what are libras attracted to physically

What Are Libras Attracted To Physically?

I’m a Libra and looking for the perfect qualities in a mate. What are we drawn to, physically? It’s different for everyone, but there are some features that many of us Libra’s find attractive. From looks to personality, here are the most common traits Libras like in a partner:

  • Physical attractiveness
  • A sense of humor
  • Intelligence
  • Kindness
  • Good communication skills
  • Honesty
  • Loyalty
  • Adventurousness
  • A good listener
  • Compassion

Physically Attracted to Balance and Harmony

As a Libra, balance and harmony draw me in. Looks, body type, and height have their appeal, but the real attraction is rooted in balance and harmony. Style, poise, and confidence are what I’m drawn to when I see someone in a room or out in public.

Appreciate Beauty and Aesthetics

Libran I am. Physical beauty and aesthetics? Drawn to them. Balanced proportions and symmetrical features, plus harmonic movement? Attracted to them too. When I see these qualities in people, a special kind of warmth fills my heart and we instantly connect. Like I’m in harmony with the beauty around me.

This effect applies to my surroundings too, be it nature or architecture. I always love when everything fits together nicely. Balance is key for me, so I try to create an equal balance between work and relaxation. Feeling physically attracted to balance and harmony? Comes naturally to me.

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Drawn to Symmetry and Proportion

As a Libra, I love beauty, grace, and balance. Symmetrical features, clear complexions, and silky textures draw me in. I favor mesomorphs with evenly-proportioned features. Facial proportion is important to me. It calms me and gives me self-confidence. Proportionate figures can evoke feelings of well-being. Balance in appearance is quite alluring!

Physically Attracted to Intelligence and Wit

As a Libra, brains and wit attract me. Meeting someone with a sharp mind, eager to learn and progress, I’m immediately drawn in. Their energy of exploration, curiosity, and self-expression is mesmerizing. Something mysterious and captivating about them has me puzzled.

Drawn to Those Who Stimulate Their Minds

As a Libra, I’m drawn to people with smarts and wit. Intelligence is attractive since it’s linked to success, competency, and confidence. Instinctively, a sharp person has more potential than someone who isn’t well-educated.

Plus, I’m into those with a unique twist in their thinking or outlook. That originality suggests something new and creative, not just another dull routine.

When intelligence and looks come together, it creates an attractive aura. When someone’s attractive and has an interesting personality, I’m entranced by stimulating conversations and insights. Such people make my heart flutter with joy!

Drawn to Those Who Challenge Them

Personally, I’m drawn to those with intelligence & wit. As a Libra, I’m looking for someone who can challenge me mentally and make me laugh. Curiosity and open-mindedness when it comes to learning new things are also attractive qualities. People displaying enthusiasm about the world around them – be it nature, science, art or any other subject – are particularly attractive to me.

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But most of all, my Libran sensibilities are attracted to people with a strong moral compass. It doesn’t matter if someone follows an ethical code or religion; what they believe in and how they choose to live their life speaks volumes.

Physically Attracted to Kindness and Compassion

As a Libra, I’m drawn to people who are kind and compassionate. I need someone to look out for me, but also others. This demonstrates they’re caring, understanding and thoughtful. Relationships are important to me, and I’m attracted to someone who pays attention to the details. These traits make them incredibly attractive.

Drawn to Those Who Are Considerate

As a Libra, I’m physically attracted to kindness and compassion. I’m drawn to those who show consideration for others. Generosity of attention and time energizes me. I’m attracted to thoughtfulness. I notice small details that reveal character. Acts of caring for others draws me in. This could be physical acts or mental generosity. Being kind and compassionate speaks volumes and appeals to me on a physical level.

Drawn to Those Who Show Empathy

As a Libra, I’m pulled to people who show understanding and empathy. Being surrounded by those who understand and value me gives me comfort. I’m physically attracted to those who act kindly and compassionately. They leave their ego behind when with different kinds of people, listen, accept responsibility for mistakes and give credit.

I appreciate small acts of kindness – like when someone holds the door or offers a seat on public transport. Those who put others first and stay patient, no matter the situation, draw me close. They can share their ideas without being forceful – they value my input too. And, most importantly, they take responsibility if anything goes wrong – something I truly admire.

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Overall, my physical attraction is towards people with strong characters that show kindness, no matter what. They bring out the best in me!


In conclusion, Libras usually like people with good grooming, who look nice and have a friendly attitude. But, each Libra is different. So, it’s wise to get to know what kind of physical qualities a Libra likes. They appreciate beauty – in people and places.

To build a connection with your Libra crush (or any romantic interest), you must make sure you hit the high points.

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