how do aquarius act when they like someone

How Do Aquarius Act When They Like Someone?

If you’ve ever found yourself drawn to an Aquarius, you might have noticed their unique and intriguing approach to romance. Deciphering the signs that an Aquarius is genuinely interested in someone can seem like an enigmatic puzzle.

In this article, I’ll be revealing the key signs that indicate an Aquarius is smitten with someone. By understanding their distinct signals and romantic behavior, you can navigate the subtle nuances of dating an Aquarius and ultimately build a strong and deep connection with them.

Aquarius’s Tendency to be Reserved

As an Aquarius, I know we can be quite restrained when we really like someone. We have a tendency to seem aloof or unaffected, even if we are interested. If you’re the person in question, our mysterious body language and subtle hints can confuse you.

In this article, I’ll explain how Aquarius express their feelings when they like someone:

Aquarius’s need for independence

I’m an Aquarius, so I like to keep my relationships separate from the rest of my life. I don’t mind if they’re part of it, but it’s not essential. This independence can be misunderstood as me not being interested or being cold.

At the same time, I put a lot of importance on communication in relationships. This can be through words, physical contact, or doing things we both like. When there’s communication that lets us be individual yet still connected, it builds trust and understanding.

It might seem like I’m reserved because of my independence, but I crave a deeper connection in relationships so we can reach new heights together.

Aquarius’s fear of commitment

As an Aquarius, I find it hard to commit to relationships or stay in them for long. I’m quite open and reliable with certain people, but when it comes to someone I like, I become reserved and quiet. It’s hard for me to share my thoughts and feelings, perhaps because I need a bit more assurance.

My fear of commitment can make me distant or even indifferent towards the person. I do this to protect myself, as I want to be sure it’s worth investing my emotions.

If you want a successful relationship with an Aquarius, you’ll need patience. We need to feel safe and not judged, so communication is key!

Aquarius’s Actions When They Like Someone

Being an Aquarius, I’m aware that my behavior changes when I’m into someone. I’m more talkative and open up more. I also make a bit more effort to show them I’m interested, like spending more time with them.

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Now let’s look at the most typical things Aquarius people do when they have a crush:

Aquarius’s will show more interest in the person

If you’re curious about how Aquarius act when they like someone, there are a few signs to watch out for. They can be shy and won’t make the first move. They look for intellectual conversations and stimulation.

When they like someone, they show more interest in them than others. They’ll listen intently and make thoughtful comments. They may even become protective.

They’ll initiate more conversations, ask questions, and share stories. They might also be playful and flirtatious. Plus, depending on how comfortable they are, they may show physical affection such as hugs.

Aquarius’s will become more communicative

An Aquarius will open up more if they like someone. You may find them texting and talking to you more. They’ll also show off to you, usually about music, experiences or causes they support. Aquarius also might take interest in your hobbies as a way to connect. As an air sign, Aquarius loves to communicate with others they like. So, they’ll look for ways to do so.

Aquarius’s will be more affectionate

When an Aquarius likes someone, they’ll be more affectionate. They might compliment them, or talk about their future. They’ll be open to trying something new and laughing around them. They might also use endearing nicknames in conversation. They may offer help because they care.

If you’re trying to figure out if an Aquarius likes you, look for any flirty comments or compliments. Also, look for subtle signs like asking how your day was.

Aquarius’s Indirect Ways of Expressing Feelings

Aqua-people, we’ve got it tough. Showing our love? Not so much. Instead of being direct, we like to go indirect. Here’s some signs to know if an Aquarius has a special connection:

Aquarius’s will give thoughtful gifts

An Aquarius might not show their love in the same way other zodiac signs do. Instead, they’ll express it through thoughtful gifts. These can range from jewelry with custom engravings to homemade art and cards. If they like you, they’ll likely give you something special. This is their way of showing how much they care and appreciate you.

So, keep your eyes open for tokens of affection from an Aquarius – these are a sure sign that things are going well!

Aquarius’s will go out of their way to help

As an Aquarius, I’m not one for sharing my feelings and emotions. Going out of my way to help someone is my way of showing affection. It might look simple, but it’s how I express that I care.

Saying “I like you” or “I love you” isn’t for me. I prefer to show it in other ways. Learning something new together, spending time in their favorite environment, or running errands when they need help – these are all signs of how important they are to me.

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My goal is always the same – to show that the person in front of me is special and I’m always there for them. Expressing feelings indirectly can be a challenge for Aquarius, but it’s sometimes even better!

Aquarius’s will pay attention to small details

As an Aquarius, expressing my feelings is not easy. I’m the type who stays in the shadows and enjoys analyzing people and their emotions. Though I may not be big on talking about my feelings, I show interest in indirect ways.

For example, I notice small details about the person. If they have a new outfit or say something during conversation that sticks with me, I’ll make sure to compliment them. It’s a tiny gesture, but it lets them know I’m paying attention, even though I’m an introvert.

I like to show appreciation for the people I care about too. I do this with gifts and thoughtful gestures, without going overboard. My fellow Aquarians also love music, so surprising them with tickets to their favorite artist’s show, or sending a playlist related to a conversation we had, shows I’m interested without being too obvious. With all of this, I’m sure the message will come through, from my perspective!

Aquarius’s Need for Space

If an Aquarius has feelings for someone, they may seem to retreat. It’s not because they don’t care, but rather because they need time to reflect or work through their emotions. This desire for distance is a part of their personality. Comprehending it can help you get closer to them.

Let’s explore why Aquarians desire distance:

Aquarius’s need for alone time

As an Aquarius, I’m analytical and independent. I value my “me-time“, to recharge and gather my thoughts. When I like someone, I need to take a step back to process my emotions. It’s nothing personal, just me wanting a timeout.

This could mean spending time apart or taking a few days to think. Don’t be offended if I withdraw into my own bubble, it doesn’t mean I don’t like you. It means I’m giving the relationship the thoughtfulness and consideration it deserves.

I’m grateful when someone respects and understands my need for space and privacy. It shows they are respectful and invested in our relationship.

Aquarius’s need for intellectual stimulation

Aquarius needs intellectual stimulation in relationships. Not just physical – but deep conversations. They love a good argument as long as it’s respectful. But, Aquarius also needs space – to develop and maintain their independence. They don’t need to run away – just enough room to grow.

How to Know if an Aquarius Likes You

Are you an Aquarius? Wondering if someone likes you? It can be hard to tell, as we tend to be guarded. But here’s what I’ve noticed. When we’re into someone, there are a few signs. Here’s what to look for:

  • We tend to be more talkative.
  • We’ll make more eye contact.
  • We’ll be more physically affectionate.
  • We’ll be more open and honest.
  • We’ll be more willing to share our feelings.
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Aquarius’s will be more open and honest

If an Aquarius takes a liking to you, they’ll be more real and genuine than with anyone else. They like to stay guarded around most people and to keep their emotions in check. But if an Aquarius lets you in, it’s a sign they’re into you more than as just friends.

Aquarius loves adventure and taking risks, so they may show their feelings for you. They might blush when talking to you or act differently when with you than with others.

They also show their affections in various ways:

  • holding hands, touching arms, hugging more;
  • making breakfast in bed;
  • remembering what you said;
  • complimenting you;
  • taking time off work for you;
  • getting thoughtful presents; and
  • saying that you really matter to them.

Aquarius is passionate and generous, so a relationship with them will be incredibly rewarding!

Aquarius’s will be more protective of you

As an Aquarius, if I really start to like someone, I become more protective of them. If you see me looking out for your safety and wellbeing, it’s a sign I may like you. It also shows that I’m comfortable with you to be emotionally open.

Showing care is another sign an Aquarian likes you. Although we’re independent, when we trust someone, we want to protect them as much as possible. This could be caring for their physical and emotional wellbeing, or making sure things will be okay in the future.

We also tend to show how fond we are by being around more often. Whether it’s joining you somewhere or texting often, being around shows an Aquarius enjoys spending time with someone. We feel connected to people we like even before they know it. Eventually, they’ll understand why their presence feels like home to us.

Overall, Aquarians may express their feelings differently. But usually, there are signs such as being protective and present – signs that show how much we enjoy someone’s company without many words.

Aquarius’s will be more thoughtful and considerate

If an Aquarius likes you, they won’t ignore your needs. They’ll try extra hard to show they care. Signs of their interest include: remembering what you say, making plans far in advance and going out of their way to help.

They might give small gifts, like a mug or tickets to something special. Aquarian behavior may seem effortless. But, if they like you, it’s quite evident. Their actions suggest thoughtfulness from the heart.

An Aquarian will rarely avoid expressing their opinion. They want honest discussions with the people close to them, maybe even you! Feel free to have a deep conversation. It’s music to their ears. You’ll notice the air of confidence & intelligence. All signs point towards clear waters if you’re interested in finding out how much they like you!


Now that you have a clearer understanding of the unique ways Aquarius individuals behave when they’re enamored with someone, you can confidently read their cues and emotions. Taking into account these signs will enable you to foster a genuine connection rooted in mutual interest and understanding.

Keep in mind that engaging with an Aquarius romantically requires patience, open-mindedness, and a celebration of their individuality. Embrace these insights and enjoy the journey of forming a deeper bond with the fascinating Aquarius in your life.

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