what do guys think of a funny girl

What Do Guys Think Of A Funny Girl?

Girls with a funny bone have the upper hand in relationships. A gal who can crack a joke can brighten a gloomy atmosphere, keep conversations lively and make her partner feel heard.

So, what’s the verdict? I’m checking out what real guys think and what the professionals say.

Do Guys Like Funny Girls?

Do guys like funny girls? Many women ponder this; yet, oftentimes, getting a direct answer is difficult. Humor is undeniably attractive, but sometimes it can be overdone. Herein, we’ll investigate what men think of a female who can make them laugh, as well as some advice on how to employ your humor to capture the interest of someone you admire.

Benefits of Being a Funny Girl

Relationships can benefit from a funny person! Who doesn’t like to be with someone who can make them laugh? Guys like it when someone knows how to crack jokes. Being confident and self-aware is attractive too. Showing spunk, agility, and style in conversations keeps them entertaining. And timing your comedic remarks is key – no one likes someone who is obnoxious or cheesy.

Joking around can help keep a relationship strong. It lets both partners feel heard and respected during a conversation or argument. Plus everyone enjoys a good laugh without needing slapstick comedy!

The Negative Aspects of Being a Funny Girl

Humor is a great way to have fun and make relationships. Some guys find funny girls attractive. But there are some downsides to being a funny girl. Let’s go through them:

  1. She usually has her own plan. She might use humor to hide awkwardness or to get what she wants. This could lead to miscommunications in relationships.
  2. Her jokes might be too harsh sometimes. This is particularly true if she uses jokes to criticize others. It might be seen as rude or unkind. It can be hard to tell if she is joking or not.
  3. If the humor does not hit the mark, it will backfire on her. People might think she is not funny or insensitive. This could make people not like her.
  4. For serious conversations and tender moments, funny girls might not be the best fit. If she relies too much on humor, she might not be able to handle serious topics.
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These are the cons of being a funny girl. If you want advice on how to handle these situations better, talk to someone who knows you well. They can give you advice tailored to you.

What Guys Appreciate About Funny Girls

Who doesn’t appreciate a girl with a good sense of humor? Most men agree it’s an attractive trait. Humor can make date night enjoyable! Plus, it can signal intelligence and a zest for life. What do guys think when they meet a funny lady? Let’s discover!

Sense of Humor

Humor is an attractive quality for men seeking mates. Men often find funny girls attractive and connected. Humor shows intelligence, confidence, and creativity. A girl who can joke without getting offended makes her easy-going and classy.

When trying jokes on men, be sure to give him the spotlight too. Show him you care by checking in on him. Let him know he matters. Appreciate both his physical and intellectual side.


Just ’cause you’re a funny girl, doesn’t mean you gotta be the center of attention all the time. With guys, moderation is key. Guys like it when a gal knows how to laugh in a confident way. A funny girl who can recognize a joke, without feeling the need to retell or top it, shows she’s got her self-esteem in check.

Same goes for those girls who make subtle, playful jabs rather than putting themselves down. When you come off sure of yourself, guys take notice and are drawn in by your charm and wit. Plus, you appear more real and dependable than other girls, who always seem to be searching for male validation through getting laughs and admiration. Guys respect women who carry themselves with assurance. These relationships usually last; guys don’t want someone playing emotional games with their heart, they’re too busy having fun with yours!

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Funny girls have superb skills to be noticed in a crowd. Men admire funny women since it indicates they are smart and amusing. A funny girl can make witty jokes, whether planned or impromptu talks that keep conversations fascinating, engaging, and enjoyable. This also implies that she has the ability to think fast and be creative – making her alluring as a total package of being clever and humorously sarcastic.

What Guys Don’t Like About Funny Girls

Being the funny girl is awesome. Yet, some guys may not be into it. Everyone loves humor, but too much of a good thing can be a turn-off. So, what exactly do guys not like about funny girls? Let’s find out!


When it comes to funny girls, guys might not be into overconfidence. We often like people who are sure of themselves, but humor can easily become too much. If you always need the last word, or try to outwit every conversation, this may come off as conceited.

Before you start making jokes or riffing, pay attention to how you come across. Is it witty banter, or a battle of wits? Check your partner’s reactions, and see if they are still enjoying it, or if they’re uncomfortable.

Too Much Joking

When it comes to funny girls, dudes can be confused about how to react. On one hand, she can bring a lot of energy to the talk. But if she takes it too far, it could get grating. Guys don’t mind funny girls; it’s more that they don’t want someone who doesn’t know when to stop with the jokes, even in serious moments. This can make her seem immature and not show her real personality. Plus, some men find that having a sarcastic sense of humor often comes with a sort of hostility – not attractive!

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There are other things guys might not like about funny girls – like she might cover up her true emotions with her jokes. While these emotions could be expressed through humor, it’s hard for a guy to understand them without clarity – this can lead to arguments or frustration. For example, if he says something she disagrees with, she might respond with sarcasm, instead of saying why it bothers her. Lastly, people often use humor to avoid awkwardness; this leads to too much wit, and too few meaningful conversations. Not something any man wants!

Too Much Flirting

When it comes to funny girls, some guys have issues. They can be attractive when they are clever, but being flirtatious with every man in the room? That can send off red flags. Even if she is not interested, the attention can make some guys feel insecure or uncomfortable.

Also, if a funny girl talks about being single or open to relationships but doesn’t take any action, it can get tiring. This behavior gives off the impression she is not serious about finding someone special.

When looking for something real, many guys want to see that the girl is taking steps toward finding a committed relationship. Not just hinting at it when entertaining people with her jokes.


Guys dig a funny girl! She’s a real catch. She can make her guy laugh, lighten things up and help him relax. Dull days turn fun when she’s around. Plus, her good sense of humor can help her guy come out of his shell. It’s safe to be silly and goofy in her presence.

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