do guys like when you initiate conversation

Do Guys Like When You Initiate Conversation?

Talking to men can be a scary thing. You don’t wanna appear too keen, but the truth is, they usually love it when a lady takes the lead. Let’s look at the benefits of being bold and how to ace it when initiating conversations with guys.

Why Guys Like It When You Initiate a Conversation

Relationships? Taking the lead is nice! Starting a conversation shows your interest and confidence. Plus, it makes your guy feel appreciated. Guys are enjoying when their partner makes the first move. So, why do they like it when you initiate a chat? Let’s find out!

It’s a sign of confidence

When you take the initiative and start a convo with a guy, he’ll likely see it as a sign of your confidence. Most men like it when a lady is brave enough to make the first move. This shows that you’re willing to take risks and make an effort – two traits that men find attractive in women.

Additionally, if you already know what topics interest him, or can ask questions about something he likes, it will show that you’re truly interested in him as a person. Starting the conversation lets you understand if his personality and interests match yours, and it sets boundaries for how he behaves around you.

  • He may also be grateful for someone taking charge, as this lets him relax.
  • Plus, if no one starts the convo, there’s no chance for any connection to occur!

It shows interest

Starting a chat with someone who you find appealing? It’s a cool move to show that you’re into them. Guys tend to like it when women make the first step. It reveals that you’re confident and secure enough to give it a go, something that men usually find desirable in a partner. And, it can help define the relationship from the get-go.

Showing that you like them is a great way to let him know that you’re after more than just casual dating.

It relieves pressure

Starting up a chat can be frightening, particularly if the person you like is involved. Doubts may include questioning what he thinks of your initiative or worrying if it was the correct move.

Guys are usually surprised when you start the conversation – they don’t anticipate it and usually like it.

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When facing a bold female, some guys might feel a little intimidated at first. But in the long run, they may understand that this lack of anxiety of rejection is a great turn-on. When a woman talks to a guy first, she reveals that she is confident and doesn’t need his approval to be happy. This is the kind of quality that make guys take an interest and want to get to know her.

Also, initiating conversation takes the pressure off of the guy. This reduces his stress or fear of rejection when chatting with her. This implies that he is much more likely to respond since there won’t be much pressure on him. This leads him to feel secure enough to open up easily, eventually leading to a true link between both parties.

How to Initiate Conversation Appropriately

Conversation initiation is a daunting task. Fear of rejection, saying the wrong thing, or not knowing how to start, can easily arise. But if done correctly, conversation initiation can open up new chances in friendships and relationships.

Let’s delve into how to properly initiate a conversation with guys:

Be friendly and open

Beginning a chat with somebody can be tough, even overwhelming. But don’t worry! There are things you can do to make it easier. Conversations should flow easily, so try to stay calm and just be yourself. Taking a few moments to pause and really hear the other person will help the conversation be meaningful.

You don’t have to have a huge topic in mind when you start talking. Introducing yourself with a smile is often enough. After that, ask open questions that will lead to a good conversation. Remember, everyone has something unique that can be talked about.

If you want to know if guys like it when you start the conversation, remember that everyone is different. Some may like it, and others may not. To make them feel comfortable, show a real interest in their life by talking about your own experiences and thoughts. Be friendly and open, so the other person feels respected. It doesn’t matter who, everyone loves to be heard and appreciated. This simple act can really help in any conversation!

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Ask open-ended questions

Initiating conversation? Pay attention to how you start! Ask open-ended questions for deeper convos. They often show values, hobbies, interests and opinions. Make sure questions are broad but still relevant.


  • What made you choose your career?
  • How did the business idea come about?
  • What’s rewarding about being an entrepreneur?
  • What do you want to achieve through work?
  • What are the biggest challenges in starting a business?

Keep the conversation light

When starting a conversation with a guy, it’s essential to stay upbeat and cheerful. Avoid topics that could make the chat strained. The conversation should be fun and it’s a way to get to know each other. Here are some tips:

  • Introduce yourself, with a handshake. Say your name and share some fun facts. A handshake is a good way to break any awkwardness.
  • Talk about common interests. After the introductions, move on to light topics like hobbies, travels, or favorite films and TV shows. Talking about stuff you both like makes it easier to connect.
  • Ask open-ended questions. Ask questions that will let him express himself, not just yes/no answers. This encourages interesting conversations.

Tips for Initiating Conversation

Talking to someone can be scary. But if you want to get closer to a guy, it’s a great way to show you care. It is important to take it slow and be respectful. So here are some tips for beginning a conversation with a guy:

  • Be yourself and relax.
  • Try to get to know him and ask questions.
  • Listen to what he has to say and respond thoughtfully.
  • Be confident and have a positive attitude.
  • Be open-minded and respectful of his opinions.

Compliment him

Complimenting a guy you’re interested in is a surefire way to start a conversation. Men appreciate honest flattery from ladies. This positive reaction can begin the chat with a good start.

Be genuine and specific when you compliment him. Anything given too easily or often can become meaningless, so choose something meaningful and interesting that you can comment on. For example, “Your style is amazing. Love your shoes!” This can create interesting dialogue if he responds properly.

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If you don’t know what to say, get creative or suggest activities. Examples include:

  • Going out for sushi
  • Going to an art exhibit
  • Bar-hopping

You can also mention mutual interests like libraries, galleries, or bookstores. As long as you stay open-minded and confident, the conversation should flow easily!

Make him laugh

Humor can be a way to spark up a chat with a guy you’re interested in. Don’t be afraid to keep the conversation light and humorous. Men often like it when a woman makes them laugh, as it shows she’s easygoing and playful. Try to get him to smile or chuckle, to break the ice and make him more open to further chat. No cheesy pick-up lines or corny jokes – use your own genuine wit and humor.

Here are some tips:

  • Joke about yourself
  • Share funny stories about life
  • Make observations about current trends or other cultural references
  • Be open to offbeat topics – they may be comedic

Starting a conversation with a guy doesn’t need to be scary – it can be a chance for greater bonding and deeper chat. Have faith in yourself – your positive qualities will make you someone worth talking to.

Be yourself

Talk to someone? Be yourself! They’re probably feeling just as nervous. Show your true self, be open. It will make the atmosphere more comfortable. Don’t worry too much about what they think of you. What counts most is what you think of yourself. Show confidence and be comfortable in your own skin. Don’t stress about seeming perfect. Awkward moments are OK!

Just be patient and let things go naturally.


It’s essential to recall that many guys like it when women make the first move. It takes a lot of guts to put yourself out there and show that you’re interested. Most guys will respect this display of courage and find it attractive. In addition, you could feel energized and strong knowing you initiated a talk and showed your interest.

Ultimately, it’s for you to decide if you should take the lead and start the conversation. Guys respond in different ways to different people and cases, so don’t worry about finding one particular approach that works for all. Instead, use your judgment and instinct when evaluating each situation.

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