what is scorpio moon attracted to

What Is Scorpio Moon Attracted To?

The Scorpio Moon is a powerful astrological force. It can be a great help in understanding love, relationships and attraction. As a Scorpio Moon, I know how our mysterious and passionate energy can shape our dating lives.

In this piece, I’ll investigate what Scorpio Moons are attracted to. Values, physical chemistry and more will be discussed. Let’s get started!

What is a Scorpio Moon

The Moon is connected with our inner thoughts, feelings, and emotions. It symbolizes an individual’s nurturing nature, as well as their ability to feel secure in relationships. When we discuss a Scorpio Moon sign, there are several characteristics that show up in their personality – intense, passionate, secretive, and mysterious.

To understand a Scorpio Moon sign, we must consider their energy. They’re often drawn to passion, whether romantic or platonic. They love having meaningful conversations, which can range from reality-changing subjects to everyday events. Anything where they feel their opinion matters and they can explore further.

What is a Moon Sign

The Scorpio Moon is a mysterious and passionate sign. It resides in the Scorpion part of the zodiac and can explain our deepest needs. This sign is alluring, intense, soulful, complex and powerful. It’s attractive to many people – for its mystery and sensitivity.

A Scorpio Moon is drawn to partners with similar interests, but different opinions. They love discussing books, ideologies and creative ambitions. The emotion most important to them is trust. This allows them to feel secure and content.

Scorpio Moon Attraction

Scorpio Moon? You’re in luck! Intensity and mystery… Yes, please! Exploring new experiences is your jam. You crave intensity mentally and emotionally. Uncovering the hidden side of things and people? That too! Connecting deeply with someone? That’s an absolute must!

Scorpio Moon’s Attraction to Intensity

As a Scorpio Moon, I am drawn to intensity and mystery. I look for it in conversations, stories, and emotion. Even in everyday moments like eye contact and hugs, I can sense when feelings run deep.

I need someone who keeps me on my toes. Someone edgy that challenges me to think differently, pushing me to try new things and face fears. I don’t need someone in their comfort zone, I need adventure and growth. That means stimulating experiences, but not too overwhelming.

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Humor is important. It’s a relief from daily stresses and adds spontaneity to the day-to-day routine.

Scorpio Moon’s Attraction to Mystery

My Scorpio Moon draws me to mystery. I love exploring the depths of someone’s character. It’s like going on an unknown journey.

I’m naturally curious and my Scorpio Moon fuels my adventures, especially in relationships. I’m drawn to this sign’s power as if it’s a captivating spell. Being under its influence reminds me why it’s important to keep certain things hidden from others.

When I’m facing the unknown, my Scorpio Moon helps me look for answers that other people may not consider. It gives me access to secret locations and situations that titillate me with new information known only by few.

Scorpio Moon’s Attraction to Emotional Depth

As a Scorpio moon, I’m captivated by someone’s ability to express deep emotion. I’m drawn to those with an enigmatic aura and the courage to share their innermost secrets. Furthermore, I’m attracted to people with vivid imaginations, who can contemplate topics from various angles.

I’m also incredibly attracted to those with a wild streak; those who don’t fear defying authority and communicating with conviction and honesty. I want someone who will reject social conventions and follow their own path, no matter where it leads.

Moreover, I’m irresistibly drawn to interesting stories my partner can tell me. Stories that show their strength and courage, such as overcoming physical or mental obstacles or standing up against injustice. Scorpio moons know these tales are a sign of resilience! Whatever my partner’s journey is, it will create a spiritual connection when we meet.

Signs Most Compatible With Scorpio Moon

Are you a Scorpio moon? You might be more intuitive than other Scorpios! You may be attracted to passionate people who share your intensity. Interested in finding out which signs you will be compatible with? No need to look further! We will discuss the signs that are likely to be most compatible with a Scorpio moon.

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Cancer Moon

I’m a Scorpio Moon, so I’m particularly attracted to Cancer Moons. Our intense emotions and deep feelings make for a strong, lasting relationship.

Cancer Moons are committed, loyal, and faithful. Plus, they’re intuitive and sensitive, which helps me trust them. Also, they are always there to offer comfort and security – that’s something my Scorpio Moon really appreciates.

Though they can be a bit clingy, Cancer Moons make compromises – a big plus for me. Plus, their open-heartedness means our bond will stay strong throughout tough times. On top of that, they’re romantic and love showing affection. If you’re looking for someone who’ll go the extra mile, a Cancer Moon is a great choice!

Capricorn Moon

Capricorn Moon and Scorpio Moon have a lot in common. Both signs are practical, hardworking and like security. In relationships, Capricorn Moon is attracted to Scorpio Moon’s ambition and drive. Capricorn Moon’s outgoingness complements Scorpio’s passion. This Earth/Water connection creates energetic tension, but can also bring understanding.

Scorpio Moon will likely find a good companion in a Capricorn Moon, especially when it comes to long-term commitments. Having similar goals and ambitions is the best basis for success between these two.

Taurus Moon

People with Taurus Moon are loyal and reliable, a trait that Scorpio Moon finds attractive. Both have a preference for stability over taking risks, in relationships and financially. Scorpio Moon loves deep conversations and discovering the obscure, while Taurus Moon admires their intuitive nature. They also hold similar values when it comes to home life, friendship, and material possessions.

However, Scorpio Moon can discourage risk-taking by pointing out potential dangers, which clashes with Taurus Moons’ eagerness to try something new. Additionally, Scorpios deep understanding of emotions can be overwhelming for the more straightforward Taurus Moon. A relationship between these two signs can work if they both make an effort to respect each other’s differences. If a balance between their decision-making authority and exploration of the unknown is achieved, then they can create an inspiring partnership that allows each of them to reach maturity through learning from one another.

Signs Least Compatible With Scorpio Moon

People with Scorpio Moon in their natal charts have a passionate, intense and secretive way of looking at relationships. They want a deep, meaningful connection. They can be very opinionated. But, there are some signs that don’t mix well with Scorpio Moon. This article will look at those signs and suggest how to handle these relationships.

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Aries Moon

Scorpio Moon people take relationships seriously. Feelings and emotions are vital in their inner life. They look for loyalty and commitment. Not all astrological signs are a great match for them. One of them is Aries Moon.

Aries Moon people often don’t understand Scorpios’ emotions. Aries is direct and wants things to move quickly, while Scorpio likes to take time. Aries’ attention can overwhelm a Scorpio. Also, Aries is independent and doesn’t like being controlled too much.

Although an Aries Moon/Scorpio Moon relationship can work, it’s best to avoid going further. Compromising and communicating openly is key.

Gemini Moon

The Scorpio moon is mysterious and intense. However, it does not mix well with the energy of Gemini moon. Gemini’s lightheartedness does not understand the secluded Scorpio energy. Plus, Gemini craves freedom, and Scorpio needs intensity and commitment. These differences usually clash, so it’s best to keep things platonic.

But, with understanding and patience, these two can still learn from each other. As long as both parties put in the effort to communicate, they can co-exist harmoniously:

  • Understand each other’s need for freedom and intensity.
  • Be patient with each other.
  • Communicate openly and honestly.

Sagittarius Moon

Scorpio Moon, an earth sign, loves to feel connected and secure with a partner. But, the airy vibes from Sagittarius Moon can be too unpredictable. Sagittarius Moons want freedom, while Scorpio Moons need stability. This opposition can cause problems. Yet, these two signs can bring out the best in each other. Patience, understanding and compromise are needed.

Scorpio Moon gets adventure, and Sagittarius Moon gets guidance. It may take more effort than other combinations, but if given a chance, they could learn from each other and form an exciting connection!


Scorpio Moon is captivated by those they can trust. Ones with loyalty, dependability, and strength are especially alluring. Security is valued above all else. If a partner has that, plus openness and vulnerability, Scorpio Moon will undoubtedly be drawn in for a deeper connection. To have a strong bond, it’s essential to have mutual understanding and trust.

Scorpio Moon loves the unique connections they share, including those in romance. But, the most unforgettable bonds come from taking risks in love.

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