do leos go back to their exes

Do Leos Go Back To Their Exes?

Do leos go back to their exes? It’s a complicated question. Leos are complicated creatures who have their own ideas about relationships and the past. This article looks at why leos might go back to their ex and the risks that could come with it.

What to expect from a Leo

Leos have an affectionate and warm-hearted personality that draws people in. They are passionate and never shy away from a challenge. Leos are loyal, generous friends and partners who bring joy and enthusiasm.

Leos have big personalities and love being the center of attention. They can be domineering, but this is often to protect those around them. They will fiercely defend their families and friends, offering cuddles, goofy laughter, and lively conversations.

In relationships, Leos can range from commitment-phobes to devoted experts in romance. They make romantic gestures easily and will always be up for a good time. They may consider trying again with an ex, but only if they believe the relationship can work this time.

Reasons for Going Back to an Ex

After a break-up, it’s natural to want to go back to an ex. You have a strong bond, know them well, and it’s common to try to recreate what you once had. But why do Leos specifically have a tendency to return to their exes? Let’s examine some of the reasons why Leos may be more likely to give them a second chance:

Fear of the Unknown

Sometimes we can’t decide – stay with an ex or move on to something new? The thought of the unknown can be scary, so it’s easier to stay with the familiar. This is especially true for those with Leo signs. They may be guided by their ego, pride, and ambition, and don’t want to be proven wrong. Trying something new could leave room for error. It’s natural to want something we can control, so it makes sense that people may go back to an ex they know. But negative beliefs can get in the way.

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Comfort of the Familiar

It’s simple to return to an ex since they’re known and it’s comforting. Plus, you know them well, so no surprises. Going back can feel like taking the easy route – an existing relationship, why not keep it?

Leos may be more likely to repeat this path. Fixed signs, such as Leo, get stuck in their ways and can resist change. When it comes to relationships, they may choose the “devil they know” rather than risk something new, even if it would be better in the end. Also, Leo is proud and may struggle to admit that things failed the first time – returning could help them save face by proving it was always meant to be.

Unfinished Business

Leo has reasons to consider going back to an ex. It could be that something needs to be finished. For example, sorting out finances or emotional issues. In this situation, it could be worth revisiting the relationship for closure. This way, both of you can move on peacefully or individually.

How to Tell if a Leo is Going Back to an Ex

Dating a Leo? Trying to figure out if they’re planning to get back with an ex? Here’s a few tips to remember:

  • Check if they have a history of reuniting with past flames.
  • Look at how they act around the ex.
  • See if they talk about the ex often.
  • Pay attention to their mood when the ex is mentioned.
  • Observe if they make efforts to stay in touch with the ex.

These pointers should help you make sense of the situation!

They Are Openly Talking About It

If a Leo is musing about going back to an ex, it may be more than a passing thought. They may open up about their feelings or seek advice. Leos are usually eager to do what is right, but they will still listen to others’ opinions.

So, listen and ask questions, but don’t assume that a reunion is in the works. Some Leos might be vocal, while others might stay silent. Give your Leo friend space and support them, whatever their decision may be. Don’t push your opinion on them.

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They Are Making Plans to See Each Other

A Leo’s plan to see their ex may be a sign of rekindling the relationship. Leos are passionate, so they’ll make sure plans are set in advance. They may start texting more or figure out when they can meet in person.

If a Leo gets specific about places to visit or things to do, that could suggest the Leo is ready for a romantic reunion. They may even invite mutual friends, showing their need for approval.

Look at the Leo’s emotional investment too; if it’s strong, it may show feelings for this person still linger. Leos can be generous when it comes to romance, so look for signs of generosity before the meeting. Gifts, tickets, deposits – these could show a Leo is prepared and hopeful for returning to an ex’s life.

They Are Making an Effort to Reconnect

If your Leo partner is attempting to reconnect with their ex, it’s a signal that they are still emotionally attached. If the break-up was a while ago, and their ex suddenly pops up in conversations, or if they seem very excited about activities related to the past relationship, it could be that something is unfinished between them.

Notice if your Leo partner is making an effort to reach out to their ex. This could be in the form of text messages, likes, or posts on social media. Plus, if they call their ex out of the blue, it implies that, after reflection or sadness, they want back in the life of their old flame.

These signs from your Leo mean one thing – something is not settled between them and their former flame. This news may be hard to hear, but it makes things clearer so you can discuss your own relationship if necessary.

Advice for Dealing With a Leo Going Back to an Ex

If your Leo is going back to an ex, it’s a tough call. You can support them and help them choose the best for both of you. Here’s advice on how to tackle this:

  • Aid your Leo partner to decide wisely.
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Be Supportive

If your Leo beloved is going back to an ex-partner, show them support. Perhaps they think the relationship can progress in a better direction. Let them know you are ready to listen if they want to talk. Reassure them that you will still love and care no matter the outcome.

Show understanding and compassion. This will give them courage to face challenges. It will make all the difference in helping you both find a happy medium on the journey of any relationship.

Respect Their Decision

If your Leo partner is returning to their ex, try your best to respect their choice. It’s probable that your beloved has made an effort to leave their past behind – for whatever reason, they have chosen to move forward. It’s key not to take it to heart and give them the liberty to make their own decisions. Even if this isn’t what you’d like, try not to react angrily or in a jealous way.

The ideal thing to do is to communicate your feelings in a constructive way. Speak to them about why they have taken this route and how you can help them if they talk to you about it. Acknowledge that this might be difficult for both of you and understand that sometimes offering your partner the privacy they require can be one of the most caring things you can do. Rather than hostility, it’s better to come from a place of understanding and sympathy towards your partner, and also to show empathy towards yourself while dealing with such a situation.

Be Open to Reconciliation

If your Leo is back with their ex, you can improve your chances of getting back together. Leos are passionate and have strong feelings – so if they’ve decided to reignite the flame, they must be feeling optimistic about it. Don’t be scared to talk about it with your Leo. Show understanding for how they feel and tell them what you think.

Ask them questions, be encouraging, and let them know that you care. Remember, Leos are tough and brave – this may seem tough presently, but it’s possible for them to make it through stronger than ever.


As a Leo, loyalty is important. When you say it’s over, you mean it. But if things weren’t right before, there could be a chance to try again. Before you do, think about how the relationship ended. Cost-benefit analysis can help.

If arguments weren’t solved, consider them. If you’re missing the spark of intimacy, maybe it’s time for a rekindle!

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