where do scorpios like to be touched

Where Do Scorpios Like To Be Touched?

Are you a Scorpio? Do you want to maximize your pleasure? You’re in luck! This article will show you the best tips and tricks for touching Scorpios. Discover the hotspots of a Scorpio and set your love life ablaze!

Anatomy of a Scorpio

To get to grips with how to touch a Scorpio, it’s essential to know something about their zodiac sign. Scorpios have strong hands and feet, an intense gaze, a slim frame, and an assured posture. They like being in control, and might look intimidating or sombre. But don’t be fooled – they can be just as friendly.

On the physical level, firm strokes on the back, neck and arms, with light touches on other areas, are appreciated. A regular back massage is great for releasing Scorpio tension.

Scorpios prefer deeper conversations that connect with their emotions. Gentle caresses on the face or hair allow them to move away from logic into more intuitive ways of relating. They may take some time warming up to touch from people outside their inner circle. But once trust is established, any kind of physical contact is sure to touch their soul and bring out their enthusiasm for life.

Different Types of Touch

Scorpios have a particular fondness for different types of touch. From hugs and cuddles, to simply holding hands or playing with the other’s hair – all are welcome! Make sure to ask permission before getting physical.

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Firm but gentle touches such as massages or back rubs can be luxurious and intimate. Light, tickling touches with the fingertips can also be a nice surprise! But remember to keep proper boundaries and only touch in areas that are comfortable for both.

When it comes to intimacy between Scorpio partners, communication is key. Learning each other’s likes and dislikes through experimenting with different forms of touching can help deepen your relationship.

Areas of the Body Scorpios Enjoy Being Touched

Scorpios may find physical touch to be a strong way to create positive emotions and connections. It all depends on the level of intimacy between two people. Generally, they appreciate gentle and sensitive caresses.

Scorpios may like being touched on their neck, chest, or lower back. Areas such as arms and legs can also be pleasurable. In certain cases, when there is trust, they may even accept touches on their face or hairline.

Plus, many Scorpios enjoy activities like massage and body rubs. These not only involve physical contact, but also relaxation of particular muscles and joints.

Physical contact is an excellent way for Scorpios to form strong emotional ties. This can boost feelings of comfort and safety in any type of relationship, be it platonic, romantic, or familial.

The Power of Touch for Scorpios

Scorpios have strong emotions. Therefore, physical touch is a powerful way to show their feelings and bond with people. Touch helps them build intimacy and passion, as well as calming their nerves. Scorpios need physical comfort from people they trust.

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It’s not about where you touch them. It’s about how strong the touch is. A firm massage on their back or shoulders is effective at relieving tension. Holding one of their hands in yours can make them feel secure enough to open up.

Massage therapy is great for Scorpios. It brings pleasure and healing energy, while still letting them stay safe. It eases pain and reduces stress, and gives them tender affection without revealing too much.

How to Touch a Scorpio

Scorpios like gentle touches, such as caressing or holding hands. Avoid sudden movements or aggressive touching like grabbing or pinches. Scorpios can be passionate lovers and may enjoy being massaged in sensitive areas like their arms, neck, stomach and back. Always ask before touching a sensitive area – communication is important!

Connect with Scorpios using ‘energy’ touches – keep your palms facing each other without touching. This sends calming energy through both bodies without physical contact. These gentle touches show affection without overwhelming them – something Scorpios appreciate!

Tips for Touching Scorpios

Scorpios enjoy physical contact. It’s important to touch them with intention. A light caress can get their attention. But, well-placed touches connecting them to you, will make them feel appreciated. Here’s some tips for touching them right:

  • Shoulder rubs. This area is sensitive and can make them relaxed.
  • Stroke their hair with care. Shows they’re being adored.
  • Hold hands. Simple connection that speaks volumes.
  • Tickles/massages. Light touches that show affection.
  • Soft kisses on neck/face. Increases closeness and makes them feel special.
  • Back scratches. Relaxation and tactile connection.
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Knowing how much intimacy they want and respecting boundaries is key. Showing genuine kindness through your touch keeps the relationship strong.


Scorpios are particularly sensitive in the spine and upper back areas. Strong massage can reduce stress in those spots. Lower back, hips and legs are also sensitive.

Ask Scorpio about their likes and dislikes when giving massage. Talk it through first. Be respectful and courteous. Show intention to help and support.

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