why are libras so angry

Why Are Libras So Angry?

People often ask me, a Libra, why I’m so angry. But the reality is, I’m not! I’m creative, balanced, and even-tempered. So, why do people think I’m mad? In this article, let’s discover why Libras are believed to be angry.

Overview of Libra Personality

Libra is an air sign symbolized by scales. Their personality is friendly, diplomatic, and kind. Even though they’re usually easygoing, they can become angry if faced with tough situations, due to their sense of justice.

Librans try to handle conflicts before they get too intense. They use communication and diplomacy, instead of aggressive words. They can get frustrated if their opinion isn’t taken into account, or if no other way of resolving an issue is found. It’s important for Librans to take a break when needed.

In general, Librans want harmony more than chaos. They use their communication skills combined with logic, to work out agreeable solutions – if both sides are willing.

It can be concluded that Librans can become angry when challenged. But they also possess the skills to handle these feelings with maturity, while still standing up for what they believe.

Reasons for Libra Anger

As a Libra, you may have noticed that you often have a lot of anger and frustration. Why? This article will explain why Libras might feel angry and frustrated. Plus, it’ll give tips for managing their emotions. Let’s dive in!

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Unmet Expectations

Libra is an astrological sign known for its peaceful, nice communication. It stands for balance and justice. Libras like to live in an orderly way, and want all situations to be fair. They get angry quickly if the balance is disrupted. One of the things that really irritates them is when expectations are not met.

When Libras rely on somebody, or entrust them with a job, they believe that it will be done properly. By doing what is promised to them, you are showing them respect. When people don’t do what they said they would, they feel let down and this can anger them.

Libras are independent thinkers and love to be in control of things. Show them respect by fulfilling your promises. When trying to meet their needs, try to think about the bigger picture. This will make them happy.

Conflict Avoidance

Libras need harmonious environments to be peaceful and content. When this is disrupted, they can become angry. Libras don’t like to admit their anger, so they keep it inside. This makes them scared of facing conflict and losing friendships.

Being air signs, they need to take time to process emotions without judgement. It’s important to have someone who encourages them to trust their instincts, and to handle their anger in a safe manner. Understanding that taking action can bring balance is key for Libra natives.

Poor Communication

Poor communication is a main source of anger for Libras. They like being diplomatic and speaking clearly. They want to be heard. When others don’t value their opinions, they get frustrated. Justice is important to them, so they don’t like it when their story is not respected. To avoid arguments, they retreat. They don’t like harsh criticism. This can lead to passive-aggressive behavior. It’s their way of dealing with their anger.

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How to Handle Libra Anger

Libras are renowned for their pleasant personality and diplomatic conduct. Still, they can get mad abruptly. Knowing how to manage and handle Libra anger is crucial in all associations, be it friendly or not.

Let’s investigate the causes of Libra anger and the right way to approach their rages:

Respect their need for balance

Libras have a big pet peeve: being cornered and confronted. Violating our boundaries with words or behavior triggers intense emotions which can be hard to manage. Partners and friends should be aware of this and respect our need for balance.

When we feel angry, we need space to deal with it. This could mean taking days or weeks before responding. We don’t lash out from aggression but from an urge to restore equilibrium. People should be understanding and not push us further into a corner.

We also need to learn healthy self-soothing techniques. This means taking time away from the situation if it’s getting heated. Having someone who understands our individual needs can help us escape without having to “fight back”.

Listen and understand their perspective

Libras can get really angry. To understand why, ask open-ended questions. Avoid arguments and criticism. Speak gently and offer reasonable advice on how to handle the situation. Show empathy. Put yourself in their shoes. Give them time to process their feelings. A hug or a comforting gesture may help, however, be careful; some may not be comfortable with physical contact when they’re angry.

Show patience and empathy

Remember, Libra’s outbursts are usually to express hurt, frustration, or disappointment. Even if it’s tough, let them speak their truth. Patience and empathy can help. Don’t get defensive and push away – talk things through with respect to find the issue.

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Libras don’t like conflict. They prefer harmony. So, when reasoning with a Libra who’s angry, it helps to recognize your past wrongdoings. It’s more likely to make a Libra side with you than blaming someone else.

It’s not right to ignore or dismiss Libra’s anger. There is an underlying problem that needs attention, patience, and understanding. Be calm and empathetic. Listening might be enough for them to realize their mistakes.


So, the bottom line is, Libras aren’t usually angry. It’s just that they expect their relationships to be based on truth, love and respect. If they don’t get that, they can get annoyed. Knowing more about Libras can help us create better relationships. We can all be happier then!

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