what turns a pisces man on

What Turns A Pisces Man On?

Curious what ignites a Pisces man? You’re in luck! We are about to delve into the depths of his desires. We’ll discover key tips to ignite a connection with your Pisces man. Plus, how to keep his fire burning. Let’s explore!

Overview of Pisces Men

Pisces men have romantic natures and often express themselves through art. They crave experiences that bring beauty. Being water signs, they can be unpredictable yet caring in matters of the heart.

Neptune rules Pisces, bringing dreams and intuition. It draws them in like a moth to a flame. Thoughts escape and enter their realm of emotion. Deep connection is key. Empathy is a strength – but could be a downfall. Make sure you take the time to understand them.

If you want to turn on a Pisces man, begin by exploring his creative side. Stimulate their imagination through conversations about art or philosophy. Explore something new together or show enthusiasm for something they love. Recognizing their need for exploration is key.

Physical Attraction for Pisces Men

A Pisces man is into beauty and grace. He loves a woman’s eyes, hair and skin, plus her curves. To be attractive, hygiene and interesting facial features like full lips and an inviting smile are key. Unique and fashionable clothing, with interesting colors, can add to the allure. Showing off your personality with clothing or jewelry is helpful too.

A good sense of humor is also important for acquiring his affections. Wit and intelligence can make him laugh, and that’ll only add to his admiration for you.

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Emotional Attraction for Pisces Men

Pisces men are sensitive and passionate. They seek a woman who can give them the same. They love being romanced, taken care of and courted. They need emotional support, but they will do their best to provide it as well.

When it comes to turn-ons, honesty is attractive to a Pisces man. They prefer honest expressions to build trust. He also likes it when his partner listens attentively. In addition, emotional support is key – not just physically comforting, but meaningful conversations and moments of silence.

A Pisces man likes comfort. His partner should take special care – planning candle-lit dinners, taking walks while exchanging stories. He loves connecting with other people’s emotions. The attraction between two Pisces intensifies with supportive words and genuine love. This creates an emotional connection.

Intellectual Attraction for Pisces Men

A Pisces man is creative, sensitive and passionate. He’s also intellectual. So when courting him, have thoughtful conversations. Intellectual attraction is connecting on an emotional and mental level.

Respect is vital – listen carefully and thoughtfully when he talks about his interests. Stimulate interesting discourse too. With a Pisces man, topics like astrology and spirituality will spark interest. Have meaningful conversations revealing insight and depth. Show vulnerability by being open with your thoughts.

These steps will help you win over a sentimental Pisces man through intellectual attraction:

  • Have thoughtful conversations.
  • Listen carefully and thoughtfully when he talks about his interests.
  • Stimulate interesting discourse.
  • Discuss topics like astrology and spirituality.
  • Have meaningful conversations revealing insight and depth.
  • Show vulnerability by being open with your thoughts.

Spiritual Attraction for Pisces Men

For Pisces men, the spiritual side of life is highly attractive. They are romantic and sensitive, and often drawn to deeper connections such as astrology, philosophy, and dream mythology. Pisces men can be swept away by their heart’s desires when presented with stimulating energy and possibilities.

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To attract these men, honesty and openness are vital. They are put off by manipulation or coyness. Sharing sincere emotions creates a strong bond that goes beyond physical attraction. Try sparking conversations about topics such as meditation, karma, lucid dreaming, or past-life regression. Tarot reading or astrology can also be great ways to turn on this sign.

Traditional romantic gestures, such as flowers, don’t usually impress a Pisces man. What he wants is genuine emotion expressed through words and actions that show admiration for his special qualities. Ultimately, Pisces men need sensitivity to feel fulfilled, both emotionally and spiritually. So never underestimate the power of lending a sympathetic ear or offering compassion when needed!

Social Attraction for Pisces Men

Pisces men ponder more than just the physical. So, for them, physical attraction comes after an emotional and intellectual connection has been built. Capturing their interest is easy as long as you are patient and willing to get to know them on an intimate level.

Complimenting their creative endeavors sincerely will make them feel appreciated and noticed. This will make them feel more at ease expressing their feelings, both physically and emotionally.

Social gatherings can be exciting for Pisces men since they enjoy the comfort of conversation to express themselves. This makes social activities great dates, as they can explore their personal interests and engage with others intellectually, emotionally, personally, or spiritually. Relaxed settings encourage conversation without pressure, and Pisces men love feeling comfortable and confident while discovering new things in life together.

Encouraging initiative is another important factor when getting acquainted with a Pisces man. A sense of mutual partnership creates trust where he feels safe expressing himself openly and showing his curious nature that loves exploring new horizons with someone special by his side!

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Creative Attraction for Pisces Men

Creativity is key when it comes to catching a Pisces man’s eye. They love unique women who don’t follow societal norms and trends. Plus, they appreciate stimulating conversations that challenge the boundaries of traditional small-talk. It’s not just physical attraction they’re after; they want someone they can engage with mentally too.

Pisces men are also drawn to confident, loyal, kind, creative and intelligent people – like Alice from “Alice in Wonderland”! They look for someone with presence and substance, who will add something special to their life. So if you’re looking to attract a Pisces man, make sure to show off your creative side!

How to Make a Pisces Man Feel Special

If you want to win a Pisces man’s heart, make him feel special. He loves attention and acts of kindness. Follow these tips and he’ll be yours!

  1. Give him security: Let your Pisces man know he is wanted and loved. Show it in small ways regularly.
  2. Show your appreciation: Thank him often. Do something unexpected like leaving a thank-you note on his car or sending flowers/chocolates with a message.
  3. Pamper him: Pamper him with massages, laundry, or his favorite dish. The more effort you put in, the more it will be noticed and appreciated.
  4. Spend time together: Spend your day doing fun activities together. Watch movies, go on hikes or cuddle. Being close will make him feel special and increase trust.


In conclusion, Pisces men are sensitive, imaginative, and deeply romantic, and they are turned on by emotional connection and intimacy. They also appreciate creativity, sensuality, and a partner who can nourish their soul and make them feel loved and appreciated.

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