are leos good friends

Are Leos Good Friends?

Leos have a reputation for being born leaders. They bring enthusiasm and confidence to their relationships. They are loyal, generous and protective. However, their loyalty can be seen as possessive. They may become jealous if they don’t get the same level of attention.

If you’re thinking about being with a Leo, it’s important to know the pros and cons:

What is a Leo?

Leo, the zodiac sign of passion and energy, is symbolized by a majestic lion. People born under this sign have confidence and determination. They are also natural-born leaders; warm and sociable, so they make friends quickly and encourage others to follow their lead.

What makes Leos great partners? They are enterprising, smart, and ambitious. They have their own beliefs about life and relationships, but that doesn’t mean they can’t compromise. When in love, Leos are incredibly loyal; they will go out of their way to express appreciation and bring out the best in their partner. Plus, their enthusiasm for life and trying new things keeps the relationship exciting!

What makes a Leo a loyal friend?

Leos are known for their self-confidence and loyalty. What makes them great friends? They have warmth and generosity. They help those in their inner circle. Plus, they are protective and take charge of decisions in the group. They are reliable and stay loyal. Lastly, they give loads of time and attention.

With a Leo as a friend, you can count on them, no matter what!

The Good Qualities of a Leo Friend

A Leo is gifted with many majestic qualities. Generosity, passion, creativity, loyalty, and courage are some of them. Also, Leo is an amazing listener and will do whatever it takes for his/her friends.

Let’s look closer into what makes a Leo a great pal:

Generous and Kind

Leos are generous, kind and understanding. They always make time for friends, and are willing to offer help. You can trust a Leo; they truly care about all they meet. Requests for favors or help? Leos never say no. When the going gets tough, a Leo is reliable.

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They provide comfort, support and guidance without judgement. Even the hardest words will be heard. A Leo is more than a listener; they are wise from their own experiences, so their advice is invaluable.

Protective and Supportive

A Leo pal is a great friend! They are watchful and supportive of their close relationships. You can be sure that you can trust a Leo to always have your back. If you hurt a Leo’s feelings, they will not hesitate to let you know.

Leos have confidence and this gives them the power to guard their friends. They are not scared to have challenging talks with you. They like to talk about any topic, even serious ones. Leos pay attention to others’ thoughts, so they are great at sorting out conflicts in a friendly way. It is not unusual for a Leo to take charge and settle arguments, not only for themselves but among the group of friends. Leos make sure everybody feels included, making them unique and special!

Fun and Adventurous

Leos are a great pick for a friend if you want a bit of adventure! They’re fun-loving and know how to bring out the best in even the shyest of people. They have a knack for spotting exciting activities and creating a carefree atmosphere wherever they go.

Leos tend to be the most enthusiastic of everyone. This can be great, but also bad depending on your mood. Whichever way, you can count on lots of laughter and unforgettable memories! Though they can be demanding, it’s just their need for adventure.

Leos will never leave you behind – they’ll stay by your side in tough times. With them around, you’ll never be bored! Exploring unknown places or going to a festival? A Leo can make it fun no matter what:

  • They’ll bring out the best in even the shyest of people.
  • They create a carefree atmosphere wherever they go.
  • They are the most enthusiastic of everyone.
  • Count on lots of laughter and unforgettable memories.
  • They will never leave you behind in tough times.
  • They make any activity fun no matter what.

The Negative Qualities of a Leo Friend

Leos can be great friends, but they do have some traits that can make them tough to handle. They’re super uncompromising and bossy. They want everything done their way, not considering others’ opinions. Also, they often ask too much from others, expecting more than what is realistic.

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Let’s talk about the not-so-great qualities of a Leo friend:

  • They are uncompromising and bossy.
  • They want things done their way, not considering others’ opinions.
  • They often ask too much from others, expecting more than what is realistic.

Prideful and Stubborn

The pride of a Leo can be both admirable and maddening. On one hand, you can appreciate their enthusiasm for life and the boldness of their beliefs. On the other hand, their pride makes it hard for them to accept when they are wrong. They may take longer to realize their mistakes due to their proud nature.

Leos can be stubborn, which makes it tough to change their minds. This can lead to arguments with friends who have different views on life. They also struggle to take criticism and feedback from others on how to better themselves. This is because of their need for predictability; if things don’t go as planned, it can be hard for them to accept defeat or criticism.

Overly Dramatic

As a Leo, I’m guilty of being overly dramatic. Our creative nature leads us to put on a show to make sure we’re feared and respected. Sadly, this can easily offend people close to us. When I’m at my lowest, I feel the need to prove how special I am, but this only pushes people away.

So if you’re friends with a Leo, try to encourage them to take it easy. They’ll still feel like the star of the show, but nobody will feel pushed away.


Leos can be quite self-centered when it comes to friendship. This can show in many ways. They may prioritize their needs over their friends’, and expect events to be all about them. They may not consider the interests and wellbeing of those around them. This behavior isn’t done with malice, but it can prevent meaningful relationships.

It’s important to call out any selfish behavior, to help keep the friendship balanced. This will lead to healthier communication and relationships.

Tips for Being a Good Friend to a Leo

Leo is a fiery sign, so showing them loyalty and passion matters. To be the best friend you can be to a Leo, take note of their values. Here are some tips to help you out:

  • Show them respect and appreciation. That will make them feel good!
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Show Appreciation and Respect

Leos love appreciation and respect. Show that you care by recognizing them for all they do. Compliments, gestures, and kind words make them feel special. Let them know you’re thankful for their friendship.

Let Leos know they’re valued. Give them a pat on the back for something they do or just to make them happy. Don’t take them for granted. Leos put their hearts into relationships. Acts of kindness show them how much you care – it’s the cornerstone of a friendship with them!

Be Honest and Open

Honesty and openness are key to befriending a Leo. It doesn’t matter if it’s a sun sign, cusp, or rising sign Leo. Leos are leaders who cherish their independance. Don’t lie, deceive, or manipulate them. They understand the importance of open communication.

Leos put their trust in their friends for emotional support. Don’t betray that trust. Be mindful of your words and actions regarding their life decisions. If trust is broken it’s hard for them to trust again. Be openly supportive of their choices to make them feel secure in your friendship.

Be Patient and Understanding

Leos have an outgoing personality, yet it may take them a while to open up. They often seem confident and proud of their success, so don’t be too quick to judge them. Respect them for who they are. This self-assurance has made Leos great leaders and motivators. Patience is key when befriending a Leo; eventually, you’ll see how loyal your friendship can be.

Encourage their hopes and aspirations; this will help build trust between you both. Your friendship should be based on each other’s unique talents, not material things. Showing appreciation will ensure your Leo friend feels acknowledged and valued – something they adore! In any situation, keep an open mind when talking to a Leo. Make sure understanding is the priority.


As we reach the end of this journey into Leo friendships, it’s essential to remember that astrology is not one-size-fits-all. Everyone’s personality is shaped by their unique combination of planets.

So, while these generalizations can help, they don’t tell the full story.

Leo friends can be joyous and loyal. If given the chance and trust, they can become our closest friends and partners. They have courage and tenderness combined, creating a warm, understanding atmosphere.

If you have a Leo in your life, nurture the relationship – there is potential for amazing things!

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