how to know a sagittarius guy is serious about you

How To Know A Sagittarius Guy Is Serious About You?

Is someone special born between November 22nd and December 21st? They’re a Sagittarius! This zodiac sign is well-known for its independence and ambition. If you have a Sagittarius man in your sights, here are some telltale signs to look out for. These will help you figure out how serious he is about you.

Pay attention to his subtle actions. Also, look out for any changes in his behavior. With this, you can get an idea of his true feelings towards you.

Understanding Sagittarius Men

Sagittarius men are usually very sunny and optimistic! They love to explore various cultures and meet new people. Generally, they’re confident and outgoing. At their best, they’re kind and generous. But they can be hard to understand. Trying to figure out their feelings towards you is even more tricky!

Take time to get to know them on their terms before expecting a deeper commitment. Freedom is very important to them, so they may pull away if things become too serious too quickly. But there are signs that he may be feeling more serious about you.

  • For example, if he introduces you as his girlfriend or significant other instead of a casual friend.
  • Or if he sets aside time for dates with only you, this could be a commitment sign.
  • Talking about future plans or attending important events with you can be promising too.
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Don’t rush things and don’t pressure him if he’s not ready. Give him the space and freedom to come around at his own pace. Support him so he can see how committed he truly wants to be. That way, your relationship will work out long-term.

Signs He Is Serious About You

A Sagittarius man will show he’s serious about you by talking about the future. This is things like next weekend, or even a vacation months away. He may also involve you in his social circle and activities. He may invite you on trips or go on dates with your friends and family.

He may express his love and admiration for you in public. He may introduce you to family and close friends. He may offer emotional support, be attentive when conversing, and do nice things like send gifts or flowers.

Physical intimacy is important to him, so he will discuss what it means for both of you before anything happens. All these are signs that he is ready for a committed relationship with someone who will be there for him no matter what.

His Actions Speak Louder Than Words

A Sagittarius guy takes his time getting closer to you. He wants to know his potential partner before committing. If he’s serious, his actions will show it. He’ll want to hang out with you and compromise to give you both quality time.

He’ll trust you enough to open up and share personal details. This means he values the relationship.

He’ll make plans that stretch beyond now. Questions like “What do we want in the future?” and suggesting trips or visits show he values your relationship long-term.

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He Wants To Spend Quality Time With You

A Sagittarius man makes it clear when he’s serious about you. He does this by inviting you to spend quality time together. This could be a morning breakfast, a walk in the park, or taking things further.

He’ll also want one-on-one conversations about topics that make him happy. These can be about your life, interests and hobbies, future aspirations, and dreams – all that makes you two more intimate.

If he looks forward to these conversations, it means he’s taking things up a notch. Other signs he’s serious are:

  • Paying attention closely in conversation
  • Making plans

These show he genuinely likes and appreciates you.

He Is Open About His Feelings

A Sagittarius man is open and honest when it comes to relationships. He speaks his mind, which can be seen as harsh. If he talks about his feelings for you and is keen to start a relationship, then he’s serious.

He’ll tell you what he likes and dislikes in a relationship, give compliments and share plans for the future. If he’s excited when discussing topics related to your relationship, consider it a sign of seriousness.

He’ll make conversations engaging by initiating stimulating conversations, using sarcasm or dry humor. Even if there are issues, he won’t run away. He’ll handle them maturely with an honest chat.

Signs of a serious relationship with a Sagittarius man include:

  • Talking about his feelings for you
  • Initiating stimulating conversations
  • Sharing plans for the future
  • Expressing excitement when discussing topics related to your relationship
  • Handling issues maturely with an honest chat
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He Is Committed To You

If you’re unsure if a Sagittarius man is serious about you, look for signs. He’ll want to show you he cares. He might call to ask how your day is going. Or he may just drop by to say hi. He doesn’t open up to many people, so if he’s doing it with you, he’s falling in love.

You can also tell if he’s serious by his desire to explore the relationship. Plus, his physical affection should increase when he falls in love. If you start noticing public displays of affection like hugs or kisses, it’s a good sign. Also, if he starts planning trips or weekends away, that’s a sign of commitment.

Pay attention to how your conversations change and the way he looks at you. This will help you tell if he’s serious about the relationship.


It’s essential to keep in mind, no two Sagittarius guys are the same. Each has their own likes and dislikes. Communication is vital to figure out if he’s into you.

If he texts you often and wants to hang out and shows signs of affection, he may be into you. He could show his feelings through small acts like bringing you coffee or an exciting date. Ultimately, only he knows how he feels. So, observe his body language and ask him directly.

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