why do pisces distance themselves

Why Do Pisces Distance Themselves?

As a Pisces, I often ask myself why I distance myself from the people near me. It could be friends, family, or even a possible love. It takes lots of effort to remain close in relationships. So, let’s look into why Pisces keep their distance and how to manage these feelings in a healthy way.

Reasons for Distancing

Why do I, a Pisces, distance and hold back? Based on my experience, there are a few reasons. Let’s explore the main ones.

Could it be fear of getting hurt? Or feeling overwhelmed by too much attention? Maybe wanting to protect oneself from the harshness of reality? Or feeling like an outsider that doesn’t fit in? These could all contribute to a Pisces’ withdrawal.

Fear of Rejection

I’m a Pisces, so I keep my distance. Fear of rejection is the biggest reason. Rejection is an awful thing and I want to protect myself. So I avoid social events, and put up walls between people and me. To stay away from potential hurt or rejection, I don’t reach out. Distancing myself isn’t a surefire way to avoid it. So, I’m hesitant to make true connections.

Need for Space

As a Pisces, I understand why I sometimes need to make space in my life and relationships. I may appear emotionally distant, but it’s a way of taking care of myself. It helps me manage stress, show my individualism and protect my mental and emotional health.

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When I need a break from people or situations, I must take the time for myself to step back. This helps keep my balance between caring for others and nourishing my own wellbeing. Plus, I’m sensitive and pick up on energy quickly – so if it’s too chaotic, I become overwhelmed. That’s why retreating into solitude helps me stay calm.

Creating distance is essential for me to stay connected with myself – which is very important for Pisces. It lets us explore our potential and discover what makes us happy. We need to find space so that we can recognize ourselves, instead of being part of a collective idea. Time alone gives us the chance to think and feel without external influences.

It’s key that Pisces disconnect from people occasionally so we don’t lose ourselves in their opinions and forget who we really are – even in relationships where we receive love from others.

Fear of Intimacy

As a Pisces, it can be tricky to get close with someone. Intimacy can be super intense, especially for us Pisces. We want connection, but it’s just as important to understand our need for limits and space. We often have to explain why we pull away or become distant.

To me, it’s all about self-protection and understanding that it’s alright to take a break if things become too deep.

When we’re scared of letting someone in, our first reaction is usually to back away to create boundaries and protect ourselves. On one hand, this is our way of looking out for ourselves but on the other, it may keep us from making connections with people who could love us if given the chance.

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Despite the fear, I do my best not to shut out potential friendships and relationships. Instead, I’m honest about my anxiety and fears. That way, I’m better prepared to open up in the future, even if I risk being hurt again.

How to Cope with Distancing

Pisces, me included, often feel the desire to be away from others. I know I’m not the only one! In this article, I’ll look at why Pisces do this and how to handle it. Why do Pisces distance themselves? And how to cope? Let’s find out!

Give them Space

If you’re a Pisces, you may need more space than others. Also, if you are with a Pisces, they might abruptly withdraw for a while. Acknowledging this need for distance is important.

Allow them flexibility and respect. Let them have alone time or time with people they care about. Don’t force them to do things they don’t want to do, or be clingy when they need a break. This doesn’t mean they’re not interested. It means they’re overwhelmed and need time away to stay balanced.

Show Compassion

We Pisceans can be very sensitive to emotions and the environment. It’s annoying when someone moves away from us, even if it’s unintentional. The best way to deal is to show kindness. Realize they may have other matters to attend to, besides our relationship. Don’t be too quick to judge or blame. Tell them you are ready to help if they ever need it.

Knowing someone will listen and understand is reassuring for us Pisceans!

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Talk Openly

When I’m feeling overwhelmed, I find it helpful to talk to my partner, family, or trusted friend. We should both be supportive listeners. This type of open dialogue helps me feel secure in the relationship. It lets me know my partner is open to hearing my thoughts. Talking openly can also help us understand our triggers. This can help us know how to cope better when we face similar triggers together in the future.

Tips for Dealing with Distancing

Pisces are often known for their distant and withdrawn nature. This can be challenging to handle, especially when you know the person or have been in a relationship. It’s important to remember that everyone has different ways of managing emotions and needs.

Here are some tips for dealing with distancing Pisces:

  1. Understand: Your Pisces partner may need distance to look after their mental and emotional health. This understanding can help you be compassionate and patient.
  2. Listen: Hear what your Pisces partner is trying to tell you. It may not be easy but it could provide insight into why they need distance.
  3. Connect: During this period, stay connected by using communication tools. Physical contact may not be necessary, but gentle reassurance can still be received.
  4. Respect: Respect their needs, even if you can’t understand them. Being a partner is about respecting individuality, even in times of distancing.


I’ve pondered why Pisces step away. My understanding is that they need solitude. To be alone with their musings and ideas, it brings them peace. Pisces experience great sensitivity and need to reflect on their innermost feelings without distraction.

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