will libra man leave his girlfriend

Will Libra Man Leave His Girlfriend?

Understanding the thought process of a Libra man contemplating leaving his girlfriend requires deciphering the signals he sends and his motivations behind them. Recognizing these indications can provide clarity on the future direction of your relationship.

In this article, we will discuss the factors that influence a Libra man’s decision to end a relationship and share tips on how to predict his potential choices. This knowledge paves the way to better understand and manage such complex romantic situations.

Overview of Libra Men

A Libra man is charming, polite, and balanced. He doesn’t like to make decisions too quickly, but if he has his heart set on something, he’ll take action. He often looks unapproachable due to his need for balance. He hates unfairness and likes to make sure everyone is treated fairly. His charm makes him popular and he enjoys intellectual conversations. He’s very giving in relationships and will sacrifice his own emotions to keep the other person happy.

He can be lacking in confidence, leading him to work hard for stability. When faced with an emotional situation, he’ll shut down, avoiding confrontation and distancing himself, rather than expressing his needs.

Understanding Libra Men

Grasping Libra men can be challenging. Especially concerning matters of the heart. Libra men can be loyal and steadfast partners. Yet, it is still tough to tell if a Libra man is willing to commit or if he will end the relationship.

In this article, we will examine the features of Libra men in relationships. Plus, how to know if a Libra man is likely to leave his current girlfriend.

His Characteristics

A Libra man is born between Sept 23 and Oct 22. Symbolized by scales, he seeks harmony, balance, and justice. He is charming, outgoing, and diplomatic. It’s challenging to get to know him better.

Libra men have high expectations for relationships. This can lead to frustration. If too much is asked of him, he’ll leave. He needs freedom and independence.

Libra men like freedom and peace with others. Once a balance between his freedom and commitment to his partner is established, he’ll stay committed. Don’t pressure him into decisions like marriage or moving in together. Take it slow and set boundaries that consider both of you. Earn trust points as you go.

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His Needs and Desires

Libra men can be tricky to get. Compassionate and loyal, yet wild romanticism is their trait. Respect their needs and desires to truly understand them.

A Libra man desires for companionship. He needs someone who he can be himself with, who will support his journey and uphold the same standards of romanticism. Equality and justice in the relationship is very important for him. His partner should accept each other’s views without judgement and must have a strong consensus-building when it comes to decision-making.

For an outlet of his energy and creativity, he is looking. Be it dancing, writing, painting or playing music, getting creative helps him stay inspired! He values opinion, intelligence, and wit. Thus, his partner should appreciate beauty in art as much as he does. Adventures with his partner – trips, dates, or even visiting a museum – is what he hopes for. Intimate moments with special attention is desired by him.

The biggest fear of a Libra man is being alone forever. So, if he shows any signs of loneliness, don’t take it lightly. Treat him with consideration under all circumstances. Above all else, communication is key. Talk about expectations to make sure both parties are heard in a conflict.

Reasons Why a Libra Man May Leave His Girlfriend

Doubts about your Libra man’s loyalty? Understandable! As a Libra, he is inclined to balance, compromise and fairness. But certain situations or behaviors may push him away. So why might a Libra man leave his girlfriend? Let’s take a look!

  • He feels undervalued – if he feels like his efforts and contributions are not appreciated, he may feel like he’s not getting enough in return.
  • He’s not getting enough attention – if he’s not receiving enough attention or feeling like he’s not being heard, he may decide to move on.
  • He’s not feeling respected – if his opinions are disregarded or his feelings are not taken into consideration, he may feel like he’s not valued.
  • He’s feeling overwhelmed – if he’s feeling like he’s not getting enough space or that he’s being smothered, he may decide to move on.

He Feels Unappreciated

A Libra man may feel neglected if his girlfriend doesn’t recognize his value. As justice, balance, and fairness are associated with this zodiac sign, he needs to feel appreciated. If not, he will think the relationship is unequal.

A few compliments could make him happy and show that he is respected. If he perceives a difference between what he gives and what he receives, he might back away.

He Feels Unloved

A Libra man may choose to end his relationship with his girlfriend for a few reasons. He wants a meaningful connection and open, honest communication. If he doesn’t get those things, he’ll look for them elsewhere. Also, if there isn’t enough intimacy or affection, he won’t stay. Lastly, he needs stimulation and intellectual discussion. If the relationship isn’t exciting enough for him, he may leave.

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He Wants More Independence

If you’re dating a Libra man and he’s become distant, it may be because he needs more independence. This is typical of this zodiac sign. They need space to explore and do what makes them feel good. A Libra man prefers freedom and room to grow, rather than trapping his partner with his love. He can’t stay in one place for long. If he doesn’t feel like you’re giving him enough space, he might just leave.

How to Know If a Libra Man Is Thinking of Leaving

Wondering if your Libra man is thinking of leaving? Consider many factors. Libra men are usually loyal and committed. But, like all signs, they don’t always stay true. Here’s some potential signs that a Libra man may be exiting:

  • He is distant and avoids conversations.
  • He is overly critical of you.
  • He is more focused on his own needs and interests.
  • He is no longer interested in spending time with you.
  • He is no longer affectionate or intimate.
  • He is secretive or evasive about his plans.

He Becomes Distant

A Libra man may become distant if he’s considering ending a relationship. He may not talk about his feelings, and could stop texting, calling, or showing interest in activities the two of you used to enjoy. This isn’t just a sign he doesn’t want the relationship to continue. It’s a way for him to resolve conflict without being confrontational.

Libras are known for their fairness and lack of aggression, so this distancing allows him to take control. If there’s been a shift in behavior, he may be seeking an easier way out of the relationship.

He Stops Sharing His Feelings

A Libra man may be preparing to leave if he stops sharing his emotions with you. This air sign usually talks about his feelings, ideas and current events. If he goes quiet, this could mean he’s not interested or wants to distance himself.

Also, he won’t ask for your opinion anymore. He normally wants to hear your view before making decisions and may even ask other people for advice.

The worst sign is when he gives short responses to your questions or conversation starters. This is a clear sign that he’s no longer engaged and it’s time to think about the relationship.

He Starts to Pull Away

Signs a Libra man is thinking of leaving? He’ll start to pull away. Communication? Decrease. Time with friends? Increase. And, he’ll try to blame you for things. If this sounds like your relationship, it may be time for a conversation.

Also, keep an eye out for subtle signs.

  • More work talk?
  • Excessive worrying?
  • Restlessness or irritability?
  • Disinterest in making plans?
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If several signs line up – he may have been looking elsewhere.

How to Keep a Libra Man From Leaving

Worried your Libra man might leave? Grasp his needs and how he functions – this’ll help you keep him. Libra men value fairness and balance in life. If they sense something is one-sided, they could become distant. Pay attention to his needs and strive for balance – that’ll preserve your relationship.

Show Him That You Appreciate Him

Libra men can feel unappreciated, so it’s essential to tell him how much you value him. Show him that you enjoy his presence and express what he means to you. This will make your bond stronger and will help him to not feel taken for granted.

Give attention to what he has to say. Value his opinions, consider them thoughtfully, and be aware of what is important to him. If he feels unheard or not appreciated as an individual, this could cause major issues in the relationship. He’ll want to stay if he understands that he is respected.

Also, bring more fun into your life together! Make plans for date nights or any other activities that are fun and adventurous. Go on a day trip or plan a romantic getaway – this will show your libra man that you comprehend his need for joy and excitement. Most importantly, make sure that trust is not broken between you two. When full trust and admiration exists, the relationship will be solid.

Make Time For Him

If you want to keep a Libra man, it’s important to show him you care. Give him affection, attention, and make sure he knows he’s loved. Show him through actions, not just words, that you cherish him.

Libra men are sensitive when it comes to feelings. They don’t like when they feel ignored or stifled. To keep their relationship happy and healthy, they need to express themselves and be heard without judgement.

Be open-minded when talking about things that may be challenging. This way, Libra men can express themselves freely. Compromise on things like spending quality time together or making plans with friends. Show your appreciation for your relationship with surprise gifts and romantic dates. Let him know how important he is to you!

Show Him That You Love and Care For Him

Libra men are super romantic. When they’re in love, they like to feel appreciated and cherished. Give him physical affection, compliments, and stimulating conversations. Show your love often and in various ways. Make sure he knows how special he is to you.

When chatting, listen more than talk. Ask him questions about life and his interests. Spend quality time together, doing his favorite activities or creative projects. Brainstorm fun surprises like romantic dinners or getaways to show him you care. This will add flavor to your relationship.


Libra men have a strong sense of justice and are emotional. If they think their relationship is unbalanced, they may find someone new. It is up to the Libra man to make the decision to stay or leave. To stay satisfied in the relationship, communication is key. It helps to understand each other and keep doubts away.

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