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What To Text After Third Date?

The third date is a crucial milestone for any budding relationship. It’s a time when you’ve begun to get to know each other better, and you’re likely feeling more comfortable around each other.

But after the third date, it can be tricky to know what to say or text to keep the momentum going. If you’re wondering what to text a man after your third date, keep reading for some tips and ideas.

What to Text After a Third Date

You’ve had a third date and you’re sure the relationship is going great! Now’s the time to tell him how you feel. Not sure what to say? This article will give you some flirty and meaningful words for the perfect text.

Why following up after a third date is important

After a 3rd date, following up is key. It helps to know if you’re both on the same page and to decide the direction of the relationship.

Here are some things a woman can text her date after the 3rd date:

  • Option 1: “Had a great date last night! I think we have good chemistry. Let’s plan something for the weekend?”
  • Option 2: “Thanks for the fun night out. Enjoyed your company. Look forward to seeing you soon.”
  • Option 3: “Hope you got back home safe. Had a nice time. Let me know if you’re free next week to meet up.”
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Be positive and don’t be too pushy. Show interest in seeing them again but give them space to choose.

Pro Tip: Don’t wait too long to follow up. A timely and thoughtful message can help maintain the relationship’s momentum.

Factors to Consider Before Texting

Before sending a text post-third date, think of a few things:

  1. Firstly, check the vibe between you two. If the connection is strong and you both like each other, it can be a sweet sign to send a message. But, if there’s no strong connection, it’s probably best to not text.
  2. Be honest in your words and don’t overthink. Show appreciation and interest, and bring up topics from the date.
  3. Also, don’t rush. Wait a day or two before texting. This way, your message will be genuine, kind, and well-received.

Pro Tip: Instead of a text, call them. Show your interest and personality!

Common mistakes to Avoid while texting

Texting can be tricky – women should be careful when messaging after a third date. Here are some tips to make sure you don’t ruin a potential new relationship:

  • No clingy or needy texts.
  • Don’t text multiple times if there’s no response.
  • Say something fun and flirty – show your personality.
  • No forward or suggestive texts – be honest but not too pushy.
  • And don’t text too often – give him space to reach out.

By avoiding these mistakes, you’ll keep the conversation going. Pro tip: read your texts before sending, to make sure they convey the right message.

Crafting the Perfect Text

Third date done? You want to text him something special. Here’s how!

  1. Keep it simple. Keep the message clear and concise.
  2. Hint at a future date. Show him you’d like to see him again.
  3. Show appreciation. Let him know you had a great time.
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Now you know what to text him!

Start with a personalized compliment or message

Hey girl! It’s great that you’re texting him after the third date. A few tips for a perfect text message:

  1. Start with a personalized compliment. For instance, “I had a great time last night. You always make me laugh.
  2. Ask an open-ended question about something from the date. Like, “What’s the name of that book you mentioned? It sounded really interesting.
  3. Keep it light and casual. Don’t talk about things like exes or future plans.

Remember: The goal is to keep talking and build a connection. So don’t stress and just be yourself. Pro tip: If he doesn’t respond right away, it’s okay. He might be busy or not checking his phone. Give him time and don’t take it personally.

Be playful and flirtatious

Third date with someone special? It’s time to show your playful side in your texts! A text message is an excellent way to flirt and show your interest.

Here are some fun and flirtatious text message ideas for you to send:

  • I can’t stop thinking about your laugh last night!
  • I’m already counting down the hours until our next date!
  • I’m still laughing about that joke you told me last night.
  • You picked the perfect restaurant for our third date!
  • Plans this weekend? Fourth date? 😉

Keep the tone light and playful. Such texts will surely make your partner happy and looking forward to more time with you! Enjoy!

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End with an Invitation or suggestion for the next date

Writing the right text after a third date can be tricky. You need to find a balance between being flirty and too intense. Here are some great examples of what to text your guy after the third date:

  • “I had an awesome time last night, thank you for dinner. When can I see you again?”
  • “Can’t stop thinking about the date from last night. Would love to see you again soon!”
  • “Just wanted to say I had a great time last night. Hope to do it again soon.”

Remember, be honest and open. Gauge his enthusiasm and respond accordingly. If he hasn’t texted back, try not to worry. Give it a few days and suggest a new date. Whatever you do, stay true to yourself and your emotions.

Pro Tip: Make it fun and light, you’re trying to get to know each other in a relaxed manner, so don’t overthink it. Good luck!


In conclusion, the third date is an exciting time in any relationship, and it’s essential to keep the momentum going. By sending a thoughtful and engaging text message, you can show that you’re interested in getting to know him better and that you’re excited about where things are headed.

Whether it’s a simple “thanks for a great time” or a more detailed message about your thoughts and feelings, taking the time to send a message after your third date can help keep things moving forward. Remember to be yourself, be honest, and have fun!

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