do aries hide their feelings

Do Aries Hide Their Feelings?

Aries have a passionate and fiery personality. They love to have fun on dates. But, understanding how they hide their feelings can be tough.

If you want to get to know an Aries better, remember they often keep their true feelings hidden. They may divert conversations away from touchy topics and pretend certain issues don’t exist. To have a successful relationship with an Aries, it’s important to understand why they do this.

This article will explore why Aries might not reveal their emotions. We’ll look at their personality type and signs that show they may be hiding something. Plus, we’ll give tips on how to help an Aries open up without being too pushy:

  • Recognize their need for independence.
  • Be patient and understanding.
  • Be honest and open with them.
  • Encourage healthy communication.
  • Don’t take their silence personally.

Aries and Emotions

Do you have the Aries zodiac sign and try to cover up your emotions? If yes, you’re not alone! A lot of Aries people look tough and self-sufficient outside, but might actually be covering up powerful emotions on the inside. It could be fear, stress, or even shame. Aries people can be timid in expressing themselves or their innermost feelings.

So why do they hide their feelings? Let’s find out:

Aries and their Emotional Nature

As an Aries, I know emotions can be tricky. We don’t always feel comfortable expressing our feelings, whether inside or outside. We fear looking weak and vulnerable, so it’s easier for us to stay closed off and silent. It is hard for those close to us to get through our barriers.

But Aries has strong emotions. When we feel accepted and secure, we may be more open to expressing ourselves. It takes time for us to process deep emotions like sorrow or anger – we want to work out what we’re feeling first. Masking our emotions can protect us from judgement, but learning to be aware of our feelings helps us to open up to others more freely.

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Why Aries Tend to Hide their Feelings

Aries are known for their enthusiasm, ambition and determination. But when it comes to processing feelings, they can struggle. So, they often try to hide them. Aries are independent and this can make them fear vulnerability. They guard themselves against intimate emotions. At the same time, they’re sensitive so when judged or anxious, they retreat.

Aries know their emotions are powerful. They worry that if they show hurt or anger, it will cause drama. Instead, they bottle things up. Aries tend to shy away from anything that’s not intense or immediate, or emotions they can’t control, like sadness. This makes it hard to talk about feelings.

Rather than accepting all their feelings, they hide. But if you’re an Aries feeling scared, don’t worry! Own your emotions, express your worries safely. You deserve it!

Signs that an Aries is Hiding their Feelings

If you’re an Aries, born between March 21st and April 19th, you’ll likely know the struggle of hiding your emotions. Your Aries pride may stop you from admitting your true feelings, or you might not know how to express them.

Here are some signals that can help you spot when an Aries is trying to conceal their emotions. Let’s take a look!

Avoiding Eye Contact

Eye contact is a sure sign that an Aries is trying to hide their feelings. Being a fire sign, Aries usually seem fiery and confident. But deep down, it’s hard for an Aries to express emotions. Short eye contact is one way they keep their real emotions hidden from others.

Also, being easily distracted in a conversation or glancing around instead of paying attention, means the Aries is uncomfortable. If the person’s eyes wander instead of staying on you, it’s a signal of underlying anxiousness. They may try to keep polite conversation, but won’t get into deeper topics or feelings – to avoid stress or feeling vulnerable.

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It’s typical for everyone, including Aries, to feel anxious and suppress these feelings to feel comfortable in unknown situations. Pay attention and be aware of these hints which will help you understand how your partner wishes to be supported, emotionally.

Being Defensive

Aries people are independent, strong-willed and proud. To keep their freedom and control, they may act emotionally detached. When hurt or betrayed, they can become defensive to hide their emotions. To deflect, they use mockery, criticism and belittling jokes.

Aries are often goal-oriented. This can lead them to overlook present issues or feelings. Difficult emotions may be hidden beneath the surface. Don’t take their behaviors personally. Approach them with patience and understanding. Show them you care by offering a supportive environment. This gives them the chance to address sensitive emotions without fear. They can then access true intimacy with another.

Withdrawing from Social Situations

When an Aries feels like hiding, they may avoid social situations. This could be any type of event – from romantic dates to movie nights with friends. When they do this, it’s usually to protect themselves from feeling too vulnerable.

If your Aries partner distances themselves in this way, check in with them. But don’t push too hard. If they say they’re okay, that could be a way of keeping their walls up. If they don’t feel like talking, leave it open-ended. Gently encourage them to talk when they’re ready.

How to Help an Aries Open Up

Aries have a rep for keeping their feelings to themselves. So, if your Aries partner isn’t being vocal about their emotions, you might be wondering how to get them to open up.

Know the needs of your Aries partner. This is the key to making them feel more comfortable expressing their feelings.

Here are a few tips to help an Aries open up:

  • Create a safe and comfortable environment.
  • Encourage them to talk through their feelings.
  • Be patient and understanding.
  • Respect their need for space.
  • Show them that you care.
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Showing Compassion and Understanding

Aries have an interesting mix of strength and vulnerability. It can be hard for them to trust. To help an Aries open up, show them compassion and understanding. Don’t pressure them. Let them take their time. If they feel judged or misinterpreted, this could make them defensive or quiet.

Remind them you care and value these moments. Show them grace and patience. Understand it takes time for some to open up. Support them and watch your bond grow.

Giving Them Space

Helping an Aries open up can be tricky. So, to get them to tell you what’s really going on, give them the space and respect they need. Don’t press them too hard. Focus on creating a safe environment. Show appreciation for their boundaries. Ask curious questions, but don’t pry. Let time pass. Allow related events to unfold. This may break the ice. Giving Aries plenty of room may lead them to offer more details. Give them permission and understanding. Then, they may give a full report of how they feel about something.

Being Patient

Dealing with an Aries can be tricky. They often seem emotionally closed off, but really they’re just protective of their hearts. Showing them patience and understanding is key to helping them open up. Let them take things at their own pace and don’t push too hard. If they seem distant, reassure them that you won’t judge or criticize.

Physical activities can help them release tensions and express themselves too. If you have patience, they may eventually open up and you’ll both have a deeper connection. Letting them set the pace is the way to lasting connections.


Aries can be complex when it comes to displaying emotions. They may not show them openly due to fear of vulnerability. When an Aries trusts someone, they can express their feelings. It is important to make sure they feel secure and be patient until they are ready to open up.

To create a strong bond, try to understand their way of expressing emotions:

  • Listen carefully.
  • Be supportive.
  • Don’t pressure them to open up.
  • Show your own vulnerability.
  • Be honest and sincere.

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