why are libras so difficult

Why Are Libras So Difficult?

Relationships with Libras? Difficult to read, right? We Libras are known for our indecisiveness. Making decisions is hard – we don’t want to compromise our needs. Let me tell you what I’ve learnt.

As a Libra, I understand why we are so tough.

Definition of a Libra

Libras are represented by a pair of scales, symbolizing the importance of balance. They are charming, eloquent and graceful air signs. Communication and orderliness are very important to them, as they like nice things and relationships based on trust.

Libras can be hard to comprehend – they are impulsive and weigh up the pros and cons. They also build walls around themselves, due to difficulties expressing emotions.

If dating a Libra, patience is needed. It takes effort but understanding each other is achievable if both parties are willing to invest time.

Libra’s Characteristics

Libras: the most difficult sign of the zodiac. They are said to be indecisive. Taking on life’s challenges is hard for them. But, there are strengths too! Let’s discuss the unique traits of a Libra that make them stand out:

Libra’s love of balance

Air signs, Libras, are intellectual and quick-thinkers. This can make them reactive and unpredictable. They love to talk, but avoid being hurtful with words.

Balance is important for Libras in relationships, emotions and career. Without balance, they can become unfocused.

They also need stability in relationships. They may come off as cool-headed and take their time to make decisions, which can be misunderstood as aloofness.

Being alone is something Libras cannot stand. But ironically, this fear may lead them to lack commitment. They may keep people around for company, even if it’s not beneficial to them. This is often mistaken as flirting.

For the Libra to be happy, they need many forms of balance. They need a partner who encourages their Liberal tendencies while providing structure for their goofiness.

Libra’s indecisiveness

As a Libra, I know how hard it can be to make a decision. We are known for our indecisiveness. Our scales waver between two options, making it hard to be decisive.

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This is because we like to weigh up both sides of the situation before making a choice. This can be frustrating to others who see us as wishy-washy.

But this is our strength. We can look at any challenge from multiple perspectives. This gives us an advantage, since we aren’t just going off our own preferences and emotions.

Still, we need support when making decisions. Even after assessing two opposites, we can’t always come up with third solutions without help from those closest to us.

Libra’s need for harmony

As a Libra, harmony is everything. I strive to create balance in my life and relationships, and stay even-keeled through tough times. Making decisions and compromises can be hard, but I have to stay true to my nature.

When deciding, I try to find a solution that works for everyone, but it can come off as indecisiveness. I also stick up for the less fortunate and voice my opinion when something doesn’t seem fair.

Some might find this difficult, but staying positive and trying to maintain peace is important to me. That’s what being a Libra is all about!

Reasons why Libras are Difficult

As a Libra, I can confirm that we can be tricky to decipher and even tougher to manage. This doesn’t mean we should be evaded or feared. But it does mean that if you’re dealing with a Libran, you should know there are precise reasons why we may be difficult.

Let’s delve deeper into why Libras are tough to understand:

Their need for perfection

Libras want perfection in everything. That’s why they’re so hard to please. They’ll go the extra mile for anyone who isn’t content. Even for something as trivial as what movie to watch, they’ll debate for hours about quality, entertainment value, and topic relevancy.

Also, Libras always look for balance and compromise. For instance, if everyone wants Chinese food but one person wants Thai, they’ll likely choose a Chinese-Thai fusion restaurant. This can exhaust the patience of those around them, due to the Libra’s constant search for perfect balance!

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Their tendency to be manipulative

Libras can be hard to understand. They have unique qualities that both frustrate and charm people. One reason why Libras are so tricky to deal with is their capability to manipulate—whether knowingly or not.

Libras are socially and emotionally perceptive, so they take on the feelings of others, even those who have a bad influence on them. As a result, they have difficulty distinguishing their own emotions from those of others. This leads to them acting differently around different people.

They would never intentionally manipulate someone for personal gain, but due to their need for balance in life, they often talk too much or waste time debating opinions that shouldn’t matter.

Therefore, it is important for Libras to set boundaries and develop strategies to control their emotions when interacting with people who don’t share the same values. This will help them to effectively communicate while keeping an understanding attitude—so as to create stronger relationships that can’t be easily manipulated.

Their need for constant attention

Libras are generous-spirited, yet their helpful nature can be mistaken for neediness. They tend to please others in passive-aggressive ways and avoid conflict. This compulsive desire for attention may turn people off.

Always searching for the ideal outcome, Libras may crave too much affection or attention, even if it’s detrimental to the relationship. Achieving perfection is hard, making them hard to satisfy.

The same qualities that make them loving and devoted can also make them demanding. Their wish for approval can lead to judgmental behavior, which may not be welcomed.

If you find yourself getting frustrated with a Libra’s needs, don’t lose patience. Libras are not good at expressing themselves, so understanding is essential. Learning to cope with their demands is key for them to reach their highest potential. If you want your relationship with a Libra to work, be patient and understanding.

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How to Deal with a Difficult Libra

A Libra in a relationship? Challenging! Libras usually have plenty of expectations and can be very judgemental. Difficult to get along with.

In this article, we’ll learn how to handle tough Libras. That way, it’ll be a peaceful connection.

Acknowledge their need for balance

Having a Libra in your life? Embrace their ability to see both sides! Libras have trouble deciding, since they always see the pros and cons. Acknowledging their need for balance is important.

To help them decide, give facts and data that benefit their decision. Suggest scenarios of balance. Take a non-confrontational approach, with empathy. Remind them to stay honest about their feelings – this will boost their self-confidence and remind them that they deserve respect.

Respect their need for harmony

Libras are known for harmony and balance. This might make them difficult to deal with, as they don’t want to stir up conflict. Although it’s good to be like that, it can cause tension if someone is too vocal or attempts to impose their sense of justice on them.

The best way to handle a tough Libra is to show respect for their need for serenity and symmetry. Don’t try to make them decide something they don’t feel comfortable with. Try to find a compromise, by giving them plenty of space while still talking about your wants. Don’t get aggressive. Discuss the situation and try to understand each other’s viewpoint. Work together towards an agreement. You may not always get what you want, but you can learn from each other!

Show them appreciation

Dealing with the difficult Libra? Appreciate them! Acknowledge and validate their hard work and dedication. Especially in relationships. They need to feel valued and appreciated. So, show them with simple compliments or kind words when they come home. Or surprise them with flowers or an outing. Let them know you’re attentive to their needs and wellbeing. Reward them for the little things they do. That way, you’ll effectively deal with any difficulty from your special Libra!


Understanding a Libra? Patience is key! It may take some time to get them to open up. Show them that you’re listening and be ready to offer support. Don’t forget to compliment them – they love that!

Libras are sophisticated, compassionate people who seek balance and justice. If you meet them halfway, your relationship with them is sure to thrive.

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