how to make a leo man chase you

How To Make A Leo Man Chase You?

Ever been out with a Leo man and he refuses to give you the attention you desire? If so, this guide is here to assist. I understand how confusing it can be when the person you like doesn’t reciprocate your feelings. But, don’t worry. This guide has got tips and tricks to make a Leo man chase you. These techniques have been learnt from my personal experience over the years. So, let’s get started!

Understanding the Leo Man

The Leo man can be tricky to comprehend. But, with a bit of guidance, you can learn the qualities of a Leo man that will make him chase you. Are you searching for a casual fling or something more serious? Knowing about the Leo man is the first step. It’ll help you gain his attention and create a lasting connection.

His Personality Traits

The Leo man is full of passion and energy. He loves to show off his big ego and wants to be admired. He has a great sense of humor, likes taking risks and trying new things. He always looks his best and loves the finer things in life.

Leo men are loyal and protective. They make decisions with their hearts, not their minds. If he falls in love too quickly, make sure to be honest with him.

Fire signs can lack patience when problems arise. Leos may get aggressive when frustrated or angry. But their strength can be comforting, and their charisma is magnetic – they usually have people around them wanting attention!

His Likes and Dislikes

When trying to attract a Leo man, it’s important to understand his likes and dislikes. He loves beauty and class. Here are some signs that he likes in a partner:

  • Loyalty: He values relationships based on trust and honesty.
  • Energy: He loves someone who can keep up with him mentally and physically.
  • Daringness: He wants someone with courage who will take risks.
  • Self Confidence: A strong confidence is an instant turn-on for him.
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Things to avoid:

  • Stagnation: If the conversation doesn’t flow, don’t expect him to stick around.
  • Resentment or Dishonesty: Be honest and open when showing your feelings.
  • Coming on too strong: Confidence is good, but don’t push him away.

Tips for Making a Leo Man Chase You

Want to make a Leo man chase you? Get to know his zodiac sign. Confidence and independence are characteristics he prizes. Show him you’ve got them both! Leo men enjoy being spoiled and admired. With the right attitude, you’ll have him chasing you soon!

Show Your Confidence

Let a Leo know straight away that they don’t intimidate you. Be self-assured, and remember you have as much to bring to the table, or even more. Hold your ground and don’t let them lead the conversation; put forward your ideas in a calm manner without coming off as overbearing. Show them you’re not the only one with power to take part.

If you like them, don’t be scared to let it be known. Make direct but gentle statements and start a conversation. Don’t be scared to reach out to them; they enjoy decisive women who act without being overpowering. Include them in plans, and show respect by considering their input. To win them over, confidence is key!

Make Him Feel Special

A Leo man needs to be the king of your world. Show him you care and give him genuine compliments. But, don’t lay it on too thick! Talk to him about his hobbies and show interest in them. Let him know that his interests are important to you.

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When talking with a Leo man, make him feel like the center of attention. Don’t get drawn to other women right in front of him. Ensure him that the conversation is only between the two of you.

Be Playful and Flirtatious

To make a Leo man chase you, be playful and flirty. Compliment his looks and personality. Show him your quick wit and interest in what he has to say. Don’t be too serious – let him see you have an adventurous spirit. He will find it interesting and daunting to win your heart!


To wrap up, getting a Leo man to pursue you is not easy. You need persistence and patience. Show him you have a life outside of him and that you are happy with yourself. Tease him, stay mysterious, and give him his space. Get to know him and create a bond of trust.

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