do aquarius go back to their ex

Do Aquarius Go Back To Their Ex?

Aquarius is known for being independent and loyal when it comes to relationships. They are supportive of other’s emotions but tend to be logical. This can mean they don’t make passionate decisions.

Many Aquarians may be wondering if they should go back to an ex. It depends on their unique situation. Going back to an ex isn’t always bad. It could open up new growth. But, there can be pitfalls. Aquarians usually think before acting impulsively.

This guide looks at the pros and cons of going back to an ex. It also looks at if it’s a good idea for Aquarius zodiac signs.

Aquarius Characteristics

Aquarians are one-of-a-kind and independent thinkers, but they can also be unpredictable in matters of the heart. They value their autonomy and freedom, yet there’s still a possibility of them going back to their ex. To comprehend why an Aquarius would do this, it’s important to look at their distinct traits.

An Aquarian is probably most likely to go back to an ex because of their kind and caring nature. They’re often understanding and empathetic, even when the relationship ends. They view connections from a broader viewpoint, rather than focusing on minor factors such as how the relationship ended. This makes it simpler for them to reunite if given another chance.

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In addition, Aquarians are usually thrilled by fresh experiences and interested in new people. This makes them more open to revisiting old relationships if they’re given the opportunity. This curiosity could be aroused by nostalgia or an urge to revive romantic hopes with someone they used to be with. In any case, it’s essential for any Aquarian thinking about going back to an ex to consider all elements before concluding if it’s a good move for them right now.

Reasons Aquarius May Go Back to an Ex

Aquarius are independent and analytical, yet value learning from their own experiences. When it comes to relationships, they reflect on the past and mull over decisions to improve future outcomes. Even if a relationship didn’t work out, Aquarians remain loyal. They might return to an ex for various reasons:

  • Nostalgia – remembering the good times and wanting to recapture them.
  • Friendship – so they can stay in the life of their former partner without drama or stress.
  • Closure – so lingering issues can be resolved and put behind them.

Understanding where things went wrong can ensure they don’t make the same mistake again.

Pros and Cons of Going Back to an Ex

When considering getting back together with an ex, Aquarius should ponder the pros and cons. On one hand, things may have gone wrong for a reason. But on the other hand, the understanding and compatibility may be better with someone who was in their life for some time.


  • Familiarity
  • Trust
  • Comfort
  • Love


  • Risk of repeating patterns
  • Unresolved issues
  • Bad memories may linger

Thus, Aquarius should consider these pros and cons before making their decision.

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How to Tell If an Aquarius Is Thinking of Going Back to an Ex

Figuring out if an Aquarius is considering getting back with an ex can be tricky. Aquarians tend to be independent and often take the unusual path. Despite that, there are a few ways to tell if your Aquarian partner is thinking of reigniting an old flame.

  • See how they talk about the ex. Do they bring them up more often than not? If so, your partner could be showing signs of wanting to go back. Have they changed their behavior since the ex came up? Have they become distant or withdrawn? It could be that they’re considering uniting with their ex again.
  • Observe their body language when the ex is mentioned. Do they avoid eye contact or seem tense? Do they get quiet or change topics quickly? These clues could mean your Aquarian partner is considering past decisions and how life could be with the ex.
  • Listen for hints of seeing an old flame again. It could be a question like, “what if I went back to my ex?” or something more serious like, “I miss my old relationship sometimes.” If this sounds familiar, hard conversations might be necessary!

By recognizing these signs and paying close attention when an Aquarius mentions an ex, you can figure out if they plan on reuniting or not.

What to Do If an Aquarius Is Thinking of Going Back to an Ex

When it’s about the zodiac, Aquarius is known for liberation and independence. They like to explore new ideas and possibilities. So, if an Aquarius is considering rekindling with an ex, there are things to think about.

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They need to be sure they are in a place of Inner Strength and Clarity. Before going forward, they must decide from an emotionally healthy space.

Also, they must express expectations, roles, and influences. If these are not clear, the relationship could become unsatisfying.

Finally, they should reflect on why it didn’t work before. They should make intentional strides to create different boundaries for success:

  • Be sure they are in a place of Inner Strength and Clarity.
  • Express expectations, roles, and influences.
  • Reflect on why it didn’t work before.
  • Create different boundaries for success.

How to Move On If an Aquarius Decides Not to Go Back to an Ex

Aquarians are often closed-off and aloof. It can take them time to decide whether going back to an ex is a good move. They may choose to ignore their feelings and not get back together. If you know an Aquarian, it can be hard to understand how to move on when they don’t go back.

Accept that it was Aquarius’ decision not to return. Don’t blame yourself, or pressure them. Respect that they’ve gone through their own thought process.

Try to put yourself in their shoes. Understand why they chose not to go back. Sympathize with them, and acknowledge your love – without trying to make them change their mind.

If you want more from the relationship, talk about your feelings. Do this respectfully, without judgement. This can help close any gaps, and build trust. Only if both of you are willing, though!


Whether to go back to an ex or not is a personal decision. As an Aquarius, consider the pros and cons of reigniting a past relationship. Ask yourself if it is the right move. Feelings can change and situations can arise, so be mindful of potential risks if you do.

If you’re torn, seek advice from trusted people. They can offer insight into your relationship goals and help you make an informed decision that suits you.

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