite mental strain and pressures.

Lack of Self-Control

Pisces are known for their lack of self-control. They are highly sensitive and take on too much, which leads to guilt and self-sacrifice. This can burn them out and exhaust them.

As a Pisces, I understand my generosity with my time, energy, and resources. It can cause me to end up in situations where I don’t have the means to finish the tasks. Being mindful of this has helped me prioritize taking care of myself and only taking on projects I know I am able to handle.

Overly Emotional

As a Pisces, I know my emotions can get the best of me. Empathy and feeling life’s highs and lows is special, but also makes me vulnerable. Sensitivity causes me to take things too personally, worry too much, and let fear paralyze me when making decisions.

It’s important to recognize impulsive behaviors from emotions. This helps avoid hasty decisions and choose healthier coping mechanisms for stress or anxiety. Instead of letting my emotions lead, I check in with my logical side before tackling tasks. Pisces can gain clarity and take calculated action on decisions when they achieve this balance.

Coping Strategies

Born with the sign of Pisces? I know all about my weaknesses. Sensitivity, emotions, and feeling overwhelmed—these are all too familiar. But I’ve got strategies to cope. Here, I’ll discuss the ways I face my weaknesses:

Prioritize Tasks

Weakness of mine? Easily overwhelmed! To tackle this, I prioritize tasks. That way, the most important jobs get done first. This prevents feeling daunted by too many tasks. Also, focusing on one task at a time helps me stay productive, organized and on track. Prioritizing is the key!

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Practice Self-Discipline

As a Pisces, I understand the challenge of self-discipline. It must be practiced to build better coping strategies. Life commitments and workloads can cause me to feel overwhelmed, unfocused and unmotivated. But, it is possible to train our minds and bodies to handle adversity.

Practicing self-discipline means disciplining our minds, bodies and emotions to take action when we don’t feel like it. We need to commit to values and goals to stay focused on the outcome we want. This could include:

  • Setting a strict schedule
  • Thinking positively
  • Finding a supportive friend or mentor

Meditation and mindfulness practices help us stay present in the moment, so we aren’t worrying about future stressors prematurely. With practice, discipline will eventually become second nature. That way, we can tackle problems instead of avoiding them!

Practice Mindfulness

Mindfulness can be a great help in dealing with personal weaknesses. It makes us aware of our thoughts and feelings and how they affect us. We can discover what triggers our feelings, which can reveal our weaknesses and find better ways to deal with them.

For example, if we are easily frustrated or too quick to judge, mindfulness can help us pause. We can then avoid unhelpful behavior that may make things worse. We also have time and space to connect with our minds and bodies. This encourages self-care instead of self-criticism. We can then let go of habits that prevent us from reaching our highest potentials.

Benefits of Practicing Coping Strategies

To manage Pisces’ weak points, different coping strategies must be employed. This will help them take care of themselves and handle difficult times productively and healthily.

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Setting boundaries, creating self-care atmospheres, relaxation techniques and getting organized proactively can aid the process. Additionally, talking to friends and family about their feelings can lighten the load. No matter how challenging the situation, such strategies can help Pisces regain strength and confidence.

  • Setting boundaries
  • Creating self-care atmospheres
  • Relaxation techniques
  • Getting organized proactively
  • Talking to friends and family about their feelings


Examining Pisces reveals their complex nature. Strengths such as creativity, intuition and compassion are present. But, weaknesses are too. These include emotional sensitivity and dodging confrontation.

Pisces has many qualities which make them a dynamic sign – worthy of admiration and exploration.

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