are pisces selfish and mean

Are Pisces Selfish And Mean?

Are Pisces really mean and selfish as they’re often portrayed? The truth is not so simple. In this article, we’ll dive deep into the emotional and sensitive side of Pisces. Get ready to explore inner emotion and compassion.

Is it true that Pisceans are selfish and mean? Let’s unravel it together!

Overview of Pisces Traits

Pisceans are multi-dimensional. No two individuals have the same personality traits. They tend to be both shy and friendly, drawing people in. They are compassionate and loyal. But at times, they can be hard to reach, emotionally or logistically. They often prefer quiet reflection to action or conversation. Occasionally, they may act aloof or reluctant in situations that evoke feelings like anger or frustration. This can be misconstrued as meanness. However, honest communication can usually resolve the issue.

Signs of Selfishness in Pisces

Is a particular Pisces person selfish? To figure it out, look for signs of their behavior. Each Pisces can be selfish. Here are some signs to look out for:

  • Pisces can be very self-centered. They prefer to focus on themselves than work in a group. They also expect their views to be accepted without considering how it affects others.
  • They do things for themselves, without thinking how it benefits those around them. For example, they may exercise too much or spend too much money on themselves. They may also keep secrets or withhold information to gain an advantage.
  • They may suddenly change plans or decisions that had been made together. This is due to personal preference and motivation that comes from within, without considering others out of respect or kindness.

Causes of Selfishness in Pisces

Pisces, born between February 19th-March 20th, are known for their strong empathy and compassion. But sometimes, this sign can be surprisingly selfish! Usually, Pisces are giving to others, but certain environmental and personal factors can cause them to prioritize their own needs over those of the people around them.

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Insecurity and depression may be the cause of selfishness in Pisces. Low self-esteem or insecurity can cause a Pisces to take care of themselves instead of giving to others. Anxiety and depression can also contribute to the habit of self-preservation.

It is possible that a lack of understanding or respect for boundaries is an underlying factor. If boundaries are crossed too often without limits, it can drain a Pisces emotionally. This could lead to the desire of more protection, to recharge and get back into balance.

Finally, it is important to remember that selfish acts may be caused by fear or avoidance. If a Pisces has been hurt in the past, they might try to protect themselves. Understanding this behavior as protective rather than hostile could help create better avenues for growth and healing.

Effects of Selfishness on Pisces Relationships

Pisces, known for being dreamy, kind-hearted and compassionate, often display selfish behavior. This can cause a distorted view of reality and a disregard for the needs and feelings of others. To maintain healthy relationships, it is essential that Pisces examine their behavior and identify where improvements can be made.

Selfishness can damage relationships in many ways. An example is possessive and jealous behavior in a romantic partnership, which displays a lack of trust and can lead to hurt feelings. Additionally, when someone is self-centered, they may take more than give, making their partner feel used or unappreciated.

In a workplace, selfish behavior can create a toxic environment. This is due to a refusal to cooperate with colleagues and a tendency to make excuses rather than admit mistakes. This leads to frayed working relationships, and ultimately firing or resigning.

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For relationships involving Pisces to flourish, they must recognize how selfishness can hurt others and respect their opinions and feelings. This will create a balanced dynamic, allowing Pisceans to maintain healthy connections with those dear to them, while still solving their own problems. If this approach is not taken, resentment will build, resulting in irreparable damage.

How to Deal with Selfishness in Pisces

For those in a relationship with a selfish Pisces, here’s how to cope! Pisces are ruled by Neptune, making them dreamy and impulsive. They prioritize their own needs.

Establish healthy communication practices, like asking open-ended questions. Set boundaries on topics like money and values. When communicating, be assertive but not aggressive. Use “I” statements and stand firm on what you need. Lastly, practice empathy and understanding towards your partner.

Selfishness can be smoothed out with enough time and effort devoted towards self-reflection and better communication.

How to Help a Pisces Become Less Selfish

To help a Pisces become less selfish, recognize their traits and take steps to foster positive behaviors. They may be generous, but also self-centered. Develop communication skills to allow them to express their views without judgement and offer constructive feedback.

  • Encourage them to volunteer or be kind to others.
  • Call attention when they are behaving selfishly; remind them that while it is okay to follow their own dreams, it must not harm someone else.
  • Provide encouragement, but be honest about difficult problems.
  • Create a sense of acceptance to reduce resentment and foster harmonious relationships.


The question: are Pisces selfish and mean? Subjective. All zodiac signs have attributes, some more visible than others. Pisces are a water sign. They are emotional and intuitive. Expressing feelings is hard for them. It may appear they are selfish or mean, but it is not intentional.

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Everyone has both good and bad traits. When judging someone, consider all traits carefully.

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