how to play hard to get with a scorpio

How To Play Hard To Get With A Scorpio?

Playing hard to get – not a great plan when it comes to Scorpios! These passionate and intense people want someone who’s keen on them. Want to make an impression? Read on for advice on how to create a successful relationship with a Scorpio.

Understanding Scorpios

Playing hard to get with a Scorpio? It’s vital to comprehend their emotions. Scorpios can be intense, passionate, and loyal. But they are also secretive and sensitive. To play hard to get with them, understanding their personality is key. This article will explain what you need to know about Scorpios.

The Scorpio personality

Scorpios are mysterious, guarded and captivating. They don’t easily open up to others and expect the same in return. If you want to draw a Scorpio, be as mysterious as them! Keep them guessing.

Scorpios are self-sufficient and need space. They are loyal and devoted. To make an everlasting impression, show your commitment.

Scorpios have a powerful aura. To get their attention, play hard to get! Show independence, aloofness and charm. Don’t manipulate them, just be yourself and keep some mystery. Then, when they finally decide you are worth the effort, it will be a wonderful connection!

The Scorpio’s need for passion and intensity

A Scorpio loves passion and intensity in a relationship more than anything else. Anything not intense enough won’t do. They need powerful and rewarding experiences. It’s all about connecting emotionally and intellectually. Without this, they may become bored or uninterested.

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To keep a Scorpio interested, strive for depth in conversations and interactions. If you want to play hard-to-get with them, be warned – they need an intense amount of attention. If you’re after short-term fun, playing hard-to-get may work. But if it’s something serious you want, then you need to turn up the heat and show your commitment through intense passion!

Playing Hard to Get

Playing hard-to-get with a Scorpio? Go for it! They love the thrill of the chase. To do it right, understand their behavior and motivations. Here’s how:

  • Gain their attention.
  • Come after them. It’s sure to work!

Scorpios are passionate souls.

Give subtle hints of interest

Scorpios love a challenge. Playing hard to get is the key! Show interest with subtle hints. Text jokes or sexy selfies to flirt. Compliment them and mention their looks. Just don’t be too desperate. Use body language, like eye contact and smiles. Touch their arm and give long hugs. These small acts will show that you are interested in more than friendship. So, Scorpios won’t have to guess your intentions.

Be mysterious and unpredictable

For a Scorpio, a bit of mystery and uncertainty can make them go wild. Even if you’re an open book in other relationships, it’s best to keep them guessing. Do not be too predictable or easy to read. Sometimes give them the cold shoulder, and other times be full of affection. This push-and-pull dynamic will make things more interesting.

However, don’t let playing hard to get become the norm, as it could be interpreted as disinterest on your part, and drive away the Scorpio.

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Don’t be too available

Scorpios need to be careful with how available they make themselves to potential partners. Too much availability can backfire, because Scorpios are known for wanting control and mystery.

People are attracted to those who have an air of mystery. Being a bit less available or unavailable sometimes creates tension that makes potential partners interested in you. Don’t give away your attention and loyalty so quickly; let them earn it.

For example, if someone texts you about meeting up, take a few days to reply. This shows you’re not into games. It also shows that your time is valuable. Scorpios appreciate this. The tension will keep them curious about your life and make them work harder for your attention.

Keeping the Scorpio Interested

Playing hard to get with a Scorpio can be tricky. They are born charmers and prefer to be chased. If you appear too keen, they’ll quickly lose interest. To maintain their curiosity, be mysterious! Add a touch of surprise to your conversations.

To learn more about captivating a Scorpio, keep reading!

Don’t be too distant

Scorpios need to feel connected. Pulling away too much can make them think you don’t care. Balance is key. Don’t be alone too much or they’ll feel neglected.

Don’t be too clingy either! Scorpios need independence. Listen and be flexible without sacrificing your needs. Don’t overwhelm them with affection or messages. That could have the opposite effect.

Show your passion and intensity

As a Scorpio, relationships are my passion. I seek the same from my partner. Show your intensity when with me. Ask questions about me instead of talking about yourself. Show enthusiasm for my projects, even if you don’t share my interests. Your excitement counts! While some Scorpios like to shower their partners with gifts, true connection and interest in activities is what matters most.

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Give them space to miss you

To make a Scorpio miss you, give them their space. Respect that they need time on their own. Showing them you can be independent is attractive. Taking breaks from each other lets your bond progress naturally.

Prove that you still think of each other when apart. Absence will make their heart grow fonder!


Playing hard to get? A good plan to keep a Scorpio interested. Do it with care though, no one likes seeming uninterested. If you can show that you won’t be taken for granted, but still let the Scorpio chase you; you’ve found a good balance. Both parties should benefit from the relationship for it to work.

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