how do libra men handle breakups

How Do Libra Men Handle Breakups?

Ending a relationship? Not easy, especially for those with a Libra zodiac sign. Been there, done that. This article looks into the ways Libra men handle breakups and why. Plus, tips for Libra men on dealing with heartache. Also, advice for folks supporting a Libra man through a breakup.

Overview of Libra men

As a Libra man, ending a relationship is hard. They want long-term relationships and need patience and understanding. When possible, they look for creative solutions so they don’t have to make a decision.

But when no options remain, Libra men are diplomatic and still keep communication open. Aiming for rational thinking and understanding, they weigh the positives and negatives before deciding.

Their compassionate nature makes it hard for them to hurt anyone, so they express themselves honestly but with care. Even after breakups, they don’t withdraw from society and stay connected with friends and family. To understand Libra men and have positive outcomes, care and compassion are essential.

Libra Men and Breakups

Breakups are rough. But, what a Libra man does during one can tell you a lot. If you’re dating a Libra man and want to know how he’ll act during a breakup – read this article. Here, I’ll tell you the typical signs of a Libra man going through a breakup and how to manage it.

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How Libra men handle breakups

Libra men can struggle when it comes to breakups. They need to feel balanced and struggle to find fairness in the split. They look for external sources or excuses that can help make the split amicable.

Libra men often attempt to find logical solutions to the difficult situation they are in. This push-pull between needing closure and wanting to make amends can be overwhelming.

Why do Libra men take time? It’s likely due to their avoidance strategies. They need balance within the partnership before closure can be achieved. Libra men feel the internal struggle of letting go versus trying to remain attached, which is why it can take them longer than other signs to handle breakups.

Libra men’s emotional reactions to breakups

A Libra man’s initial reaction to a breakup may be confusion. He tends to think things through. He won’t focus on the emotions or feelings for long. His response will depend on how he feels about the decision.

If it was mutual, not much distress is involved. But if he was blindsided, his response will be different. Librans may mask their true feelings and still suffer when they are hurt.

The need for balance in relationships helps them look at both sides of an argument objectively. This allows them to look fearlessly into their own mind and heart. This can be healing and liberating for their future relationships.

Libra men’s coping mechanisms

Break-ups can be tough, especially for Libra men. We’re romantic and loyal, so it can feel like a piece of us has been broken off. But, no matter how much it hurts, we’re resilient and will move forward.

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Libra men use different coping strategies:

  1. Expressing feelings through music or writing. Writing or singing our emotions helps us process the heartache in a creative way.
  2. Improving our passions/hobbies. Working hard on our goals -at school or work- brings us emotional strength.
  3. Talking to friends/family. Sharing with understanding people can bring clarity and help with mental health.

Knowing which coping methods work best, even if they vary, can help us get through break-ups. It’s important to balance emotional expression with bettering ourselves and maintaining healthy relationships, so we can move on feeling renewed.

Advice for Dealing with Libra Men Post-Breakup

Breaking up with a Libra man? Difficult. They have strong loyalty and depend on communication when facing hard feelings. In this article, I’m offering tips on how to help them move on. How to cope and how to help them heal.

How to best support Libra men post-breakup

When it comes to helping out a Libra man post-breakup, be kind and understanding. Breaking up is tough and it takes time to get through the emotions. You don’t want to encourage bad habits, but being available to listen can really help.

Libra men need this support – they need you to understand that they are hurting and they need space to process. Have empathy, because they still care about you, even if the relationship has ended.

Give them time to go through their feelings without feeling rushed. Depending on them, they might need to talk or do physical activities like going out with friends or exercising. Giving them options that focus on self-care can give them power in a tough time.

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Let them know that even though the relationship is over, you care about their well-being. Show your commitment with phone calls or FaceTime.

How to help Libra men heal and move on

Libra men are known for their strong morals and balance. It’s hard to know how they will handle a breakup though. No one is immune to the intense emotions that come with breaking up.

Libra men enjoy activities that make them feel good, like art and music. Suggesting these activities can help them cope with the emotions of a breakup. They should also reflect on the relationship, not dwell on “what ifs”. This can help them grow and move on.

Getting through a breakup is never easy, especially for someone as sensitive as a Libra man. Counseling services can be helpful. Seeing that someone has gone through a similar experience can give the Libra man hope.

Remember that time will heal all wounds. Even though it may seem like a lot right now, things will get better.


Breakups can be tough, especially for Libra men who value harmony and strive for balance in all aspects of their lives. Understanding how Libra men handle breakups can help you navigate and even mend your relationship with them.

If you find yourself breaking up with a Libra man, remember that they may need time and space to process their emotions, but they also appreciate open communication and honesty. By acknowledging their feelings and respecting their need for balance and harmony, you can work together to build a new relationship based on mutual respect and understanding.

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