what happens when you ignore a gemini man

What Happens When You Ignore A Gemini Man?

Love and relationships? Not an easy task! Knowing the consequences of ignoring a Gemini man should be taken seriously. Here’s my personal experience of attempting to comprehend a Gemini man, plus some tips to keep away from ignoring a Gemini man when troubles come up:

What is a Gemini Man

A Gemini man is a guy who loves to explore. He is wise, witty and full of surprises. His mind is always abuzz, and his enthusiasm for life makes him enjoyable to be around. He’s intelligent, intuitive and determined to succeed. So, if you want someone to help you reach your goals or debate with you, he’s the one!

But he can also have fun! He loves being with others, has a great sense of humor and loves a night out. Just beware: neglecting him can have bad results. It can insult his intelligence and make him feel unvalued – not a good outcome!

What Happens When You Ignore a Gemini Man

Ignoring a Gemini man? Easy, but watch out! This air sign is flighty and can be hard to predict. What happens when you ignore this man? Read on to find out! Plus, learn proper ways to respond to a Gemini man.

He Becomes Distant

Ignoring a Gemini man will make him distant. He loves attention and being active. He can feel anxious, confused and rejected if you give him the cold shoulder. It depends on his life experience and communication skills if he will understand why you’re rejecting him.

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When confronted with this silent treatment, he’ll think something is wrong in your relationship. Unless you talk to him, he won’t be able to figure it out.

If nothing is done, he’ll start feeling isolated. This can make him doubt your loyalty. He needs to talk it out to figure things out. So, it’s best to:

  • Talk to him as soon as possible to understand each other better.

He Becomes Moody

Ignoring a Gemini man has an impact. If he has strong feelings for you, it’s even greater. Geminis are known for switching topics quickly in conversations. But, when you ignore him, his moods change drastically. He’ll feel hurt and vulnerable, like a wounded animal. Your cold approach will make him sad and depressed. He’ll be very sensitive to your attitude. Anyone who pushes too hard or criticizes will be met with silence.

To sum up, ignoring a Gemini man can have long-lasting, emotionally damaging effects.

He May Become Aggressive

Ignore a Gemini man and he might get aggressive. He may flirt with others or do things that annoy you, to make you jealous. The Gemini man often doesn’t show his true feelings. He might be deeply hurt if he gets too angry.

Don’t let him draw you into his tactics. Stay true to yourself and be patient. Don’t change your behavior or let the relationship distract you from your own goals.

How to Handle Ignoring a Gemini Man

Ignoring a Gemini man can be tough. Respect his need for space, and it may just be the key to success. Want to know the effects of ignoring him? Read on! This article reveals what happens when you ignore a Gemini man and how to manage the situation.

Talk to Him About Your Feelings

If you want to get a Gemini man’s attention by ignoring him, start by talking to him about your feelings. Let him know that you’re taking time for yourself, not ignoring him. Being honest will help build a connection between you.

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Tell him it’s ok if he needs some space or time away from you. Assure him that when he’s ready, the door will be open. Offer him encouragement, as Geminis can be easily discouraged. Remind him how much you appreciate and are grateful for him. This will help during this period of temporary separation, as well as any differences between you.

Give Him Time to Cool Off

Ignore a Gemini man? Step away! Give him space to cool off. Geminis communicate well, but they also like alone time. They are curious and explore possibilities. Allow him to work through his feelings.

This is a good time for self-care. Seek advice or take a break from the relationship.

Show Him You Care

Ye be tempted to ignore a Gemini man’s behavior if ye don’t get the attention ye desire, but ’tis not the best thing to do. Geminis be independent and showin’ too much care can make them frustrated.

Show him ye care by followin’ up after dates or get-togethers. Let him know ye enjoyed his company and respect his need for space. A simple text or phone call can make a Gemini man feel appreciated, yet still keep your respect for his boundaries.


When it comes to a Gemini man, ignoring him is risky. Use your judgment to determine what’s best for the relationship. Ignoring him could bring you closer or drive him away. Weigh out the good and bad, and think about what decision works for you.

Ignoring a Gemini man can be difficult, but it is important to remember that communication is key.

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Dating a Gemini man can be tricky. Ignoring him might work, but for long-term success, you need to communicate. Geminis need attention, freedom and validation. Being cold won’t make them stay, as they crave entertainment and love.

To get their attention, you must express yourself honestly. Let them know how you feel. They are strong communicators, but also sensitive souls.

Ignoring a Gemini man may seem like an easy way to get his interest. However, it can lead to trouble if he feels neglected or alone. Communication is key. Honesty is the best way to build a relationship with a Gemini.

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