do scorpios miss their ex

Do Scorpios Miss Their Ex?

Do Scorpios miss their ex? It is hard to tell. Scorpios are mysterious and intense, after all. Many things can influence the answer – the length of the relationship, the depth of emotion, and the type of Scorpio. In this article, let us explore the complexities of Scorpios and their exes.

Definition of Scorpio

Scorpio is one of the twelve constellations of the zodiac. It is located in the fourth house of the night sky. Ophiuchus is to its east, and Sagittarius to its south. Scorpio is around 600 light years away, appearing as a large red-orange star.

Scorpio is an airy sign and a fixed water symbol. Its Latin name means “the scorpion”. The Sun enters Scorpio on October 23 and exits on November 21. This period varies due to time zones and leap days.

Scorpio’s qualities include intensity, emotion, protection, and determination. Those born under this constellation are mystery-solvers, loyal to their duties, but independent. They focus when solving problems and rely on their intuition. People born under Scorpio may be guarded, yet alluringly complex in relationships.

Scorpios and Relationships

Scorpios are enthusiastic and powerful people. They want deep emotions and don’t take relationships lightly. When in a relationship, Scorpios will make sure their partner feels appreciated and cherished.

So, do Scorpios miss their ex when the relationship ends? Let’s look closer at this question and the Scorpio’s inclination to remember past relationships.

Scorpios and their Emotional Connections

Scorpio is a water sign, known for intense and turbulent feelings. Connecting with others on an emotional level is a Scorpio’s forte. They form strong, loyal bonds and are searching for deeper understanding in people and life.

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Those around a Scorpio must recognize when they need space for self-reflection. This should not be mistaken for lack of care—they may just need time to understand themselves first.

Scorpios and their Exes

Scorpios have a complex relationship with their exes. They may annoy them with their intense personalities, but also be drawn to them because of their emotional depth. Even after a break-up, Scorpios can stay emotionally attached to their exes. They value loyalty and trust, so don’t let go easily.

It’s not strange for Scorpios to feel resentful or even seek revenge after a break-up. This can be verbal or manipulative, leading to hurt feelings for both sides. If they’re still attached, they may try to remain friends for closure.

If you date a Scorpio, know that they take relationships seriously and try to protect them – even if that means protecting their exes. Knowing this in advance may help you understand the potentially complex romantic life of a Scorpio.

Reasons Why Scorpios Miss Their Ex

People say Scorpios are tough and mysterious people. But like other zodiac signs, they feel emotions. So, do Scorpios miss their ex? Yes! Here’s why:

  1. They have a shared past.
  2. They remember all the good times.
  3. They reminisce about the love they once had.
  4. They recall their intimate moments.
  5. They want to believe that things could’ve been different.

Fear of Moving On

Scorpios often stick to what’s safe and secure. Fear of being rejected, fear of failure, and fear of getting hurt again can all make it tough to heal from a past relationship. Scorpios tend to be emotionally intense, resulting in negative thoughts, self-blame, and avoiding situations that could be too emotional.

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Everyone manages breakups differently. Give yourself time to heal so that you can move forward with strength and optimism.

The Need for Closure

Scorpios often miss their exes long after the relationship has ended. This is due to their emotional, possessive and intense personalities. They demand answers and are reluctant to let go until they get them. This need for closure goes beyond exes. It can be hard for Scorpios to cut ties with people who meant a lot.

Even when they have moved on, unresolved feelings may resurface. This longing can never leave, no matter how long it’s been. If it isn’t addressed, it can cause distress or confusion.

Scorpios need understanding to gain closure. Asking questions like why the relationship ended, what could have been different, or how each person remembers it can help them move on. This way, they can focus on new relationships or enjoy life on their own terms.

The Fear of Letting Go

Scorpios often struggle with ending relationships. To them, an ex is a symbol of loyalty, love and familiarity. As a result, they may feel pressure to stay with what they know, instead of embracing the unknown. Change can be daunting and they worry a new situation may not turn out the way they expect.

Despite the longing they feel for their ex, they should consider why they feel this way. It could be due to a fear of letting go, caused by a past experience or something else. Making informed decisions about the future could help them move on in a healthier way.

How to Cope With Missing Your Ex

Are you a Scorpio? Feeling the pain of missing an ex-partner? You’re not alone! Many Scorpios are in the same boat. It’s hard to cope, but don’t worry. There are ways to manage these emotions.

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In this part, we’ll explore how Scorpios can handle the feelings of missing an ex. We’ll help you come to terms with the end of the relationship:

Acknowledge Your Feelings

It’s okay to be sad about a lost relationship. Missing your ex is normal and expected. It’s alright to feel heartache or have moments of great sadness. Both emotions can help you move on in time. Acknowledge them first, and give yourself time to grieve without feeling guilty.

Talking with friends can help put things into perspective. They offer support to get through these feelings. Talk about the relationship to understand why you miss your ex and how to recover. Consider seeing a therapist if friends don’t help. They are trained to help people process emotions in healthy ways. The pain won’t last forever; this can provide peace when you miss an ex-partner.

Take Time to Reflect

No matter how you feel, it’s important to reflect. The pain of missing an ex could come from regret. Remember both good and bad memories together. Then, think about why the relationship ended.

Reflecting on the hard times may be tough at first. But, you can learn valuable lessons and grow. The more you do this, the easier it’ll be to move on.

Find Healthy Ways to Move On

No doubt, missing an ex can be tough. To move on, here are some tips:

  1. Talk to someone. Get support from a therapist or a friend.
  2. Accept your emotions without judgement.
  3. Take time for yourself. Write down how you feel, do yoga, sleep enough, and create affirmations.
  4. Find activities that capture your attention like fishing, sports games, or joining community groups.
  5. Clear reminders of the past relationship. Photos and gifts.
  6. Reconnect with people who bring positive energy. Rebuild emotional balance.


Conclusion? Tough call. Everyone’s feelings differ. However, on the whole, passionate Scorpios have a strong emotional connection with exes and present relationships. Moreover, their intense emotions and need for security often lead to missing exes after the relationship ends.

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