are libra men jealous

Are Libra Men Jealous?

Libra men can be tricky to understand. So, let’s look into their personalities and if they are prone to jealousy. We’ll uncover the traits of Libra men. Also, what their astrology hints at. Plus, how to deal with them if they become jealous.

What is Libra?

Libra is one of the twelve astrological signs, symbolized by the scales. People born between September 23rd and October 22nd are called ‘Librans’. They are often described as balanced, diplomatic, charming, elegant, idealistic, and over-indulgent.

Libran men are polite and hospitable; they make great partners because of their romantic nature. But, don’t be fooled by them, they can be jealous too!

Possessiveness is a trait that Libran men usually possess. It is present in all aspects of their lives –

  • romance
  • relationships
  • finances
  • career success
  • material possessions like cars or homes
  • social popularity
  • physical appearance

If you want a mature relationship with a Libran man, it is essential to address this attitude directly.

What are Libra men like?

Many people ask me what kind of guys Libra men are. They are seen as compassionate but sometimes indecisive. So, here’s my take on it!

  • Libra men are usually loyal. Even though they get sentimental when their partner is rewarded, they are monogamous. However, they need plenty of mental stimulation.
  • When it comes to being angry or jealous, Libra men stay composed. They usually don’t hold on to emotions for too long. Though, some Libras can be possessive and controlling; it’s best if those moments aren’t remembered!
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Libra Men and Jealousy

Libra men are often seen as balanced and agreeable – not prone to jealousy. But this belief is far from true. They can actually be just as jealous as any other sign!

Let’s take a look within a Libra man’s mind to discover what makes them jealous, plus how that knowledge could be beneficial for you:

Signs of Jealousy in Libra Men

Libra men may appear relaxed and easy-going, but they can be jealous too. If your Libra man’s behavior changes suddenly, it could be because he’s feeling threatened. He might ask too many questions about who you talk to, or try to control your activities. He may drop hints about loyalty, or express frustration over spending time with other people. Also, if he demands devotion and gets mad when someone else pays more attention than him, it could mean he’s jealous.

It’s important to talk openly and honestly with your partner if either of you has any doubts or suspicions.

Causes of Jealousy in Libra Men

Insecurity can cause a Libra man to be possessive or distrustful. If they feel they are not enough in a relationship, this lack of confidence can lead to fear that you will leave them for someone else.

Difficulty expressing emotions can also lead to jealousy. If they cannot express how much you mean to them, or their expectations, it can result in mistrust and outbursts.

Libra may also become jealous when faced with unfamiliarity. Unexpected change can cause unease around others, leading to extreme possessiveness even when there is no need for it.

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How to Deal with Libra Men Jealousy

Libra men may be jealous and possessive in relationships. This can create a difficult atmosphere and result in controlling behavior. To handle it well, it’s important to understand why they’re jealous.

In this article, we explore the signs of Libra man jealousy and provide tips for managing it:

Understanding the Causes of Jealousy

To comprehend why Libra men become jealous, we first need to look at their core traits. They are people-pleasers and often battle with choices. This indecisiveness leads to insecurity which can be the root of their jealousy.

Libra men can turn possessive if they sense danger. For them to feel sure in a relationship, they require limits and assurances that you are the most important one. It is alright to have outside relationships, but without clear boundaries, a Libra man may think they are being overlooked or replaced.

Libra men are sensitive and feel emotions strongly. Long-distance relationships or communication difficulties can cause feelings of insecurity, which could lead to jealousy or even doubt your constancy. Recognizing the motivations behind their jealousy may help you come up with approaches to avoid these sensations and construct trust between you both.

Communicating Openly and Honestly

Communication is key to calming a Libra man’s jealousy. They are insecure and need assurance. Here are scenarios to illustrate how to communicate:

  • If your Libra man accuses you of flirting with platonic male friends, trust is likely at the root. Let him know you only have eyes for him. Explain why healthy boundaries are important. Listen and empathize; he wants to feel safe and validated in the relationship.
  • If he feels possessive because you’re spending too much time on work or other commitments, brainstorm solutions together. Do a hobby or plan date nights – this way he won’t feel left out. It’s essential to find activities that bring joy and nurture the relationship.
  • Jealousy may not be related to actual partners. Many fear abandonment because they want the relationship to last forever. This triggers anxiety-related jealous fantasies that need validation, not correction. Communicate needs without apologies; everyone has them! Showing understanding can create an atmosphere where he feels comfortable expressing them.
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Setting Boundaries

If you date a Libra man and his jealousy is becoming too much, boundaries must be set. As a fixed sign, Libras can be resistant to change. Nonetheless, if boundaries are established early on, they will likely be accepted over time.

When setting boundaries, communicate clearly. Explain why they should be in place and how it will benefit the relationship. For example, being open about emotions without accusations or blame can bring understanding. Also, decide together if flirting in front of others is alright. Finally, have him express himself calmly instead of with aggression. This will help create an environment for open communication.

Ultimately, your Libra partner needs to take responsibility for his emotions. Patience is necessary – but with good communication and boundary-setting, jealousy should lessen. These techniques can bring peace back into the relationship!


Making generalizations on love and relationships is hard. Everyone’s different and complex, so to understand them you need to get to know them. This is why it’s difficult to say if Libra men are jealous or not. While it’s possible, it depends on the person and the situation. Knowing for sure requires knowing a Libra man personally.

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