do virgos move on quickly

Do Virgos Move On Quickly?

Virgos are an Earth sign. They are practical and analytical when it comes to relationships. It can take them a while to commit, but once they decide to end a relationship, they can move quickly. So, do Virgos move on quickly? Yes! But it’s more complicated than that. Here, I will explore Virgo characteristics, their perspective on relationships, and how fast they can move on.

Characteristics of Virgos

Virgos like order and structure. Here are their characteristics that affect relationships:

  • Conservative: Virgos take their time with love. They have high standards.
  • Perfectionists: They can be hard on themselves and others. A relationship may end if something isn’t right or expectations aren’t met.
  • Practical: Virgos think logically about relationships. If something isn’t essential, they will move on without extra baggage.

Do Virgos Move On Quickly?

Virgos are known to be analytical, organized and responsible. But we are also sensitive. We take relationships seriously and give them a lot of thought.

So, does it take long for a Virgo to ‘move on’ after a breakup? In this article, I’ll explore if this is true.

Reasons Why Virgos Move On Quickly

Virgos are known for their rational lifestyle and analyzing every detail. If they think something is wrong, they may cut it off quickly. Here are three reasons why:

  1. They don’t appreciate disrespect or being taken advantage of. Virgos value honesty and respect. If they feel neither of those things, they’ll leave. They won’t take advantage, either.
  2. They don’t like to be ignored. Communication is essential for a healthy relationship. If one person isn’t putting in effort, Virgos won’t stay. If someone can understand them, they’ll stay. Otherwise, no incentive.
  3. They prefer intimacy that encourages growth. Virgos need intimacy and connection. They also love growth and progress. If these elements aren’t present, Virgos will lose interest and search for something better.
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How to Tell if a Virgo is Moving On

Virgos may move on quickly or slowly. No one way is the same when it comes to relationships and astrology. To know if a Virgo is preparing to move on, look out for these signs:

  • Sudden lack of communication. If your Virgo partner isn’t as responsive, or communication has become scarce, this could be a sign.
  • Longer than usual making plans. If they take longer to make plans or cancel them, this could be a sign.
  • Unusual behavior changes. If they become more reserved, this could be a sign of change in feelings and thoughts.
  • Strange arguments. If arguments become frequent and are about small details, this could be a sign they’re ready to let go.

These may not apply in every case. But if you notice any behavioral changes, try addressing them before it’s too late. See if you can get them back in your life!

How to Deal With a Virgo Moving On

Virgos try to move on quickly. This is to avoid the hurt of dwelling on a broken relationship. They can get lost in their thoughts. But, this can help them heal faster. Here are some tips for dealing with Virgos moving on quickly:

  1. Try to understand the reason for their haste.
  2. Don’t push them to talk about their feelings.
  3. Offer support and understanding.
  4. Give them space to grieve.
  5. Show them you care.

Give Them Space

When a Virgo is moving on, it’s time to move back. Don’t crowd or pressure them. This sign loves and is loyal, but they need time to think. Give them the space they need to process their feelings. Let your Virgo know you’re there if they need to talk. But don’t push it.

Don’t contact them. Texting, calling or having conversations won’t help. Dramatic gestures will make them feel trapped. Take a break from communicating. It’s necessary for both of you to properly sort out your emotions. Remember, it just means your relationship needs some space.

Respect Their Need for Closure

Virgos are big-picture thinkers, but when it’s time for a change, it’s essential for them to gain closure. It can look different for each person. Some might need time alone to reflect, some might need to talk things out one last time. If a Virgo decides it’s time to move on, respect their decision and let them find closure in whatever way they need.

Virgos move on quickly, but this doesn’t mean they don’t care. They know that life has highs and lows, and their logical mindset helps them accept change with anticipation instead of fear.

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Respect the need for closure. This will make the transition easier for them, and for those close to them, like friends, family, or anyone else involved in the relationship. Connecting emotionally might be hard, but it is necessary to help them move on with clarity and positivity into the next chapter of life.

Don’t Take it Personally

If you know a Virgo, you know they can be tricky. They don’t rush into relationships and need time before committing. So, it’s normal to feel bad if they end things. But try not to take it personally. It may just mean this isn’t what they want right now.

Always remember, once a Virgo makes up their mind, they won’t change it. So, don’t think of their choice as a bad thing. See it from their point of view. They need space to find what makes them happy.

No matter how things ended, everyone deserves to be happy. It may hurt now, but if it was meant to be, it could open future opportunities for both of you.


Virgos typically don’t go off quickly after a relationship has finished. Even though they’re independent and can take care of themselves, they usually tend to stay stuck in the emotions connected with a romantic breakup.

These people, born under the Virgin sign, are usually quite mindful when assessing their prior experiences before doing something new. Their critical natures may cause them to ruminate on hard emotions and think about how they could have tackled the problems differently.

However, what a Virgo chooses to do after the relationship, whether it’s staying single or entering another relationship, is determined by a lot of things. In the end, each person should decide for themselves based on what feels best.

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