what to bring to a guys house for a date

What To Bring To A Guys House For A Date?

So, you’ve got a date at a guy’s house, and you’re excited to make the most out of it! In this guide, I’ll be sharing valuable tips and thoughtful suggestions on what to bring for a date at a guy’s house, ensuring that you’re a welcome guest who makes a lasting impression.

Everyone appreciates thoughtful gestures, and being prepared for your home date can lead to a comfortable and fun experience. From pleasantly surprising your date to finding that perfect icebreaker, let’s dive into how you can make your date night even more special with a few well-chosen items.

Essentials to bring

Dating can be stressful! To ensure a great start to your date, come with a positive attitude and a few items. Here are some essentials for when you’re going to a guy’s house:

Breath mints or gum

Bringing essentials for a date at a guy’s house? Don’t forget the breath mints or gum! You never know when you’ll need fresh breath. Bad breath can be a major turn-off. Not sure which to choose? Here’s what to consider:


  • Quick burst of freshness
  • No chewing needed
  • Discreet


  • Lasts longer
  • Freshens teeth
  • Relaxes jaws

It’s all about personal preference. Choose what makes you feel comfortable and confident. Pro tip: Pick a brand with breath-freshening properties, and avoid overly sweet flavors that may turn off your date.

Hand sanitizer or wet wipes

When going on a date to a guy’s place, it is important to carry hand sanitizer and wet wipes. They both kill germs and bacteria in their own way. Hand sanitizer should have at least 60% alcohol for it to work. Wet wipes can clean surfaces but not hands, so use them for cleaning spills or messes.

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Essentials are important. Don’t over-pack or spend too much time thinking on what to bring – just pack light and focus on enjoying the moment!

Phone charger

A phone charger is a must-have when going on a date to a guy’s house. In case of an emergency, like getting lost or needing to make a call, your phone should have enough battery life. A phone charger brings peace of mind – it allows you to recharge your phone if needed, and stay connected. Plus, it displays preparedness and responsibility – attractive qualities!

Pro Tip: Bring a portable charger so you can charge your phone without finding an outlet.

Optional Items to Bring

A date can be thrilling! But it can also be intimidating. If you are meeting your date at their place, or going somewhere else, you may want to bring some things. Here are some optional items to consider bringing to a guy’s house:

Bottle of wine or craft beer

Bringing a bottle of wine or craft beer to a guy’s house for a date is a thoughtful idea. It can provide great fun too! Here are some tips to remember when choosing:

  • Do research. Find out what your date likes in terms of wine/beer and brands.
  • Consider the occasion. Pick a drink that matches the casual or formal vibe.
  • Don’t forget the presentation. Put it in a nice bag or box.

Goal: Have fun and enjoy each other’s company while sipping the beverage.

Pro tip: Ask your date if there’s anything he’d like you to bring. It shows you care about his preferences.

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Snacks or dessert

Tough decision when it comes to bringing food for a guy’s house for a date: snacks or dessert? Depends on the time and date length.

Casual daytime? Chips, dip or charcuterie board can break the ice and keep conversation going.

Dinner or longer evening hangout? Cookies, brownies or fruit platter will be a sweet way to end the night.

Consider date preferences. Ask if they have dietary restrictions or favorite snacks.

Pro tip: Unsure? Ask date for suggestions or offer to cook together. Fun and creative way to spend time and get to know tastes.

A board game or card game

Make your date night unique and exciting with a board or card game! Ensure both you and your partner will enjoy it. Here are some great options:

  • Catan – Build settlements, trade resources with 2-4 players. Fun and easy to learn.
  • Codenames – Give one-word clues to guess secret identities of spies from a field of words. Thrilling!
  • Ticket to Ride – Build train routes across North America. Simple, yet challenging.
  • Uno – A classic card game, just two players needed.

Don’t forget the snacks and drinks! Best of luck and have fun!

Items Not to Bring

On a date at a guy’s place? Be aware of what you bring! It’s key to bring items that make your date comfy. But there are certain things that you must avoid bringing. Here’s a list of these items you should never take to a guy’s house!

Don’t bring your own meal

When going on a date at your guy’s house, don’t bring your own meal. It can be seen as rude. Instead, take a gift or treat to show appreciation. Ideas include: wine, his favorite beer, a small dessert, flowers, and a potted plant. Make sure to communicate dietary restrictions and preferences in advance. Offer to help with cooking or bring any ingredients needed. This will show you are thoughtful and willing to put in the effort.

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Don’t bring gifts

When you’re off on a date to a guy’s house, remember not to bring along a gift. It could seem polite, but it could also be interpreted as too forward or controlling. Plus, the stress of him having to return the favor could make things uncomfortable.

Here are some other items you can bring:

  • A bottle of his preferred wine or beer (if you know his tastes).
  • Snacks or a dessert to share.
  • A board game or movie (with his permission first).

Most importantly, be yourself and have a great time. So, don’t be nervous, have fun, and let the chemistry between the two of you develop naturally.

Don’t bring extra friends or pets.

When going on a date with a guy, don’t bring any pals or pets. Just you two – that’s it! Extra people or animals will be a major distractor and make you seem rude.

Instead, bring things to make the date better. Wine, snacks, a board game, or a blanket – whatever suits you. The aim is to have fun without any unneeded diversions.

Pro Tip: Ask your guy what his plans are before the date. That way, you can bring items that fit those plans.


Now that you have some terrific suggestions on hand, you’ll be able to create an enjoyable and unforgettable date night in the comfort of his home. These thoughtfully curated items will not only show your genuine interest in the date but also foster a warm connection between the two of you.

With the right balance of preparation and spontaneity, your time together will be even more memorable. So, pack your bag and get ready for a fantastic date night that may just be the beginning of many more magical moments to come.

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