do virgos hold grudges

Do Virgos Hold Grudges?

As a Virgo, I am often asked if Virgos hold grudges. While it is true that Virgos can be strong-willed, we are more likely to forgive than to dwell on grievances. In fact, in my experience, many Virgos tend to be more likely to keep their thoughts to themselves than resorting to revenge or spiteful behavior.

Virgos by nature are driven by their own sense of perfectionism and are known for being very analytical in their approach and decisions. Due to this mentality, they may find it difficult to express the emotional pain from another’s hurtful behavior. Rather than lashing out immediately they will process internally while vowing not trust such people again.

Still, there is a difference between being guarded and keeping grudges or resentments as part of your relationship with someone else. It’s important for any relationship – whether platonic or romantic – that communication remain open so both parties understand where each other stand on personal issues such as forgiveness and resentment. To keep grudges stored away affects relationships for the worse, as it stifles growth and connection between two people.

Ultimately as Virgos we rely heavily on our intellect and rational thinking when it comes making choices about our relationships with others— including addressing old hurts and transgressions remaining from past experiences. This is not say though that sometimes simmering emotions do not demonstrate themselves which can then cause friction between the two involved people in question; however those occurrences are rare based on what I have experienced within my relationships with other Virgos over the years both personal and professional alike!

Virgo Personality Traits

When it comes to understanding the personality of a Virgo, it is important to understand key aspects of the Virgo traits. Virgos can be identified for being analytical, hardworking, and practical. Additionally, Virgos are often very independent and value their freedom. Another trait of Virgos that is often discussed is their tendency to hold grudges.

In this article, we will explore how the Virgo zodiac sign expresses itself in terms of sentiment and emotions.


Virgo’s need their environment and the people within it to be just right. As perfectionists, they often have high expectations for themselves and the people closest to them – usually higher than those people can actually meet. This is often interpreted as Virgos being demanding or even nitpicking; however, this generally comes from an urge to be caring and supportive in their own way, even if it is tough love.

Virgos have a great eye for detail and they also invest a lot of time trying to help others who are struggling with something. Instead of giving up or saying something will never happen, Virgos use their problem-solving skills to help both themselves and others make improvements and get better results, which can leave everyone feeling more satisfied in the end.

Unfortunately, the keen eye of Virgo can be anxious about minutiae that no one else has noticed. In addition, when that drive for improvement becomes too strong, it can become petulant or bitter. When this happens on an emotional level it may manifest as grudge-holding; Virgo tends to struggle with forgiving quickly or finding a healthy enough balance between fostering expectations for excellence versus dishing out harsh criticism for what could otherwise be interpreted as normal shortfalls in the grand scheme of things.

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As a Virgo, I am naturally analytical and use my powers of observation to really study the good, the bad and the ugly in my day-to-day life. My critical eye causes me to make well-informed decisions with ease and encourages me to look at both sides of an issue with depth.

Because of this discerning eye, I can sometimes come off as a bit judgmental or picky. Yet, I understand that just because something or someone doesn’t fit into my own personal values or ideas about how things should be done doesn’t mean that it has no merit. Instead of holding instant grudges based on inaccurate first impressions, I strive to give people second chances when needed and assess each situation individually in order to make fair judgments.

My analytical personality allows me weed out the things in life that are not beneficial for me or add little value so that I can focus on what is truly important. This trait also grants me an incredible attention to detail, enabling me to take care of small tasks without overlooking minute details that could affect the outcome of said task later on down the line. Efficiency is valued here and procrastination is avoided due to this inclination towards quick decision making and problem solving.


When it comes to Virgo personality traits, loyalty is a defining quality of this sign. Constantly striving for perfection and with an unbeatable eye for detail, Virgos don’t easily forget injustices and are not afraid to stand up for what they know is right. They can be incredibly loyal to people they care about, putting aside their own needs in order to support their family and friends.

At the same time, if you do something wrong or let them down, they may not find it so easy to forgive and forget; Virgos can hold grudges for a long time. If you have wronged a Virgo, try making amends with sincerity and honesty – that’s the best way back into their good books!

Virgo and Grudges

As a Virgo, it can be challenging to let go of a grudge. We are analytical, practical, and honest by nature and may struggle to move on from something that we’ve been hurt by. I know it can be difficult to do, but it’s important to understand why. Therefore, let’s explore why Virgos hold onto grudges and how to deal with it.

Virgo’s Tendency to Hold Grudges

A hallmark of any Virgo is their loyalty, and they can be incredibly forgiving to the people that they love—but when it comes to holding a grudge, well, let’s just say that no one does it better than a Virgo. Those born under the sign of Virgo tend to be some of the most powerful and resilient individuals around. They don’t forget easily and when someone comes up against them—it’s not something they quickly brush aside.

Because of their enviable loyalty, once betrayed by a friend or lover, a Virgo will remember both the betrayal and how it made them feel—and this can lead to holding onto the grudge for an extremely long time. Given Virgos’ sensitive nature, it may not just be one incident that creates lasting resentment inside a Virgo but rather a series of events that slowly builds into an inability to move on from past grievances.

It’s important for those in relationships with a Virgo to understand their tendency towards holding grudges if they want any chance at surviving volatile moments unscathed. Taking ownership of your mistakes and truly apologizing are essential if you want to repair things with your Virgo partner. Nonetheless, each relationship is completely unique and nobody should judge another person’s relationship based solely on their zodiac sign—so remember: forgive & forget (at least in part!).

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How Long a Virgo Holds a Grudge

Virgos are peace-loving people and do not take pleasure in holding grudges. They try to find solutions to their problems, instead of sulking and waiting for things to be solved by some inventive force. A Virgo will not hold a grudge forever, but it is still wise to practice caution when approaching a Virgo after an argument or disagreement.

Though they may forgive, they might still remember the feelings of hurt or betrayal that you caused them in the past. They won’t dwell on it too much, but they will try to be more mindful of how their words or actions affect you in the future. Unfortunately, this can lead to a quiet standoff between two individuals, as neither person wants to make the wrong move and cause further resentment.

When testing the waters with a Virgo after an argument, consider initiating a mediation session between both parties in order to discuss issues objectively and free from any blame associated with past actions. Aim for forgiveness rather than trying to resolve anger or resentment – this is especially true if you’re well into your relationship with them already and wish for longevity instead of short-term solutions. Be patient and remain non-confrontational throughout; this will usually bode better for your relationship as time goes by as well as your personal endeavors with each other afterwards.

Strategies for Moving On

As a Virgo, it can be hard to let go of hurt feelings and move on from difficult situations. When someone wrongs you, it can be all too tempting to hold a grudge against them, which can cause further issues down the line.

Adopting the right strategies to move on can be challenging, but it’s a valuable skill to master if you want to keep your relationships and life progressing in a positive direction.

Acknowledge the Hurt

Acknowledging the hurt or anger that we felt during the relationship or interaction is an important part of moving on from it. It’s also helpful to make sure you’re not avoiding your feelings and instead allowing yourself to be present and aware of them. While these emotions may be difficult to face, it will help you move past them in a healthier way.

For Virgos, this is especially important. As an Earth sign, Virgos often hold onto negative thoughts and feelings longer than they should. It’s important to recognize when a hurt is lingering and remind yourself that whatever happened, it wasn’t your fault and that it’s okay to let go of it.

It may also be helpful to talk with someone who can help you process what you are feeling in a safe environment without judgment or advice. This could be a friend, family member, therapist or anyone else who can listen empathetically without giving unsolicited opinions. Talking things through can help you gain clarity on why something occurred the way it did and let go of any regret or bitterness that has taken root in your heart.

Finally, spending time alone in contemplation can also be very beneficial for Virgos looking to move on from a past experience and embrace new opportunities ahead of them. Take long walks and journaling about your reflections or participate in activities such as yoga that will allow you time for introspection as well as improved physical well-being.

Practice Forgiveness

Forgiveness can feel impossible after you’ve been hurt and betrayed. However, if you want to move on with your life, it is essential that you forgive — both yourself and the person who hurt you. By forgiving, you are able to release your resentments and free yourself from pain. It is important not to hold on to grudges because they become a weight that drags us down.

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Practicing forgiveness in the face of pain can be difficult but here are some tips for making it easier:

  • Acknowledge your feelings and allow yourself to fully express them in a safe manner either by journaling or speaking with an understanding friend.
  • Reframe the situation – challenge yourself to look at things from a different perspective so that you can learn from it instead of being stuck in the negative emotions of regret and anger.
  • Let go – practice Mindful Meditation so that you can gain clarity and inner peace; focus on positive traits or memories that bring joy rather than stress or sadness.
  • Move beyond – find something new or different that brings joy such as exploring new hobbies, volunteering or reconnecting with old friends/family members; use this as an opportunity to grow as person by expanding your network and learning new skills.
  • Set boundaries – practice assertiveness techniques by establishing healthy boundaries when communicating with people; ensure they respect your wishes which will ultimately give you more control over future relationships/situations.

Focus on the Positive

When it comes to moving on, it’s important to remember that you can choose to focus on the future instead of your past. Even though Virgos are prone to holding grudges—and it can be genuinely difficult and even painful let go—it’s worth putting in the effort if you ever want to feel happy and peaceful in your current life.

Start by writing down all the things that have happened in the past. Get them out of your head and onto paper, then set those thoughts aside for another day. Think about all the moments of joy, the good memories, successes and triumphs since then, no matter how small or insignificant they may seem. Reflecting on these positive experiences can help you find balance in difficult times.

Focusing on gratitude is also a powerful way to move forward: take time to think about all the things you are grateful for such as good health, meaningful relationships or even simple joys like a beautiful sunrise or sunny walk outdoors. Spend quality time with close friends or family; genuine connection has been proven to be an antidepressant! Talking through any unresolved issues will help you gain new insights and perspective into your life experiences so far.

Finally, doing something completely new—or finding innovative ways to bring some creativity into everyday life—is also a great strategy for regaining balance after hardships. Take up a new hobby or rediscover something lost (perhaps painting or dancing). Learning something fresh takes you out of your comfort zone while simultaneously helping build self-confidence by engaging with fresh challenges—a perfect combination for Virgo zodiac signs!


To wrap it up, it really depends on the person and their individual situation. Virgos tend to be fairly analytical, so often times if a Virgo has strong emotions (good or bad) about a situation, they may hold onto the grudge until they can clearly sort through their feelings. This could be days, months or even years depending on how deep the issue runs.

All in all, it’s important to communicate with a Virgo to get an understanding of where they’re coming from if you think they are holding a grudge against you. The best way to ensure no grudges are held is to approach the situation calmly and openly discuss what is bothering each of you in order to move forward in a positive direction.

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