why do virgos hide their feelings

Why Do Virgos Hide Their Feelings?

As a Virgo, I know how difficult it can be to understand why we sometimes feel the need to hide our true emotions and feelings. As an Earth sign, Virgos are often analytical and practical in nature, which can make us seem overly reserved or unemotional at times. However, this doesn’t necessarily mean that we don’t feel things deeply – it just means that we keep our feelings close to ourselves.

In this article, I will explain some of the reasons why Virgos may find it easier to process their emotions internally rather than express them outwardly.

Virgo Traits

Virgos are known for many things, including their tendency to be incredibly analytical and detail-oriented. They are also often perceived as stoic, guarded, and even detached due to their focus on logic and reason.

While this is true, they often struggle with expressing their emotions, and they are known to hide their feelings, which can be baffling to the people around them.

Let’s look at why this is the case.


Virgos are often governed by a need to be perfect and can become overwhelmed by the high expectations they set for themselves. A Virgo will try very hard to meet the standards they set, both for themselves and others, and if they don’t feel that they are succeeding in doing so, it can lead to disappointment in themselves which may cause them to hide their feelings.

Perfectionism is not only about setting high standards for oneself, but also for one’s environment; this means that a Virgo may have a need to make sure everything is neat and organized – whether it be their home or even the behavior of those around them – this can create an atmosphere where other people do not feel able to express their emotions freely.

Furthermore, a Virgo’s expectation of perfection from themselves can lead them to believe that if they make any mistakes then others will think badly of them which causes anxiety and embarrassment. As such, in order to act as if everything is alright when it isn’t, many Virgos will choose to bottle up their own emotions and won’t let anyone in on how they are truly feeling especially if there are potential concerns about the level of achievement or criticism coming their way.

Emotional Detachment

One of the most defining Virgo traits is their emotional detachment. It’s not that they don’t have feelings; it’s that Virgos need to think things through before showing emotion. After all, to them, life is a constant work in progress. As a result, they strive for perfection and often hide how they really feel in order to keep up the image of having everything together.

It’s hard for people around a Virgo to understand this emotional detachment because it can come off as cold or unfeeling – but at its heart, it’s just Virgos trying to achieve their own sense of balance and perfection by hiding away negative emotions. They are self-sufficient and always think through their decisions whether it’s in matters of love or career; emotions have very little bearing on the decision making process.

The logical side of Virgo is what drives them and makes them excel at almost any task; so much so that it can be easy to forget that there’s an emotional side to them too – if somewhat hidden away. If you’re dating a Virgo, look out for signs like deep conversations or thoughtful gestures which indicate there’s more stirring beneath their seemingly level surface than initially meets the eye.

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Analytical Mind

As a Virgo, I have an analytical mind which doesn’t always make it easy for me to put my feelings and thoughts into words. We tend to weigh up a situation before making decisions and this can take time – often too long for someone who is waiting for our response. This can lead Virgos to keeping their feelings hidden in order not to seem indecisive or slow. We prefer to work things out in our own minds, but it’s not always the best solution when we want to communicate effective with others.

Our need to analyze everything can also leave us feeling overwhelmed when faced with big decisions or changes in our lives. In such cases we sometimes choose the path of least resistance and don’t share our feelings with others, leading them to believe that everything is ok when it might not be. It may also be difficult for us express positive emotions as expressing vulnerability can make us very uncomfortable.

Of course there are exceptions – some of us will be more confident in showing how we feel while others may never reach a point where they are able to do so openly and honestly. Allowing ourselves time and space is important so that we can work through any emotional conflicts in privacy whilst being mindful of how we interact with those around us.

Reasons Why Virgos Hide Their Feelings

If you’re dating a Virgo, you might find that they are sometimes a bit closed-off emotionally. It can be difficult to tell how a Virgo is really feeling at times because they sometimes naturally hide their feelings away.

Let’s explore why this is and the reasons why Virgos tend to not show their emotions.

Fear of Rejection

Virgos are naturally cautious and analytical, so it’s no surprise that they’re often fearful of expressing their feelings. They tend to overthink everything and worry about how the other person may view them. Worrying about being rejected or judged can lead to a fear of expressing any emotions at all, even if they’re positive. Virgos often struggle with how to express their feelings because most people don’t understand the depth of their emotions. As a result, they internalize everything, which can cause them to feel unheard and misunderstood.

The fear of rejection is deeply rooted in those born under this sign, but there are some things they can do to overcome these issues. First and foremost, Virgos should practice self-care which includes being kinder and gentler towards themselves. Practice positive affirmations daily and recognize your worth, reminding yourself that you deserve happiness just as much as anyone else does.

Don’t be afraid to open up to people, even if you don’t know all the answers yet. Being vulnerable with someone you trust can help bridge distance between two people in a healthy and meaningful way.

Fear of Intimacy

Virgos are known for their analytical and highly independent nature, which includes an innate fear of intimacy. When they do open up to someone they trust, Virgos guard their feelings deeply. As a result, these individuals may often appear as if they are hiding their emotions.

In some cases, this could mean that the Virgo is trying to avoid discussions which would require them to be vulnerable. Other times, the Virgo’s reluctance to open up reflects a desire for control in how that information is shared with others. More often than not, this relates to a fear of being ridiculed or judged too harshly by their peers.

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As such, it’s very common for a Virgo who is attempting to escape such negative judgments to “hide” their emotions from those around them. It’s also important for them to remember that being vulnerable does not equate to weakness — it can actually be a way for them to build deeper connections with those close to them in a more meaningful way without fear of judgment or criticism.

Fear of Vulnerability

As a Virgo, I understand firsthand the fear of being open and vulnerable with people. I’m an analytical thinker and tend to seek evidence for anything before I believe it. The same goes for my feelings too — if something can’t be proven, it’s easy for me to write off its significance or legality altogether.

In fact, a big part of being a Virgo involves convincing myself that other people’s feelings are more important than my own. This makes it difficult to share my true emotions with anyone — whether they’re positive or negative in nature — as I worry that whilst they seem relevant now, maybe they won’t matter in the future.

At the core of this fear is vulnerability. It can feel safer to hide behind masks and adopt personalities than putting myself out there unguardedly. But in doing so, I often wind up missing out on meaningful connections with others; important relationships suffer because I am keeping something so essential about me behind closed doors.

Opening myself up to trust can lead both to joy and pain, but living life without risk isn’t really living at all: It’s existing without actually thriving or finding true happiness and purpose along the way — things I definitely strive for each day as a Virgo!

How to Get a Virgo to Open Up

It can be challenging to get a Virgo to open up and share their feelings, as Virgos often tend to keep them hidden. This can be due to several reasons such as fear of being judged or difficulty in expressing one’s emotions.

In this article, we’ll be exploring how to get a Virgo to open up and share their true feelings with you.

Show Genuine Interest in Them

Virgos tend to hide their true feelings and it can be hard to get them to open up. It takes time, trust and patience – but the rewards are worth it! Showing genuine interest in getting to know the inner workings of a Virgo is essential if you want to have any chance at having a more meaningful relationship with them. Here are some tips that may help:

  • Listen: Listen carefully to what they say, as well as their body language, as this can be telling. Ask questions and aim to understand their perspectives without judgement or trying to fix things.
  • Show Respect: Respect their space, feelings and emotions. Let them speak without interruption or trying to change the subject simply because you don’t agree or feel comfortable with what’s being discussed.
  • Express Gratitude: Appreciate their efforts and reward them for opening up – let them know that it means something special for you and that their efforts don’t go unnoticed.
  • Be Patient: Be patient with yourself and with the other person when embarking on this kind of journey – realizing you’re both growing closer together by gaining an understanding of each other isn’t always easy, but it is certainly rewarding!
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Be Patient and Understanding

Virgos like to take their time when it comes to showing emotions. They need time and space to process the thoughts and feelings that life throws at them. If you’re ever lucky enough to be invited into the inner world of a Virgo, approach with an open heart and unconditional acceptance.

Above all else, they want to know that they can speak their minds without judgment or ridicule. It’s vitally important that you empathetically listen without interruption and respond in loving ways that validate their experiences. Showing patience and understanding as they navigate a newfound landscape of openness will prevent them from retreating into the old familiar walls of protection they built when they were younger.

When it comes to helping a Virgo open up emotionally, don’t force anything. Just be there, reassuring them throughout the journey with your words and actions. Share your own stories with them about how you handle similar issues so that you can relate on a deeper level with each other rather than just looking at something from one side of the fence or another.

All in all, keep your expectations low; different people have different levels of comfort when expressing emotions. Take it slow — before long, you may find yourself in an incredible connection with someone who is finally free from their dark clouds of emotion so long hidden inside them!

Demonstrate Your Trustworthiness

When a Virgo starts to feel peace and security in your presence, they will start to open up more and share deeper feelings with you. Demonstrating your trustworthiness to a Virgo is one of the most important steps in getting them to confide in you emotionally. As Virgos are naturally analytical by nature, they may be wary about overlooking any signs that could point towards untrustworthiness. It’s essential for them to feel like their secrets are safe with you, which requires lasting commitments from you over time.

There are various ways of showing a Virgo that you’re reliable and trustworthy. Being consistent with your interactions is an important factor; never make promises you can’t keep or cancel plans at the last minute, as this can make them feel like the stability around them isn’t secure. At the same time, continuously present yourself as someone who is always available for conversations and willing to go above and beyond when needed — small acts of kindness will not go unnoticed by them!

Finally, don’t shy away from sharing your own vulnerabilities every once in a while — this validates their feelings and encourages further openness in return. Keeping these gestures consistent tells a Virgo that they can always depend on you — creating an atmosphere wherein they are comfortable enough to finally let their walls down around you.


In conclusion, Virgos tend to hide their feelings due to their analytical nature and logical outlook on life. They seek stability and tend to be skeptical of intense emotional displays because they may not know how to manage these moments themselves.

To create a connection with a Virgo without feeling burdened by the intensity of emotions, try gentle conversations that focus on mutual interests or experiences that can be soothing for the heart and soul. Showing simple acts of kindness such as making them breakfast in the morning or listening attentively when they need someone to talk can capture their interest despite their hidden emotional side.

Ultimately, it’s important to recognize that every person is unique so developing an understanding of what makes a particular Virgo individual tick may make it easier to gauge when and how one should approach them in order for them to feel comfortable opening up about their emotions.

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