why are pisces hard to keep

Why Are Pisces Hard To Keep?

People born under the Pisces zodiac sign can be difficult to keep up with. They are dreamy, sensitive, and often put others before themselves. This can lead to negative relationships or outcomes. So why are Pisces people so hard to keep up with? Astrologers have different views. Some say all signs can be challenging, but Pisces stand out. Plus, they are very empathetic.

Here are some tips for maintaining a positive relationship with them, or avoiding any difficulties:

Pisces Personality

Pisces have a strong connection to water. This can make them shy and timid when it comes to expressing themselves. They are intuitive and empathetic, which leads to understanding others and being compassionate. But this can also be overbearing at times.

Pisces tend to be devoted in relationships, yet they can sometimes give up their own dreams to support their partner’s. Imagination is often a strong trait of Pisces, but it can lead to both success and failure depending on how it’s used. It’s important for them to take time for themselves to explore and express their inner thoughts, so they don’t get lost in their own minds.

Pisces Emotional Needs

Pisces can be gentle and sensitive. They care for their loved ones and the events in their lives. They need a connection and meaning. It’s hard for others to keep up with their intellect, intuition, and emotions. They need someone who respects them, understands them, and accepts them.

Pisces need love and attention, but also need privacy and alone time.

Due to their sensitive nature, Pisces can struggle with relationships that seem shallow. They need people to understand them on a deep level. To open up, they need depth of understanding.

In romantic relationships, Pisces need strong communication beforehand. Any sudden change can make them feel abandoned or rejected. To avoid this, it is important to be honest and set clear boundaries from day one. This will help them understand where they stand before attachment forms and emotions get overwhelming.

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The Challenges of Keeping a Pisces

Fish are amazing! They can adapt quickly to new environments. But, keeping a Pisces fish is not the same as others. They need crystal clear water without waste. This is because their digestive tract is sensitive. Stress signs will show if their parameters are not perfect.

Also, many Pisces species prefer higher temperatures than other tropical fish. This helps them stay active. Sand substrates also offer a great environment for them to feel secure.

This means that Pisces require extra care when kept as pets. They may not be suitable for all aquarists’ skill levels or capacities. You need good knowledge of maintenance standards and care approaches before adopting one into your home aquarium!

Communication Struggles

Pisces often struggle with communication. They are open, but guarded. They’re indecisive, and rely on intuition, not facts. This makes it tough to address relationship issues. Additionally, Pisces can find it hard to say what they need from their partner. Instead, they may use passive aggressive tactics. This lack of directness can cause misunderstandings, which can hurt the relationship.

Therefore, it’s important for partners of Pisces to stay patient and understanding. This will help create dialogue that allows both to express needs more clearly:

  • Be patient when discussing issues.
  • Be understanding of their need for space.
  • Encourage them to express their needs.
  • Listen carefully to what they say.
  • Be respectful of their feelings.

Patience and Understanding

People born under the Pisces sign have some tricky traits. But they can be used positively if they are understood. Patience and understanding are key when dealing with a Piscean.

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Pisceans are often dreamers. They can be free-spirited and independent. They may not commit to one path and instead, become lost in their own world. It’s important for those in a relationship with them to give them freedom and space.

Pisceans are also highly emotional and sensitive. This can lead to depression or sadness. They don’t take criticism well, so gentle words of advice or positivity helps. Don’t take their insecurity personally when they react badly; understanding will help them feel secure.

For a successful relationship with a Piscean you need:

  • Structure
  • Stability
  • Trustworthiness
  • Support
  • Patience for their unpredictable and creative nature.

Making a Pisces Feel Secure

Pisces are often seen as a tricky sign when it comes to relationships. They need a lot of emotional security to feel safe. To cultivate this, verbal and nonverbal cues can help. Statements such as “I’m always here for you” or body language that conveys care and trustworthiness like eye contact, hugs and holding hands can make a big difference.

It is also important to be able to express feelings without judgement or punishment. Having a vulnerability space where feelings can be shared without fear of criticism is essential. Acknowledging feelings builds trust.

Pisces have strong intuition. When they share an insight, take it seriously. Respectfully explain why if you don’t agree but choose your words carefully. Don’t put down their gut feeling as it may stop them from expressing opinions openly in future conversations.

Here are some tips for looking after Pisces:

  • Provide a clean and well-maintained aquarium.
  • Choose the right water temperature for your fish.
  • Ensure the aquarium is properly filtered.
  • Provide the right lighting and oxygenation.
  • Feed them the right foods and nutrients.
  • Keep the aquarium free of parasites.


Pisces can be tricky to look after. However, it’s possible with some patience and practice. They are a special kind of fish, perfect for a home aquarium. With the right resources and dedication, Pisces owners can enjoy their company for a long time.

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