what tarot card represents aquarius

What Tarot Card Represents Aquarius?

You Aquarius? Looking for more insight into your future? Tarot cards here to help! Unlock secrets of your zodiac sign. Discover which card represents your sun signAquarius. Gain deeper understanding of yourself. Explore paths that bring more joy and fulfillment. Look no further!

Introduction to Aquarius & Tarot

Aquarius is the 11th zodiac sign. It’s known for its independent and visionary nature. It’s symbolized by the Water Bearer from Greek mythology who brings life-nurturing water to earth. Aquarians are ethical and seek knowledge. They often have an interest in Tarot reading and divination.

The Star card is the best Tarot card for Aquarians. It represents limitless potential and encourages optimism. Other cards associated with this sign are The Ace of Swords, The Chariot, and The Moon. The Ace of Swords symbolizes action, The Chariot denotes successful journeys, and The Moon foretells inner reflection.

Aquarius Archetype & Tarot

Aquarius, the Water-Bearer, is the 11th sign of the zodiac. The Tarot’s traditional card for Aquarius is The Star. This card is ruled by the number 17 – a number connected to wisdom and spiritual understanding. It brings us back down to earth and offers hope in tough times.

The Rider-Waite representation of The Star shows a woman pouring water from two jugs into a pool. One jug holds fresh spiritual water from Angels, the other holds salty regret from past mistakes. Aquarians are often looked to for their caring attentions when life feels difficult.

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The glyph of Aquarius is two opposing waves as one. This symbolizes a receptivity and surrendering power. This allows those connected to her compassion to connect to all that exists. Balance is important, though. Aquarians can feel overwhelmed and retreat or bury themselves. Remember your place in the community and make positive changes.

The Star Tarot Card & Aquarius

The Star card of the Tarot deck is a perfect match for the air sign Aquarius. It symbolizes hope and suggests that divine help will be given despite adversities. It aligns with Aquarius’s progressive ideas and wishes. The Star encourages us to remember that success, happiness and significant advances come from making contact with incorporeal forces of life. This resonates deeply with Aquarius.

The imagery on The Star card is elaborate. A naked woman stands next to a pool, holding two vessels. One is filled with water she pours onto the pool. The other is filled with seven stars that she is pouring into the sky. Two pets lay at her feet – a dog for stability and a bird for peace. Above her are seven more stars forming a portal into another realm.

The numerical value of The Star is seventeen. This is the sum of all Major Arcana cards. This reinforces its symbolism of enlightenment and hope. Like Aquarius, this card encourages us to look up to something more noble and stay focused on our goals. After revealing our hidden potential, we can accomplish anything – just like Aquarians!

The Moon Tarot Card & Aquarius

The Moon tarot card symbolizes Aquarius, one of the astrological signs. It stands for psychic and intuitive power, soul searching, enlightenment and creative vision. This card is linked to intuition, spirituality and wisdom. Aquarians go on a journey to find their true identity.

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The symbolism of the Moon card reflects Aquarius’ mysterious nature. It features a giant wolf, symbolizing instinctive and primal behavior. There’s also a crayfish dipping into an unknown ocean, representing the search for deeper meaning and emotional intelligence.

Underneath a full moon, these two alter egos face each other to gain strength. This is where our hero discovers their best self. The card symbolizes knowledge accessed through intuition. It encourages us to leave behind needs that lead to an easy life – and embrace change, hope, and light. Aquarian energy allows us to do this most effectively.

The Sun Tarot Card & Aquarius

Aquarius is an air sign. It’s known for independent thinkers who break away from society’s norms. The Sun Tarot Card is connected to this sign. It symbolizes a newfound confidence and joyous happiness. This is perfect for Aquarius, as it shows a new burst of life and enthusiasm for life. This card also suggests calculated risks that bring rewards and creativity from inspiration. All of these qualities fit in well with Aquarian thinking.

The Tower Tarot Card & Aquarius

The Tower card is associated with Aquarius. It signifies both an ending and a new beginning, symbolizing the need to leave old patterns and behavior behind. In an Aquarius reading, this card could show that an Aquarian is facing disruption in order to grow. The number of the Tower Tarot card is 16 – two eight symbols representing feminine and masculine energy as well as manifestation or sacrifice.

The Tower offers valuable insight into our ability to grow when faced with upheaval. When using tarot cards to analyze an Aquarian, The Tower could signify hard life lessons. However, if faced courageously, these lessons will bring transformation. With its strong imagery and symbolism, the Tower card can give guidance on how to manage unexpected changes.

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Other Tarot Cards & Aquarius

Aquarius is a complex sign. So, many tarot cards can relate to it. The Star card is usually linked to Aquarius. Other cards may be relevant, depending on the context & deck.

The Ace of Swords stands for strong convictions and intellectual rigidity – qualities seen in Aquarians. The King of Swords symbolizes mental acuity & independence.

The Fool card reflects Aquarius’ disregard for societal norms, no matter the consequences.

The Howling Wolf card indicates Aquarius’ ability to transform. The Chariot tarot card speaks of Aquarius’ dedication to mastering challenges without asking for help.

Lastly, Justice (for fairness in relationships) and The Sun (for illumination of thought & mind) are Tarot cards with relevance for Aquarians.

Summary & Conclusion

The Star is the tarot card that most closely relates to Aquarius. This card from the Major Arcana of the Tarot Deck symbolizes hope, renewal and inspiration.

Aquarius is represented by a water bearer pouring out two unequal jugs of water. Along the water’s path, five alighted stars shine, signifying faith and insight.

The Star reflects the inner strength of an Aquarian’s vision. This can help them move forward in life. Once they overcome any inner struggles or uncertainties, they can take the opportunity to make something meaningful out of their life – just as the stars in The Star card travel an unknown course.

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