how to hurt a cancer man emotionally

How To Hurt A Cancer Man Emotionally?

Greeting, Elizabeth Adams here. I’m an expert in the realm of dating, relationships, and astrology. In this article, I’ll shed light on the inner personality of a Cancer man and provide tips on ways to hurt him emotionally.

Knowing the psychology of the Crab is essential to comprehending the best way to hurt him; because Cancer men are directed by the heart, their emotional state can be easily affected when their sentiments are hurt. That said, there are many approaches you can use which can be damaging to your Cancer man’s emotional wellbeing.

Before we start discussing strategies for hurting a Cancer man emotionally, it’s critical to understand what kind of person he is at the core. Despite his sometimes tough outer shell – often utilized as a defense mechanism against people taking advantage of him or disregarding his feelings – the Cancer man holds loyalty in relationships both romantic and platonic in high regard.

He’s also incredibly tender-hearted and generous; although it might take some time for them to get comfortable enough to show off their kind side, it’s definitely there once he’s relaxed enough to show you that side of himself. He desires for you to value all his efforts but hates being taken advantage of; as such, he needs confirmation that his actions are appreciated and not just used for convenience’s sake.

Understanding the Cancer Man

If you’d like to grasp the emotions of a Cancer man, it’s key to analyze them deeper. A Cancer man is sensitive, caring and reliable. They crave comfort and reassurance more than most other star signs. Additionally, they have a soft heart which is usually misunderstood.

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To hurt a Cancer man emotionally, it’s vital to identify the core of their being.

His Characteristics

The Cancer man is a gentle soul. He doesn’t mean to hurt others. To understand him, you must know his core values. He seeks harmony with himself and those around him.

His character is determined. He strives for success but takes breaks when needed. He feels deeply and will become attached easily. But if too much emotion arises, he’ll withdraw.

Anybody wanting to hurt him emotionally should remember that manipulation or lies will be hard for him to handle. Playing with his feelings can end badly.

His Needs

Understanding how to hurt a Cancer man emotionally is key. Cancers need security, stability, and dependability in relationships. They want a warm and loving home life. They express their emotions and need someone who understands them. If they don’t get this, they become vulnerable.

When attempting to hurt a Cancer man emotionally, it’s important to know they’re sensitive and rely on their feelings. One wrong move or comment can cause deep wounds that take weeks or months to recover from. The pain may not surface right away, although the Cancer may seem indifferent.

How to Hurt a Cancer Man Emotionally

Hurting a Cancer man emotionally is no easy task. They have deep emotions and this won’t be simple. But, if you know how to, it’s possible. Here we’ll discuss the ways to do it and what to watch out for:

  • Understand the Cancer man’s personality.
  • Be aware of his emotions and feelings.
  • Be honest and open about your feelings.
  • Avoid criticizing him.
  • Don’t be manipulative or controlling.
  • Be aware of his triggers.
  • Don’t be too clingy or needy.
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Ignore His Feelings

Ignoring a Cancer man’s feelings can be devastating. They are emotional, sensitive and have complex thoughts. When their feelings are disregarded, it suggests that their emotional health is not important. Also, it implies that they can’t be secure with you – as if they must be careful with their words or else be overlooked or unheard.

This might lead to the Cancer man building walls, and ceasing to express himself. Any strong emotions expressed by your Cancer partner should always be listened to attentively and with interest – without neglecting them or dismissing them as “too much”.

Moreover, try not to make decisions independently of him – which is another sign of neglecting his opinion. Even small matters, like what restaurant to go to for dinner, should be discussed together. Show him he is valued in your relationship, in all areas including decision-making and conversations about serious topics.

Make him Feel Unimportant

Cancer men need to feel appreciated and important. To hurt them, belittle their thoughts and ideas or ignore their contributions. Refuse compliments or attempts at courting you. Express apathy when they share personal details. Act distant and uninvolved when talking one on one.

Money is important to Cancer men, so don’t devalue their success. Focus on negative traits in your partner. Criticize opinions and make them doubt their abilities as a lover/friend. Show disregard for things that matter to them, like family and home. Avoid quality time together or express disapproval of their interactions with those close to them.

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Don’t Respect His Boundaries

Want to hurt a Cancer man emotionally? Ignore their boundaries. They give respect, so expect the same. Do this and their world will turn upside down. Even strong Cancers can’t stand it. They may push away those they love, or become distant. Prolonged disrespect can cause depression and even suicidal thoughts. So don’t go there.


Hurting a Cancer man emotionally can be very painful. They’re sensitive and vulnerable, so healing may take time. Still, it’s important to be honest with your feelings. Connecting emotionally is key for a relationship with a Cancer man. Take the time to understand and listen to them. This way, the bond will stay strong, no matter what.

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