why do men have side chicks

Why Do Men Have Side Chicks?

Why do men have side chicks? That is a mystery that has been around for generations. People debate its rationale and motivations. From the outside, the dynamics can be puzzling. Usually, it’s thought to be about physical attraction and lust. However, there could be more at play.

Today will explore why some men have a side chic. We will also hear from couples who have experienced their partner’s side chick adventures.

Through my insights and real-life stories, we can try to better understand why men have side chicks. This will help us uncover the truth of this age-old mystery.

Reasons Why Men Have Side Chicks

In 2023, it’s still common for men to look for companions apart from their relationships. This is often referred to as “side chicks”. Reasons why men do this may vary. This article will explore these reasons in detail.

Need for Attention

Most people need attention from their primary partner and if not, they look elsewhere. Some men have a side chick for attraction and desirability with no commitment. This relationship gives them the attention they want, but can be seen as wrong or sleazy. It could impact their primary partner’s feelings, physically and emotionally.

Men who have trouble showing vulnerability in relationships typically pick a side chick. They may get affection without having to be intimate. A side chick can also make them question if they are happy in their current partnership.

In some cases, a side chick is “forbidden” and exciting. The affair creates a strong bond between them, although they wouldn’t be compatible outside the affair. Couples should talk about why they engage in such relationships and address any underlying issues before it causes distress.

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Need for Variety

Many men have side chicks for various reasons. Boredom in their primary relationship could be one of them. They might need something new and thrilling. They may also be looking for emotional and physical needs which their partner cannot fulfil. Having a side chick could add an element of excitement to their lives, or fill a void they feel is missing.

A lack of intimacy or connection with their significant other might prompt them to look elsewhere for companionship. It could also be an emotional distraction from other issues in life, such as stress at work or family problems.

Though none of these reasons are justifiable or acceptable, understanding why men choose to have side chicks could help better approach the situation if you suspect your partner is involved with someone else.

Need for a Different Kind of Relationship

Men may seek side chicks for various reasons. For instance, they may feel a need for a different kind of relationship than the one they’re in. It’s not that the current relationship is missing anything, but it just isn’t giving them all they want.

Sometimes, men crave excitement and newness. If they spend too much time with the same partner, things might become dull. That’s why they look for someone who can bring back the thrill.

Finally, many men like to have control over another person. This gives them a sense of security and self-satisfaction. Thus, they may look for temporary partners, despite being aware of the harm this could do to their primary relationships.

Fear of Commitment

Some men fear commitment. They may shy away from relationships that involve closeness and intimacy. Having a side chick is an easier way to stay in the grey area rather than actually committing. This allows them to make promises without fully committing. It also gives their primary partner false hope if they aren’t ready for a real commitment.

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The psychology behind this goes deep. It’s likely from how the man was raised. If he worries about not living up to expectations or is scared of making life decisions, it may be hard for him to commit until his fears are addressed. Therapy or self-help could help.

Lack of Self-Control

Studies show that men often lack self-control when it comes to side chicks. They are unable to resist excitement, even if it involves women. This happens because they don’t think about the consequences of their decisions. Men with high levels of impulsivity are more likely to act without considering the risks.

Additionally, men may be motivated by a need for validation, power, and sexual satisfaction. They seek extramarital relations to boost their egos and fulfill needs that cannot be met in their main relationships. The need for novelty and excitement could also be a factor.

It is important to remember that these psychological causes are rooted in individual attitudes and behaviors. They should not be used as excuses for infidelity.

Impact of Having Side Chicks

Having a side chick can be bad for both people. It’s not just physical but can also be emotional cheating. The effects can be big. Trust can be destroyed, and the relationship can break down completely.

Let’s look at the different impacts of having a side chick in a relationship:

Affects the Primary Relationship

Having side chicks can ruin a man’s relationship in many ways. For example, the primary partner may feel guilt, insecurity, and inferiority. This could lead to communication issues and a lack of intimacy.

Moreover, a man engaging in affairs may be dishonest and not respect his partner’s wishes. This could involve lying or paying more attention to the side chick. The focus should be on the primary relationship, not maintaining an outside one. This unmet need will harm instead of strengthen the relationship.

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Having a side chick also has an emotional toll. Both partners may feel hurt, anger, which makes it difficult to solve the issue.

In conclusion, having side chicks creates unhealthy dynamics. It can be hard to repair the relationship, so men should avoid them to make their primary relationships work.

Affects the Side Chick

Having a side chick can have a bad effect on her mental health and self-esteem. She may take on a lower role, thinking the man is the hero and she’s the hanger-on. This could lead to guilt, shame, and fear of telling family and friends.

To hide her reality, she may not share her life with other people. This can cause isolation and lack of motivation.

The side chick may think she’s getting love, care, security, and attention. This may not be true – she might be giving more than she gets. Anxiety and depression may follow, plus low self-esteem when faced with reality or other emotions.

Affects the Man

Having a side chick can have many repercussions. Firstly, it can lead to an emotional disconnect from the primary partner, resulting in mistrust and betrayal if discovered. It can also cause guilt, leading to depression and anxiety. Choosing between one or both women reduces self-worth.

It can also damage career prospects since there is less time and energy to focus on work. Any contact with the side chick can be dangerous if the primary partner finds out, risking both relationships.


To wrap it up, relationships are complicated. Men have side chicks for multiple reasons. It can be for a different kind of connection. Or maybe they’re trying to escape or add some thrill to their lives. Even so, these types of relationships can be destructive. All involved must be aware of the consequences. They should think twice before getting into such a situation.

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