why do libras ignore you

Why Do Libras Ignore You?

Ever wondered why a Library neglects you? It’s quite an intriguing behavior! To fathom the explanations behind it, you must comprehend the character characteristics of a Libra. In this article, let’s review the varied reasons why Libras ignore people and how to capture their attention.

What is a Libra

Libras are represented by the scales, symbolizing the need for balance in their lives. They’re known for being sociable, diplomatic, and charming. This makes them great in romantic relationships.

Optimistic Libras love making people smile and feel valued. They’re great listeners who express themselves without judgment or expectations.

Although they might seem emotionally distant, Libras care deeply about those around them. This makes them hesitant to express their needs, so it can sometimes seem like they’re ignoring you. This might explain why some don’t understand Libras or struggle to form a close bond.

What is a Libra’s personality

Libra, the air sign, is an idealistic dreamer. They strive for balance and harmony. They’re cooperative and diplomatic. They love coming up with creative solutions to conflicts. And they’re passionate about making sure everyone around them feels valued.

But their accommodating personalities can make them overlook their own feelings. This can have them ignore you if they think it’s too much effort. They try to put others’ needs first, downplaying their emotions. And they may forget to communicate with you, leaving you feeling ignored.

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Libras pride themselves on being fair-minded. But they can struggle with original ideas or responding quickly when something isn’t going as planned. They don’t like the spotlight and may become overwhelmed when expectations are high—even when it’s not from you! This could lead to them withdrawing emotionally, by ignoring you, to avoid a conflict.

Reasons Why Libras Ignore You

A Libra ignoring you can be confusing. They’re usually friendly and social. But if a Libra in your life is giving you the cold shoulder, there are reasons why this is happening. Here are some possible explanations. Why is a Libra ignoring you?

Possible explanations include:

They are not ready for a relationship

A Libra’s hesitation to commit can make them pull away. They don’t like to rush, and need to be sure the other person will stick around. They also need their own space and independence.

Maybe they’re unsure of your feelings, so it’s important to make it clear that you’re serious. Showing up when they need you is a good way to prove your intentions.

They are overwhelmed by emotions

Libra values harmony, balance and peace. So, when emotions become overwhelming, they may avoid or ignore the source of it. If you’re used to being open about your emotions, this could be intimidating for a Libra. They may appear like they are ignoring you. But, this is not because they want to push you away. It’s actually an act of self-care. They need time away from the intense emotion to figure out their thoughts.

They are afraid of commitment

Libras love beauty, balance and harmony. But if things don’t stay “perfectly balanced,” they may get overwhelmed. So, they may seem to ignore your attempts at communication. It could be because they’re scared of commitment or the relationship getting too serious. Instead of discussing their feelings, they’d rather pull away.

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Conflict and decisions that could harm the relationship are something Libras don’t like. They spend lots of energy trying to keep relationships with family, friends and partners harmonious. If they think commitment or restriction could threaten this harmony, they might ignore you.

Intimate settings with someone pushing them for a commitment may make some Libras feel uncomfortable. You may notice their behavior changing from warmly attentive to distant. To re-establish connection, try:

  • Lightening the mood by celebrating something small or having fun together in public places.
  • This way, the relationship won’t become too serious without long-term implications or commitments.

How to Deal With a Libra Who Ignores You

Wanting the attention of a Libra who’s ignoring you? It’s tough. Libras are usually social, charming & diplomatic, so it can be confusing & hurtful when they don’t give you the time of day. This article explains why they may be doing it and offers advice on how to get their attention back.

Give them space

When a Libra is ignoring you, they may need some space. Libras are perfectionists, and need time and space to think and process their emotions. Don’t push them away by trying to communicate or being persistent. Give them the time and space to figure out their feelings without having to talk right away. This way, when you do talk, you’ll both be prepared to address things properly.

Show them you are interested

When a Libra ignores you, it’s hard to tell why. Maybe they’re sending you a message. Or maybe they have their own issues. It’s important to make sure they know you’re interested in them. That could be the best way to get back into their good graces.

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If they’re still ignoring you, try reaching out again. Invite them to hang out with you on the weekend. Or, send them a text or message on social media with positive vibes. That can break the ice and reduce hurt or awkwardness.

You don’t need grand gestures, but small tokens can show you appreciate the relationship. Call instead of texting. Or, plan something special for both of you. Or, set up coffee dates for quality one-on-one time together.

If there is something causing tension, try addressing the issue head-on. Express yourself calmly and respectfully. That could be an opportunity to understand how each other feels. Show you’re willing to listen and invest yourself in reconciling past issues.

Be patient and understanding

A Libra ignoring you can be confusing and hurtful. But this is just their nature – they are an air sign and can be stand-offish. They prefer an intellectual approach to communication.

When this happens, patience and understanding are key. Ask them what they need in order to come around. Respect their process of communication, even if it doesn’t match yours. Pay attention to body language – they may feel something but not be able to express it out loud.

It’s hard to feel like people aren’t giving us attention. Don’t give up on your Libra friend or partner. Show compassion and be gentle with your expectations. Create an environment of understanding and support.


Why a Libra would ignore you? It’s not easy to know. But there are lots of possibilities. Libras can be quite evasive in relationships. Maybe they’re feeling overwhelmed. Or perhaps testing boundaries. They may also need time to weigh their feelings for the relationship.

If your Libra has stopped talking to you, it’s important to try and sort things out. Communication is key!

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