how to make an aries man jealous

How To Make An Aries Man Jealous?

Do you have an Aries man in your life, and want to make him jealous? To do so, it’s good to know his traits. Aries men are passionate and independent. Competition is important for them. They need recognition, excitement, and stability.

When making him jealous, don’t go too far. Make him subtly jealous by paying attention to others. That can wake up his boredom, and heat up the passion between you two.

Here are some tips to help you:

What makes an Aries Man Jealous

Want to make an Aries man jealous? Get to know him better. Confident, competitive, and motivated by ambitions – that’s the Aries man. He’s fiercely loyal and protective of the people he loves. To make him jealous, you must understand what matters most to him – and how to get under his skin.

Let’s take a look at the Aries man’s jealous emotions:

His need for attention

Aries men can be jealous and possessive due to insecurity. Show him that he has your full attention – both physically and emotionally. Flirting or ignoring him won’t help the relationship. His insecurity is a natural response, so patience and understanding are key.

Reassure him honestly; it’s the best way to make him feel secure again. Don’t punish him by withholding affection – it will only reinforce his insecurities.

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His need for admiration

Aries men crave admiration and attention. Showing appreciation for his efforts will help to keep jealousy away. Give compliments and praise to show that you respect and are proud of him. Let him know you appreciate his hard work. You don’t have to be overly complimentary, just recognize the little things he does for your relationship. The more he feels admired by you, the less need he’ll have to look elsewhere and become jealous.

His need for control

Aries men crave control. Whether in life or love, he wants to know that he’s in charge and that his plans are the priority. To make an Aries man jealous, you’ll need to make him feel like he’s not as vital as before. Show him you can exist and be content without him.

Seeing you with someone else will make an Aries man jealous. He can be very possessive when it comes to relationships, so he’ll react strongly if he sees you with another person.

Avoiding attention for him may also work; however, it’s not advisable if the relationship is still new or if things are unclear between you two. Playing hard-to-get usually doesn’t work with Aries men, as they like challenges and games might just make them lose interest.

If nothing else works, it’s better to wait for your partner’s jealousy to surface, then you can use his own words against him!

How to Make an Aries Man Jealous

Making an Aries man jealous? Not a good idea. Aries is the first sign of the zodiac, a fiery sign governed by Mars. He’s sensitive and takes any perceived attack personally. So, how to do it correctly?

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Know this: be careful. Aries won’t take it lightly.

Flirt with other men

To make an Aries man jealous, flirt with other men. This will grab his attention! Talk up their attractiveness and intelligence to fuel his jealousy. But, don’t overdo it. Otherwise, he may become defensive and not jealous. Show him he needs to work for your attention or he may lose you.

Give him something to compete for

Competition is key for an Aries man. A great way to make him jealous is to bring competition into the relationship. Table tennis, trivia, or a date with your friends – friendly competition can show him he must work to keep your attention. Plus, taking the pressure off yourself to win can make him enjoy it more.

Show him that you’re independent

Aries men want freedom. To make one jealous, show him you’re independent too. Have your own hobbies, friends, and plans. Take some “me-time“. Show him you have a fun, fulfilling life – even without him. This will spark his jealousy, and he’ll respect you more.


Making an Aries man jealous isn’t simple. If you’re serious, keep away. Doing activities without him could increase his interest. Be genuine, authentic and honest. Don’t be forward, flirty or fake. Above all, stay true to yourself. Having a deep connection with your identity is beautiful.

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